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Yes, absolutely.
I have two shirts in Pale Blue End-on-End 100/2 and it's a great staple blue shirt. Feels nice, not too hard to iron, excellent value. It's a significant upgrade from the sky blue summer chambray, which is a similar fabric that I ordered previously.
the chinos are really great I am always flummoxed, though, by how differently this type of cloth fits than denim. I ordered a 32 slim and they are clearly too tight in the legs, despite the measurements in the fit guide being larger than the corresponding 32 slim denim cut, which fits me reasonably well. Drape is the damndest thing. One of the reasons I've always loved the Epaulet duck canvas chinos is that the fabric drapes similarly to denim. I'm keeping them, since...
I backed the first campaign of the graphite chinos. Received the shipping notification on 8/7 and they are due to be delivered today.
The typical Gustin customer is buying so much raw denim that he never actually develops fades on any one pair...
I am a horrible person and machine wash and tumble dry all of my dress shirts on a regular basis (also an apartment dweller with coin-op laundry) and it hasn't really seemed to harm them. Hell today I am wearing my Sky Blue Summer 1.0 Luxire shirt that I've had for nearly two years - a fabric that to me has always felt pretty cheap and likely to not hold up in the long run - and it's still going strong.
I think the straight fit is more or less perfect for what it is.However, I would love the a slim-straight fit with the same above-the-knee fit as the straight but with a tapered leg. The slim fits me well enough but I vastly prefer the rise and slightly roomier thigh on the straight from a style and comfort point of view.
Excited to finally get my first Gustin shirt in the grab bag. Nearly every single fabric they've run so far is something I'd wear and the S measures similarly to my Luxire shirts so I'm certain I'll be pleased.
Thanks! I have not yet been back although I am planning to go this summer. I've sent a couple other people his way and they have been pleased. My suit has certainly held up very well.Sadly (maybe not the best word) I have dropped 20+ pounds since I got the suit so I'm going to have to go back to the drawing board with fit on my next visit.
dpak09, I got a similar email on the natural duck canvas pants I backed in January and was similarly bummed about it. Especially because there had been a denim grab bag literally the day before I got the email, so I knew the inventory had probably just been totally cleared out. Fortunately they had a pair of Okayama Standards in my size that they were able to send me, which I preferred to store credit or a refund because I was extremely eager to get a feel for Gustin...
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