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I've never seen a car that has benefited from in-person viewing over seeing it online more than the i8. I was totally indifferent to it, but when I saw one in person I was stunned.
I have a pair of slim chinos and slim jeans in 32 and find the chinos to be considerably slimmer.
don't expect mine for some time yet, but I am #700 FWIW
I really don't think you need anything other than the tire degradation issue to explain this last race. Nico was so close to Lewis in qualifying that it was essentially random chance that separated them.
I also contacted them after reading some people say that the 2x1 twill denim I ordered was out of stock. They replied in about 24 hours and made a substitution for me. They said my order was being printed for production. We'll see. The products I've seen so far look good, and their straight fit is exactly what I want in a pair of jeans with the higher rise, larger thigh, but still a tapered leg, so I'm willing to be patient.
The tire degradation thing would explain a lot about this race, then. It also means that DRS won't be much of a factor near the front of the pack, since getting within DRS range will mean sacrificing a set of tires prematurely.
The current "regular" sizes are already very short. I'm 5'11" and the scoops rise above the belt on my regular fit Gustin jeans, which have a reasonably high rise.
They probably dramatically underestimated their costs and therefore the original prices were unsustainably low. This was obvious to anyone with half a brain from the start, which is why I placed my order with the expectation that there might be some drama down the line.
Excellent news on the CMT fabrics. The "basic" collection fabric is indeed quite nice for the money, but I definitely prefer the drape of heavier English cloth.
I was thinking the other day that I would love to have a jacket like this in a technical fabric. I like the idea of having all of those flap pockets on the front for storing camera accessories without having the carry a bag when I'm out hiking, but linen or cotton is kind of a nonstarter for me when it comes to activewear. I don't like having to pack both my dorky REI outerwear and something more stylish when I travel.
New Posts  All Forums: