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I ended up buying the Mustang. Awesome car; Ford has a winner with this one.
I recommend Fusions all the time to people but, eh, I already did the practical car thing once and came to regret it as I became more and more of a car guy. I've never taken a car to a racetrack, but someday I can see myself getting into the hobby.I only have to drive the car in the Midwest for one week per winter, and RWD is only a problem when it's currently snowing. In Michigan a lot of roads will be clear not long after it snows. I never had much of a problem driving...
I test-drove the Mustang the other day and felt the EcoBoost was plenty adequate for road driving. It was quick, and I'd be getting it with the performance package (with manual transmission) to tune up the suspension (which I thought it definitely needed) and the 3.55 rear axle to quicken it up further. The ride quality was also great, and that's important to me as I drive from DC to Michigan several times a year and appreciate a comfortable ride on the highway. So the...
killing me that I can't buy the chocolate Mulberry jacket, that thing is just gorgeous and the sale price is great
What do you guys thing the maintenance expenses on a 2011 335i coupe with 50k miles would look like over the next few years if I'm driving, say, 10k miles/year. Never owned a BMW for and I'm a bit spooked by what I'd be signing up for. There'd be a CPO warranty for about the next year. My #1 alternative is one of the new Mustangs with the EcoBoost engine. Roughly same price. I'd be eating the new car depreciation tax but I can feel relatively confident that it's not going...
I also think you need to try the next larger size on the jacket. It looks much too small in the shoulders. It may be ok in the chest (the lapels are bowing in the first photo but not too much in the second). It's pulling at the waist (can see this both at the button and in back where its causing the vents to pop) and a bit too small in the seat. It's also 2-3 cm short.
lol at mafoofan sneering at "iGent tire kickers" without a hint of irony
not sure how to say this nicely so I'm just gonna say it: the blazers that are being teased on Instagram are a mess
Man, I really need to send in a jacket to get my pattern worked out with a cheap fabric. The high-end fabric options just keep getting better and better. What would a jacket cost in this fabric? http://luxire.com/products/luxire-yorkshire-tweed-loden-green
Is "selvedge duck" or "selvedge twill" (or any other non-denim selvedge) special in the same way that selvedge denim is - cloth where the selvedge is used/visible because it's woven on old looms that weave narrower-than-usual lengths of cloth - or is it just a normal cloth with a selvedge added and made visible for aesthetic reasons? The "selvedge" part of selvedge denim, to me, is incidental to the quality of the cloth. I think it's goofy that people have come to focus...
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