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I've been wearing the underwear for the past year and a half and these are by far the best undies I've ever seen. After 75+ wears absolutely no sagging or stretching - the fit is as true as the day I picked them up. Very comfortable. Would recommend 100%.
I'm interested in any cotton EU 46's.
dark grey is the most versatile I'd say. The black one is also worth considering if you have more of a dark complexion.
He seems to have fallen off the map.
I'm wondering in specific about their ability to copy the cut of a favourite pair of mine. Did you guys have them measure you in person or were they working off of a pattern?
Has anyone here had any experience with Bookster's M2M trousers? Thanks in advance.
put them up man
interested in any kind of aguascutum 38R
materials on the acne sweater and SS polo?
hey what's the material on the surface to air sweater?
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