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Well, I was going to say 511s...but if you don't want those then girl jeans are probably your best bet.
I like the cut on those Express shirts for the most part, but the fabric is terrible and the gigantic point collars are overdone too.
I really wish my camera had a timer. Ben Sherman shirt Thrift vest Tie from a street merchant in Florence ES Filson jeans (just got these yesterday...thank you STP!) Ben Sherman shoes Stopping by a "classy" party tonight, but I don't want to jeopardize one of my suits since I have other stops to make.
Something with a high top is essential for me because I hate it when the jeans get messed up around laces. I stick to ankle boots and high-top Chucks.
As far as stuff in my wardrobe goes...I'd probably wear a corduroy blazer over a light v-neck, jeans, and ankle boots.
Goorin makes some really cool tweed hats.
Not complete, but I've only got this webcam. Unbranded jacket I bought in Italy Ben Sherman shirt Club Monaco sweater APC NS Converse
$70 is pretty good for ES. That's what I paid for my Jakimos on STP and today I ordered a pair of Filsons for $55. As for the top button...I think it's kind of a cool button because it's branded and stuff, but at the same time it's covered by my belt 100% of the time so if you can replace it with something functional...
I almost regret blowing my tax return and then some on spring break...I want one of these jackets so badly.
The KMW 1980 looks freaking awesome.
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