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Yeah I got a pair of those Raleigh Denim cords in olive. Three Scott & Charters sweaters at $50 apiece, the J Press chambray M65 for $50, and a Save Khaki henley for $15.Came close to snagging all three of the Drake's ties but decided to keep it casual-only, and I'm leery about the lack of a width measurement as Drake's skinnier offerings are not for me. Someone should get those though.
Surprisingly wide array of sizes considering that this stuff must have gone through a few sales. Can't usually find S/M sizes with discounts this deep. Dropped $260 on $1675 worth of stuff and plugged a bunch of nagging holes in my wardrobe. One of the best sales I've ever seen, really.
Yeah, I expect that this will be a casual jacket but I would still hope that it is a reasonable length. Unstructured cotton jackets from casual brands tend to be the worst offenders in terms of the cropped look too, which is why I mention it.
Based on the shirt length, I worry that a Gustin sport coat is going to be like 28 inches long in a size 38 (or equivalent).
A darker brick red looks good with them. A brighter red no so much and definitely not pink IMO.YMMV though
Are there other American makers using Reltex soles? For me their availability is definitely something that distinguishes Rancourt.
I have some desert duck canvas chinos from Epaulet and have frankly found them difficult to wear. They look good with blue, but a little off with just about everything else since they're not really grey and not really in the tan/khaki/olive/brown spectrum of colors. I thought that would make the versatile but the effect has been the opposite. That of course is no reflection on Gustin's product, just my musings on the color.
Reltex for sure. My ranger mocs have seen two years of hard wear and the sole has yet to wear through (although it's getting very close). Fantastically comfortable too.
Yeah, this is what I'd be most interested in. Heavy twill, light/medium grey, olive, or tan/khakiBTW, received my apron today and it is AWESOME. Going to back the current campaign too since these will be killer Christmas/birthday gifts.
I also really like my chinos and wish they would run more; I guess they must not have sold well or there have been some issues with production.
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