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It would be great to see some duck canvas options for pants.
I think the pale blue end-on-end 100/2 is going to be my oneshirt. Perfect shade of blue and the price is right.
The thing to do would be to order a shirt as well and have the jacket-to-be-copied shipped back with the shirt.
I am also curious about this.
I have done some light hiking with my ranger mocs and I really do not like the feel of moc-toe unlined CXL for that purpose. Feels like I'm banging the toes all the time and there's not enough support.
I've been reading Styleforum for eight years now (yikes) and they are by far the most fascinating company I have come across in my time here.The rapid spin-up of new product lines with seemingly minimal prototyping, individualized and totally unconstrained pattern-making, the price point, mindboggling construction quality, the sheer amount of investment required to pull all of that off coupled with the difficulty at achieving any economies of scale when you're still in...
Agreed on fit, but I was thinking more in terms of workmanship. No disrespect to Luxire, but launching an in-house handwelted shoes manufacturing operation is a seriously audacious undertaking.
If I were in the shoe test runs I'd probably go with suede because it seems to me that there is more room for error. Calfskin is unforgiving.
I only have experience with the affordable end of things, but every plain-woven white shirting I own is impossible from a wrinkling point of view. White just shows wrinkles more. I have a pair of shirts from MyTailor in ostensibly the same $80 fabric but one is white and one is pale blue. I can iron them up side by side and the blue looks great and the white still looks wrinkled. Lustrous fine white is no different, but I can tell you that it feels a lot nicer than that...
I keep thinking about how that navy Brembana chambray would look great with corozo nut buttons and flap pockets.
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