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Yeah, this is what I'd be most interested in. Heavy twill, light/medium grey, olive, or tan/khakiBTW, received my apron today and it is AWESOME. Going to back the current campaign too since these will be killer Christmas/birthday gifts.
I also really like my chinos and wish they would run more; I guess they must not have sold well or there have been some issues with production.
Agree about the leather soles. They wear quickly and with my loafers at least, they have a convex shape that both adds to the wear and decreases traction.
I have definitely noticed this on nearly every Luxire jacket too. The curvature on the lapels combined with something about the shape of the notches - maybe their shallowness - always looks a little "off" to me.
https://www.weargustin.com/stock some solid stuff, really happy to pick up the moss brown check shirt
In the earlier correspondence they suggested that in addition to their suggested styles the suits could be fully customized. Frankly I am in need of staple business suits in conservative colors so the fabric/style range is likely to be fine with me so long as it is indeed quality English cloth. The "business double" pledge seems like an amazing deal. I would jump on it if only I knew the date of the NYC event.
yeah that bag looks awesome wonder about the durability of a wool-cashmere blend in that application though
They currently have a pair of jeans for $81 and another for $95. There are two $76 and two $69 shirts, same as they have been since launch. The higher prices have been for premium fabrics. I'm sure they make a bit more proportionally on those, but who cares? I'm guessing with the bags they underestimated the production costs the first time around. If anything Gustin has been shockingly true to their principles as they've grown. Remember how Josh posted that statement on...
really regret not ordering this one...easily my favorite check they've run and I hope it comes back
I only own one Gustin shirt, but I think it's both nicer and, due to the significantly lower price, a much better value. Epaulet shirts have a great fit and they choose good fabrics, but for me they aren't worth the price (not hating on Epaulet though...lots of their stuff is a killer value, especially their bottoms).
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