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PM sent on Hanovers
Ok so the time has come for me to get a new bag and I have a birthday coming up and my Mom needs ideas. Figured what better time to get a new duffel. Nothing I'm about to post is "baller" but it is reasonable and functional for what I need. Just would like to hear a few opinions and if you own any of the bags, reviews from you. Filson Medium Duffel Can't decide it I like the Otter Green or should just go with the safe play and get the Tan... Fossil...
Price drop!
SOLD Hi there! Up for sale is a pair of cream Mabitex trousers in a size 32/48. The pictures don't really capture the true color but they are close. They are your staple egg shell color!. NWT, never worn, only tried on but they are far too tight in the thighs and seat to keep. Perfect summer weight cotton!! Waist - 16.5 Front rise - 9 Back rise - 15 Thigh - 11.5 (measured from crotch seam to extreme width across thigh) Knee - 9 (measured 13" down from crotch...
Quote: Originally Posted by dkoernert Curious about this as well, I see this label pretty frequently in my thrifting. Found this information... The jacket I have is certainly older than the recent 2008 re-opening of the brand. Construction is very impressive on the one I scored from the thrift store. Pick stitching galore and it's quarter lined w/ hand finished seams. Doubt the latest editions have the same superb...
Picked up a 100% Cashmere Navy sport coat at the thrift store today for $9.99. The maker label says, Strathmore by Anderson-Little. Anyone have any information about the maker? This was picked up in the Philadelphia area.... Also, picked up a Canali silk/wool blend SC at Nordstrom Rack in KOP. Retail - $1295.99 My Price - $161.87 Savings - 1134.12!!!!!! If anyone is interested and in the Philly area, it is worth a stop. They had a lot of really nice looking pieces...
Quote: Originally Posted by Eustace Tilley I would personally prefer a 3-roll-2 config, but he looks good regardless.
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 Pants, polo shirt and loafers. Chances are, you'll be the best dressed anyway. Be comfortable I will be dressed right on par with the other guests. She went to a rather elite boarding school and I wouldn't be surprised if I look too casual in linen.
Price drop, again!!
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