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Quote: Originally Posted by NAMOR +1. your white balance is off. is the suit cream or yellow? I know, I'm sorry for the quality of the photos. Suit is cream. Quote: Originally Posted by bourbonbasted No shoe trees for pair #3?!?!?! Haha. They were just on my feet and I took them off for the picture. Thanks for the replies! I feel as though the white square gets "lost" and gives the look a washed out...
Having a tough time deciding what I want to wear to my cousins graduation party tomorrow. Going with my linen suit due to the temps. From there, I was planning to go with a light blue shirt and either my navy silk knit or cotton gingham tie. Really open to any suggestions and comments. Also, undecided on shoes. Any feedback is going to be appreciated!! Option #1: Option #2: Option #3: Option #4: Shoes:
Price drop!!
^ Great look, Greg! Is the popped collar on the coat intentional? BTW, loving the shaved head. You look badass, no homo.....
[[SPOILER]] Quote: The G.H. Bass Brocktons, right? I have the same model, in light blue. Did they cut up your feet when you first got them? Mine were hella bad! Yea I got bad blisters on the inside of both of my heels, right where the back of the shoes hits them. After a few painful wears, they are fine.
Price drop!! 160 shipped
Payment sent, thanks!
I'm not sure if or how many people play golf here, but if you're a Peter Millar junkie, Marshall's has killer deals. Each time I check out the two I have in my area, I always find at least one polo and usually a pair or shorts. Polo's typically can be had for $30(retail $90+) and shorts around the same. Granted, the shirts don't have a club logo embossed on them but for the price, who cares if you played Pine Valley and over paid for a polo after your round.
Off to the club for a meeting regarding the AT&T National. Shirt is a Pink/White stripe OCBD. Pants are linen, hence the wrinkles. Critiques/Comments please!
Quote: Originally Posted by mike868y imo, the shoes look great, what are they? fit is solid. Quote: Originally Posted by SuperBobo ¨^cosigned, really solid fit. Shoes are cool. Thanks!! The more I go about my day, I think I quite like the shoes with this. They are actually(flame suit engaged...) Bass, from DSW, of all places. Went in there with a friend who was looking for something and found them. At...
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