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Quote: Originally Posted by knucks That's really cool tho, I wish someone I knew in my dorm was into raw denim... What dorm are you in? I haven't even met anyone else on this campus who knows what raw denim even is.
Quote: Originally Posted by dusty How did you come up with such roommates? Yeah, unless they were friends going in, what the hell are the odds?
I like the fit in that picture, but the color of the denim is bland and cheap looking. But for $20, you could do a lot worse.
They run true to size and are very, very tight in the thigh. I have a pair of 31s...the waist is slightly loose, but they are almost skin tight in the thigh. I don't really wear them anymore because the flare is just absurd on mine.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bandwagonesque AW Grifters or Cougars, simply because: 1) they are dry non-streaky, slim straight legs with low or medium rise 2) they are true to size with minimal stretch work and minimal shrinkage, so there's no guess work 3) you can customize your pocket lining, and the back pockets which makes it kinda cool. And AW stitches them himself and he's a cool guy to deal with. 4) cmf approved 5) only $160,...
Quote: Originally Posted by bapelolol aren't NS under waist 30 34" inseam and over 30 is 36" inseam? Yeah, mine are 29 waist and they have a 34" inseam
APC New Standards
Yeah, I'll let other people agonize over the details. I just think the cut sounds perfect and would jump at the chance to get a deal on these.
Wow, I'm really excited about these now. Sounds like my ideal cut by one of the best brands out there. I'm going to have to start setting some money aside right now!
Quote: Originally Posted by nyf Another alternative could be to run with, say, 32 inseam on waist sizes 32 and below, and maybe 35-36 on 34 and up. APC changes the fixed inseam length with the Rescue (although it's like 35" on a 32" up to 37-38 on a 33", AFAIK). I understand that you can't always make a jean that fits everyone, but if the leg will shrink in water to less than 34" (maybe 33.5") then several members have bigger problems than the knee...
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