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Can you please post waist, front rise, back rise, and thigh measurements for these?
In the Buying and Selling... If I'm on the second page, for instance, of the Men's Clothing section and click "back" after viewing an item on the second page, it brings me back to the FIRST page of the B&S. Also, when I click to jump to the second page of the B&S after viewing the first, it does not take me to the top of the second page. It has just been throwing me randomly somewhere amongst the page. Anyone else experiencing this problem?
A size too big, or they would be gone!! Beautiful boots, best of luck with the sale.
Could you post front rise, back rise and thigh measurements please?
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy Heading off to Atlanta tomorrow and packing my linen pocket squares.... Details on the paisley, if you don't mind....?
PM sent!
PM sent regarding Timex!
Measurements please!
PM sent requesting measurements for the RRL Slim Fits.
Could you please post the outsole length and width(from widest point) measurements of these? Thanks!!
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