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Quote: Originally Posted by lawyerdad They won't stretch a bit. They'll stretch a lot. Give them a week and you'll probably be wondering if you should have sized down one more. Agreed. They look almost like mine do after stretching (maybe a tad tighter), and I think my fit is just about right. I'd size down one.
Thanks for the heads up...just ordered a light blue 15/33.
Damn, missed out on this one. I would have bought it for sure.
Quote: Originally Posted by TurboTropic Turn the light on! Glad to hear that you're pretty satisfied. Is there any way for a tailor to alter the collar so that we can put stays in? It doesn't look like something I'd want to mess with. Although it looks just fine, IMO...it just feels too flimsy, if you know what I mean. The best course of action is probably to bug them about it to see if they'll add it eventually. :\\
I received my shirt today. I'm quite impressed overall given the price. The fabric, a pink and white textured weave, is very nice. The fit, which I was worried about, is nearly perfect, the only problem being a bit of uncomfortable tightness at my elbows when I bend my arm, but a slight tweak next time will fix that (I took the measurements from another shirt). My only real complaint is the collar. It's quite soft and the stays aren't even really stays...they feel about...
I had a shirt ship out on Tuesday...hopefully I get it soon. I'm a little concerned about these stories of the shirts being too slim though. I also measured another MTM shirt but selected all of the "slim fit" options. Although I emailed them right after I placed the order saying that the measurements were from a very fitted shirt and shouldn't be messed with. They assured me that it would be made exactly to the measurements I provided.
I found some great Polo seersucker shorts for like $30 at Macy's last weekend.
I don't really like how they look. I much prefer side vents.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart no....as it is I'm making a lot more changes than I'd prefer. After all I'm not trying to be a custom suit brand...but offering *my* cut & aesthetic in a MTO format. Heh, yeah if I were you I wouldn't be happy about all of these changes. I guess it's cool that you're selling suits and stuff, but it seems like people are trying to abuse your goodwill and shy away from what your brand is all about. Just my...
One thing I've had success with there are cufflinks. They're not the best, but they have at least 10 different pairs for under $30. Although strangely I couldn't find a single French cuff shirt in the store...
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