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Im selling this watch in GREAT condition just because I dont wear it much. It keeps great time, changes date when it's supposed to, and has original and signed everything. It has a very small ding in the case (look at arrow in one of the pictures), but other than that it looks excellent for its age. Dial is original, and looks brand new. Band is genuine crocodile leather in tobacco, with an aftermarket butterfly clasp. It's a chronometer grade electric watch from the...
Same here, I've mailed a couple of times, sendt a few messages on Styleforum, nothing. Maybe they DON'T want to sell?
Also, sorry for writing "divine". I'm a poncy foreigner.
I bought this shirt because of the lovely thick MOP buttons, but I cant divine who the maker is. Any suggestions?
I found this jacket at the SA today, and am wondering if anyone know the model name? It only says J.Lindeberg, 50, Sample.
One of my concerns was that everything is blue or white, but since everything is patterned I thought that it would calm everything down a bit. What would you change?
Yeah, three buttons. Here´s a slightly better picture. The color is more accurate in this one.
The tie, BTW is one of two Hermés ties i thrifted last month. Total damage: $15.
Yeah, I´ve a nice plain Faconnable silk/linen tie in a golden light brown that´ll do just fine.
I can´t wear suits to work so no. I was thinking mainly of the striped shirt.
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