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Well...decided to go with 31s. I figure if they're smaller than I want it won't be hard to trade/sell them quickly and get 32s. God I am so excited.
Levi's Skinner. They were way tighter than I was expecting, but I liked them. Haven't touched them like a year and a half though.
So when you guys talk about ordering true to size and all of that do you mean how they're going to fit after some stretching? I'm basically between a 31 and 32 for most pants. I think a 31 would fit me like the 30s fit Sauce and I want a slightly looser fit so it'll be more versatile, so I was thinking 32s.
Aw man, I was going to buy these but I got beat to the punch.
Wow, those look beautiful. My problem is that I'm not sure I want to make my next big purchase so slim in the leg, since I already have a pair of New Standards that serve that function in my wardrobe (even though I'm sure these are way, WAY nicer).
Quote: Originally Posted by mikej77 A new store that opened in NYC Soho called Uniqlo has some nice cashmere v-necks for 90 or 100 I believe. They looked nice and appeared to have a slim fit but I haven't purchased anything from there yet. I bought a merino v-neck and two merino cardigans a couple of weeks ago and I think they're very nice for $40. The cashmere v-necks you're talking about are nice too.
I can't believe how slim their jeans run. I couldn't find a size that fit me of the raw jeans when I was in NYC last weekend, and I was sizing up three or so. Great store though. I got a couple of nice cardigans.
It doesn't really matter what Petraeus thinks because "his" report is being written by the White House anyway. They're trying to keep him from testifying before Congress in public too. Nothing is going to change anytime soon.
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug I really don't think every girl in the world would realize. I'm really suprised that one girl realized. How was the button placement on the peacoat different? I'm just curious. I don't see a ton of peacoats in florida, and can't picture the button placement in my head. Apparently women's coats overlap the opposite way from men's, so it's immediately noticeable if you know that.
Yeah, I got a sized down Sterlingwear last winter and it's really great. It's unfortunate that the different button placement on a women's jacket is one thing that every damn girl in the world will know and immediately point out. I got burned on a thrift store purchase years ago before I knew.
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