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Best looking TaT suit I've seen posted yet.
Wow, I love that pocket square.
Black shirts are fine to wear with jeans, but I'd never, ever wear one with a tie or suit. I'm a college student and every single person I've ever seen wearing a black shirt with a tie and/or a suit has been a meathead who has no idea how to dress himself and pairs a rumpled black shirt with a shiny solid, frequently black tie (as DocHoliday suggested earlier) and black chinos.
I was circulating college graduation celebrations on Saturday wearing a white BD shirt, seersucker jacket, and nicely pressed khakis. It seemed just about right.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teacher Wouldn't it be pretty expensive, though? The entire front must be reconstructed, so I'd guess it would be pricey. As I understand it, removing pleats requires a recut, which he is having done anyway. So I don't know if it would be that much more.
Quote: Originally Posted by fredrik80 Here's one that i kind of like, i really like the color and it looks pretty wellfitting I think this looks quite awkward.
These boards would seem to be quite valuable. People essentially come here to learn about how to spend relatively large amounts of money on luxury items. Just look at people chomping at the bit for the 5EPxSF denim over in Streetwear. That's a pretty sizable transaction generated entirely by the board.
I got my Haspel from STP today. It's pretty great. I was worried after reading this thread that the cut would be too full for me, but it's really not bad at all. I'm going to have it nipped in the waist. My only complaints are that the rise on the trousers is a bit higher than I'd like and that the shoulders have too much padding for this kind of suit, IMO. Very happy with it though, considering it cost me $120.
As was said, the cut on the Express Producer Pant is excellent if you can deal with dodgy material. I've found a couple of pairs for around $20 that were great values.
In the last two weeks I've found two pairs of AE Sanfords in excellent condition (black and brown) for a total of $60 on eBay. You just have to take some time looking.
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