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I haven't tried them on, but I think KMW 1980s would work pretty well for the OP.
If you can handle the shrinkage, go for it.
That's one of the coolest sport jackets I've ever seen.
My tailor said that taking in the waste isn't something you want to do to jeans if at all possible, just because of the way they're constructed. What she did with one of my pairs was bring down the back rise by moving down the waistband. It didn't change the circumference, but they sat a lot better with a belt.
Quote: Originally Posted by phooi hooray! got my pair of 5EPxSF today. I tried them on and I guess I gained some weight so am glad I got the 31. The fit reminds a lot of the APC NS but with much nicer materials. I think they will quickly become my new favorite pair of jeans!!! Thank you LA Guy, Godmother, and the Style Forum for the collaboration. Yeah, like I said, mine are basically like my 29 NS, but with a much better looking top...
Got mine today...these jeans are incredible. I was wavering on 31 or 32 and went with 31s. Probably should have sized up, but they still fit and are already stretching nicely. They fit basically like my size 29 APC NS (before they got laundered and shrank again...) after they were fully stretched. The denim is just unreal. I'll post pics of the fit when my camera is charged.
Quote: Originally Posted by Double D Not to mention that dry cleaning your jeans regularly is apparently worse for their lifespan due to the chemicals, wheras regular laundering preserves their lifespan. Supposedly. It's certainly not something I do often, but sometimes after a particularly intense series of weekends they need to be cleaned and I didn't want to wash them yet because the fit, the feel, and the look was perfect. I've only had...
It's not really worth it...they barely speak English and the jeans aren't exactly ruined. I don't want to explain the concept of raw denim to them. But the thing is, I took these there about five months ago, was clear that I wanted them dry cleaned, and everything was fine.
So, so pissed. I've had them for almost a year and haven't washed them, but I had no intention of doing it because I loved the color and fit exactly how they were. Now they're smaller, softer, and lighter blue. Anyone else had this happen to them?
Yeah I agree that TaT is the best possible option for a really slim jacket like that.
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