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Oh man, that Haspel suit is temping. I'd love to have those separates.
Pants look a tad too loose for me, but I like the shorts a lot. I'll order a pair pretty soon.
Holy shit, tiecollector, you look scarily like me in those pictures. Weird.
Get some AEs on eBay.
You could easily get away without altering that at all. Looks good, IMO.
I think I'd want to buy almost every one of these if they were just a bit smaller.
That looks like a great deal.
Yeah, I'll take pictures and stuff when it comes. How long did it take for yours to arrive after they shipped it?
They're making a shirt for me right now...hopefully I'll get it next week. I think that shirt like quite nice and the fit is great for the price. I ordered pretty much the same style, but in a striped pattern.
In general I'd stay away from Kenneth Cole...kind of chunky looking. Look for some Allen Edmonds wingtips or something.
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