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Holy Sh!t!! It gives invasive spices a whole new different meaning. Whatever-that-is reaches earth, we don't stand a chance, I'd kill myself to spare myself next level hell graphic demise.
So when American Airlines initiated the lifetime all-you-can-fly 1st Class AAirpass program in the early 80's, it thought it was a good idea to raise capital when interest rate was well into double-digit. Initially it cost $250,000 for the primary pass and $150,000 for a companion pass and rose steadily until 94 when AA killed the program. It turned out it's deal of lifetime for many travelers who bought into the program. AA estimated 2 of the most frequet users cost...
If I were allowed to watch only one movie in 2012. This is it.
Another report suggests 4" screen.
The iPhone 5 will feature a bigger 4.6" Retina Display and will be launched in the second quarter.
iPad 2 still has a very strong resale market but you need to do it quick before the market is flooded. Here are the many channels you can trade in your iPad 2 to offset the cost of iPad 3.
Summary: - Retina Display, 2,048 by 1,536 pixels, or more than 3.1 million pixels -- a million more pixels than a 1080p HDTV. - same price. - supports LTE/4G, same carriers : AT&T & Verizon - a touch thicker - same external design - new quad-core chip, double the graphic performance of the old chip - 5 mega pixel camera - 1080p video recording
+1 on deals at Marshalls/TJX. Besides le Crueset and All-Clad, I have also seen Riedel, Rosle, Spieglau, Ruffoni, and Mauviel. Their basic stuffs are much cheaper than Bed Bath and Beyound, even after the 20% off coupon I constantly receive. The brand quality is largely depended on the locations, just go the ones at affluent neighborhoods. TJX also has stand-alone home stores called HomeGoods.
A tour of Belgian chocolatiers in Brussels, a pretty good piece. Be warned that Leonidas and Godiva, the Thomas Pink and Men's Wearhouse equivalent, were mentioned.
Thanks for the wonderful recipe. Easy to make, and very versatile. I use it as cheesecake topping and pair it with coconut rice pudding. It pairs extremely well with creaminess and richness of the cheesecake, and the coconut favor.BTW, we need more pictures in this thread.
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