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I received my mauve PK shirt today. Mine was creased, but not terribly so. I agree that they seem to run a little big in the chest. I am a 38R and the small fits well, not at all tight on me like the small tees are. The sleeves are very narrow and hug my fairly scrawny biceps, which I'm not crazy about. I do like the button positioning. With the bottom button done up the collar stands up well and opens nicely. We shall see how this holds up to laundering. The fabric is...
Just to add a data point, I purchased a pair of the American-made tan tropical wool pants on Monday afternoon and received a shipping notification within a few hours.
Wow, love that darker brown calf, especially on the monkstraps and the penny loafers. Looks like the museum calf on the recent Meermin MTO group-buy. I would love to see a split-toe blucher in this leather...
Glad I rounded down to a small instead of a medium then. Mine should be arriving today.
I like the gorge where it is, although certainly it would be nice if it were adjustable. I believe Kent has said this is not an option currently offered by his maker.
I have the same fabric. It is very smooth and has a nice color, but it's very thin and near-impossible to iron. Even commercial laundering hasn't tamed the sleeves and the pressing created a lot of puckering around the buttons. I think the fabric would benefit from lighter collars and cuffs than I have (I ordered it before the various interlining options were well-known) and probably some lighter buttons. I wear the shirt all the time, I simply wouldn't recommend the...
The pale blue poplins almost fit the bill, but I simply do not like plain-weave poplin as much as end-on-end.
I have a shirt in what I believe is the sky blue summer chambray (it was just "Sky Blue Summer" when I ordered it last August/September but it was the same price and looks like the same fabric). I would say it's my least favorite of the fabrics I have from Luxire, more thin and cheap-feeling than summery. It is extremely difficult to iron, especially in the sleeves. Not recommended, sadly. What I really want is a basic 100/2 or 120/2 very light blue end-on-end that I can...
Any restocks or additions on the horizon for Rivets? I'm looking to get a new pair and I'm torn between the duck desert and the canvas gunmetal. Ideally what I'd like is something a shade or two lighter than gunmetal in a light weight in size 33. My grey oxford cloth Rivets from last summer are great but they can't take enough abuse to be go-to grey chinos for summer.
If you just placed the order, send them an email and reference your order number. I have done this a couple of times when the website acted funny during checkout and I was unsure whether my comments went through.
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