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Seagriffin As you know Brazil is a big coutry with a lot of diversity. The south is more european like. The southeast is where the money is (Rio-São Paulo) and the north (Belém) /Northeast is the poorer part of the country. Going to the north and then to the south, for example, is almost like visiting two completely different countries! Outside São Paulo and Rio (where I live) I don`t think you will find anything. Also, I dont think Belém is a good place to find...
With time, people will forget and things will return to normal. Anyway, I'm proud of you!
I also like and wear them.
As said before, you will be better with vintage/used. Good luck!
I am very happy with my Bookster jacket (Leven Tweed). It's a size 44. The waist is supressed (I had to order 1 inch+). Not much padding in the shoulders. I hope this helps.
+1 Schott
Go for the Seiko
+ 1 for Falke
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