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Goorin makes some really cool tweed hats.
Not complete, but I've only got this webcam. Unbranded jacket I bought in Italy Ben Sherman shirt Club Monaco sweater APC NS Converse
$70 is pretty good for ES. That's what I paid for my Jakimos on STP and today I ordered a pair of Filsons for $55. As for the top button...I think it's kind of a cool button because it's branded and stuff, but at the same time it's covered by my belt 100% of the time so if you can replace it with something functional...
I almost regret blowing my tax return and then some on spring break...I want one of these jackets so badly.
The KMW 1980 looks freaking awesome.
I think raw denim is best suited for people who wear jeans virtually every day. I don't think I'd want to mess around with it if I didn't. I know you said you don't want to shell out, but I really do think that Earnest Sewn makes some of the best washed jeans available. The construction, detailing, and cuts are fantastic. You can usually get them for around $110 on Bluefly and they're well worth it.
Wow, this jacket is fucking awesome. I badly wish I could buy one.
Quote: Originally Posted by Saucemaster Along with the taper below the knee, the 511s are slimmer overall. I literally had to size up two sizes (from a 30 to a 32) just to be able to fit my legs in the jeans, and even then I start losing circulation.... They're not kidding when they say "skinny". Yeah, they're skinny as hell. And Levi's regular line tends to run pretty small on me.
Do they have to be sneakers? I've been wearing mostly ankle boots with my jeans lately.
I'm sure "small amount" isn't so small that, say, many people in this thread might be shut out if they don't order now.
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