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If she indicates to Obama she has no interest in 2016, she has a good chance of being nominated to SCOTUS, should one of the Justices retires.
I wonder if Chavez were given a choice, 1) go to US for cancer treatment and you'll live or 2) go to Cuba for treatment you may live or may be not. What'd he choose?
Holy Sh!t!! It gives invasive spices a whole new different meaning. Whatever-that-is reaches earth, we don't stand a chance, I'd kill myself to spare myself next level hell graphic demise.
So when American Airlines initiated the lifetime all-you-can-fly 1st Class AAirpass program in the early 80's, it thought it was a good idea to raise capital when interest rate was well into double-digit. Initially it cost $250,000 for the primary pass and $150,000 for a companion pass and rose steadily until 94 when AA killed the program. It turned out it's deal of lifetime for many travelers who bought into the program. AA estimated 2 of the most frequet users cost...
A Facebook co-founder and soon-to-be billionaire renounced his American citizenship, presumably for tax reason:
So NC voters just voted for a constitutional ban against gay marriage. Now 30 states have constitutions or laws banning gay marriage. The media keeps reporting there's a rapid and generational shift on public opinions for gay marrriage, yet every time the issue was put on ballots, voters turned out against it. Why? Is it because of turn out rates for the young and older voters?
In a $540M debt for equity swap, 2 hedge fund managers took control of Barneys and averted a possible 2nd bankruptcy filing.
Only 3 years sentence for both of them??!! Gotta be kidding me!BTW, it's £960m or US $1.4 billion, not $960m.
If Mona Lisa were on the market, I wonder how much she'd fetch? 5 billions? I'd assume China or some Middle Eastern countries would bid on her and build a museum around her as a tourist draw.
If I were allowed to watch only one movie in 2012. This is it.
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