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I normally wear 31 in jcrew, banana republic, levis. Would that make me a 31 in Gustins?
Hmmm. Interesting. I think I should a small. I feel like i would rip it up though. Mediums atjcrew fit perfect. After a wash they fit perfectly. Sweaters, jackets, vest, and everything in medium fits well. 5'7 and 157lbs. 31x30 pant size too! Maybe i should try a small again. If i flex though I could rip them.
I'm 5'7 and 157lbs very athletic build. I'm wear mediums. I feel I would rip smalls. Medium slim fit perfect though.
But i think some pieces from Banana are decent quality but overall jcrew is better.
jcrew? JCREW IT IS!! but maybe i'll buy a jacket or something from banana
So, there is a jcrew sale going on for 25% off and I'm going to be receiving 50% off on 5 items at banana republic. Both expires soon. Which would you spend 500 dollars on? I could spend around 1000 bucks at BR and get 50% off But I really really really love jcrew stuff.
Cool! I PM'd you bro!!
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC Are you trying to tell me to save my money? haha
Just curious how much money you guys spend on clothes a month/year? I probably spend about atleast 100 bucks a month on clothes. If i don't spend money that month I usually carry over the 100 bucks to the next month. I try to limit myself. haha... i'm a money spending freak! and I only make about 30k a year.
Quote: Originally Posted by DGP +1 on 5EP. And, if the OP isn't a denimhead, the non-selvage ones are even cheaper than the Nudies, only $143 at Bloomingdales (or $145 if ordering through the mail from dresscodes). I tried these, and the only thing I really didn't like was that the bootcut was a bit more pronounced than on the selvage version, which has virtually no bootcut at all. Sounds like the OP may like this though. where can i buy...
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