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If I were in the shoe test runs I'd probably go with suede because it seems to me that there is more room for error. Calfskin is unforgiving.
I only have experience with the affordable end of things, but every plain-woven white shirting I own is impossible from a wrinkling point of view. White just shows wrinkles more. I have a pair of shirts from MyTailor in ostensibly the same $80 fabric but one is white and one is pale blue. I can iron them up side by side and the blue looks great and the white still looks wrinkled. Lustrous fine white is no different, but I can tell you that it feels a lot nicer than that...
I keep thinking about how that navy Brembana chambray would look great with corozo nut buttons and flap pockets.
Hmm, wondering about the differences between the $60 and $80 pale blue end-on-ends.
Are you guys talking about the Lands' End Super-T shirts? What's the sizing like on those? I am between a medium and a small with the Uniqlo premium tees.
Backed the natural duck canvas campaign last night... will be me first pair of Gustins. They look like they'll be great for spring. I quite like my 12oz duck canvas chinos from Epaulet.
Wow that jacket looks like a steal for $139.
I don't think a bit of synthetic fiber in flannels is necessarily a bad thing. A huge hole just opened up in my Howard Yount flannels from wear alone and I don't think anyone has ever said anything negative about the quality of his fabrics; the material just isn't inherently durable.
Does anyone want some size M dry packaged tees in various colors? I have eight of them, but they are way too big and I apparently can't return them. Would sell the whole lot for like $20 just to salvage something out of the order. I really wish I had read the return policy before ordering. However, Uniqlo should really make it clear that an item isn't returnable on the item page rather than putting "Full return policy" under the price. That just made me think I'd get a...
Kent, have you given any thought to adding suspenders to your line? It seems to me that there is a market opportunity to be a US-based supplier of quality, affordable, traditional suspenders. TM Lewin, etc. require expensive/slow shipping from the UK. They would also fit in well to your line of accessories.
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