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Onitsuka Tigers are the best mix of comfort and style, in my opinion.
I really want to learn how to sew. I think this thread had convinced me to make that one of my goals for this summer. I'd love to be able to slim up shirt.
That suit looks AWESOME. Definitely not work-wear, but very, very attractive.
Yeah, I would prefer a fuller cut that I would want in a pair of jeans. Linen pants would be summer-wear, so I want comfort.
Quote: Originally Posted by michaeljkrell Talked to Colby and we will be doing some linen s/s shirts and long sleeve collarless linen shirts. We have been working on a dress shirt pattern for some time now, it is just a matter of finishing it. I will keep you all posted... Give us two or three weeks for the linen shirts... I will be putting up a henley and v-neck this week... Wow, you freaking rule. I'm so glad I found this board.
LOVE the short sleeve linen idea. I'd buy a few of those for sure.
That looks beautiful, congratulations.
Quote: Originally Posted by kshah Do you go to U of M? I was debating ordering from Jantzen, but I'll stick to the Barbera. Bizzochi, and RLPL avaliable for a few dollars more on the web. Yeah, I'm a junior. I'm likely going to be working at the university hospital this summer and professional dress is required for the job I'll have.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart to answer for Mr Bandwagon.....his jacket is a converted 2 button (from 3) with 1" added to length. Trouser is a size 38 default waist with the bottom block of a size 40 (to accomodate a fuller hip/leg). Fabric is charcoal grey. no prob dusty, I'll still be here! I've had a couple requests for a more conservative suit and I think Bandwagon's slight alterations actually fits that bill pretty well. There isnt...
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