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One thing I've had success with there are cufflinks. They're not the best, but they have at least 10 different pairs for under $30. Although strangely I couldn't find a single French cuff shirt in the store...
Yeah, I'd do both depending on the rest of the outfit. And I second the argyle suggestion...but then again I wear argyle socks every single day.
Quote: Originally Posted by Singular I was wearing this today - a $100ish H&M linen suit. Excellent value. /M Jesus, that looks great. $100?!
Ahhh, can't afford new shoes but I'm a size 9 too. What's the price range on these?
I've recently bought two pairs of 9.5B AE Sanfords for under $25 each on eBay. One was in excellent condition, the other was quite worn but restored and absolutely beautiful for semi-casual wear.
Best looking TaT suit I've seen posted yet.
Wow, I love that pocket square.
Black shirts are fine to wear with jeans, but I'd never, ever wear one with a tie or suit. I'm a college student and every single person I've ever seen wearing a black shirt with a tie and/or a suit has been a meathead who has no idea how to dress himself and pairs a rumpled black shirt with a shiny solid, frequently black tie (as DocHoliday suggested earlier) and black chinos.
I was circulating college graduation celebrations on Saturday wearing a white BD shirt, seersucker jacket, and nicely pressed khakis. It seemed just about right.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teacher Wouldn't it be pretty expensive, though? The entire front must be reconstructed, so I'd guess it would be pricey. As I understand it, removing pleats requires a recut, which he is having done anyway. So I don't know if it would be that much more.
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