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They currently have a pair of jeans for $81 and another for $95. There are two $76 and two $69 shirts, same as they have been since launch. The higher prices have been for premium fabrics. I'm sure they make a bit more proportionally on those, but who cares? I'm guessing with the bags they underestimated the production costs the first time around. If anything Gustin has been shockingly true to their principles as they've grown. Remember how Josh posted that statement on...
really regret not ordering this one...easily my favorite check they've run and I hope it comes back
I only own one Gustin shirt, but I think it's both nicer and, due to the significantly lower price, a much better value. Epaulet shirts have a great fit and they choose good fabrics, but for me they aren't worth the price (not hating on Epaulet though...lots of their stuff is a killer value, especially their bottoms).
I think a Gustin small is very close to an Epaulet medium. I own both and think both fit well. Epaulet shirts have a bit more taper thanks to the darts but they are the same in the chest and shoulders.
I'm actually pretty excited about this new line of products and, if I'm able to make it up to NYC for the launch event and get fitted by Mahon himself, am going to try to get in on the first round of orders.
Today I'm wearing them at work with light grey wool trousers and a brown glenplaid jacket. They look killer with my graphite Gustin chinos and Gustin natural denim too. Very versatile shoes.
The Carmina pebble grain chukkas I bought in the sale are just awesome. I don't think the photos on the site did them justice.
buckleback jeans and denim waistcoats would be extreme niche items and I can't imagine Gustin being able to sell enough of them to justify the time/cost of development
When will we see some new chino fabrics? I am definitely looking forward to ordering another pair.
Yes, a slim-straight cut is what I want too.From the knee down, the Gustin slim is great for me. From the knee up, the Gustin straight is the best-fitting pair of jeans I've ever owned.
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