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Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart no....as it is I'm making a lot more changes than I'd prefer. After all I'm not trying to be a custom suit brand...but offering *my* cut & aesthetic in a MTO format. Heh, yeah if I were you I wouldn't be happy about all of these changes. I guess it's cool that you're selling suits and stuff, but it seems like people are trying to abuse your goodwill and shy away from what your brand is all about. Just my...
One thing I've had success with there are cufflinks. They're not the best, but they have at least 10 different pairs for under $30. Although strangely I couldn't find a single French cuff shirt in the store...
Yeah, I'd do both depending on the rest of the outfit. And I second the argyle suggestion...but then again I wear argyle socks every single day.
Quote: Originally Posted by Singular I was wearing this today - a $100ish H&M linen suit. Excellent value. /M Jesus, that looks great. $100?!
Ahhh, can't afford new shoes but I'm a size 9 too. What's the price range on these?
I've recently bought two pairs of 9.5B AE Sanfords for under $25 each on eBay. One was in excellent condition, the other was quite worn but restored and absolutely beautiful for semi-casual wear.
Best looking TaT suit I've seen posted yet.
Wow, I love that pocket square.
Black shirts are fine to wear with jeans, but I'd never, ever wear one with a tie or suit. I'm a college student and every single person I've ever seen wearing a black shirt with a tie and/or a suit has been a meathead who has no idea how to dress himself and pairs a rumpled black shirt with a shiny solid, frequently black tie (as DocHoliday suggested earlier) and black chinos.
I was circulating college graduation celebrations on Saturday wearing a white BD shirt, seersucker jacket, and nicely pressed khakis. It seemed just about right.
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