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What would you guys suggest is the best way to treat a nick / scratch? I was thinking peanut oil!
Mauro: In your e-mail this morning, you included the following two flannel prints: These appear to be identical to the flannels released by Gitman Vintage a few years back.
Hi - Looking for Golden Bear Double Breasted Peacoat in Olive Herringbone in either size Large or XL. Please PM me if for sale. Thanks!
Nice pair of Rogues Galley Quoddy's
We are either freaks or part of the 1%, depending on who you ask. One thing for sure is that it is hard to find clothing that fits properly, so this thread is for posting brands and items that do. I found that J.Crew sweaters in size medium tall fit me very well. Their medium tall shirts run a little tight in the body and the sleeves are a little long, so I have to go to a tailor for those. I'm a big fan of Gitman Vintage, but noticed only their oxfords / flannel...
Hi Everyone - I just purchased these AE Neumok's in olive and blue leather: I'm looking to purchase a versatile pair (or two) of Epaulet chinos or trousers for the spring/summer. I'm a bit of a fashion newbie, but am guessing I should get a neutral color due to the shoes. For what it's worth, I'm 28 years old. Would appreciate any recommendations. Thanks, Harry
Eat better, do cardio, and mix in some weight lifting (high reps, low weight)...pushups (and eventually pullups) throughout the course of the day.
This sale is for a pair of brand new with tags Kicking Mule Workshop Indigo Dry Selvedge Jeans size 33 / 34. The 1980 is a classic slim straight leg fit with a mid-rise and is intended to be worn fitted. Raw denim will feel very rigid at first but will stretch a bit and develop folds and creases perfect for your frame over time. Established in 2005, Kicking Mule Workshop quickly rose to the top of wish lists of fabric designers, denim nerds, and menswear enthusiasts...
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