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Opinions on this? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...ME:B:WNA:US:12
That's a pretty awesome looking cardigan. I wish the H&M here had more than one rack of men's stuff.
I'm a big fan of ES. Even though they are in department stores, the quality of the denim, construction, and washes is WAY better than the shit like 7s, Citizens, True Religion, Diesel, etc. And you can usually find them cheap online. I just got some Filsons for $55 on STP.
Any word on pricing yet?
I'm sure you've answered this a million times, but I could get the three button as a 3-2 roll, right? I like the sack pictures you posted because the roll is beautiful, but I definitely want darts.
Do you still have that navy windowpane fabric that the example 3B from the "Clothes" page is in? I might be needing a new suit in a month or so and that pattern looks pretty killer.
Sterlingwear Authentic peacoat Ben Sherman v-neck Earnest Sewn jeans Kenneth Cole Reaction boots
I like those canvas ones...I've been thinking about getting some light colored Purcells for spring/summer.
Well, I was going to say 511s...but if you don't want those then girl jeans are probably your best bet.
I like the cut on those Express shirts for the most part, but the fabric is terrible and the gigantic point collars are overdone too.
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