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I never used to wear hats, but I picked up a tweed Goorin cadet this winter and really liked it. I've been thinking about a straw fedora for summer or something, but I don't know if I can pull it off. What styles/brands are you all fond of?
Using a flatiron would make it pretty easy to get this look. It works wonders on my hair, although I'm too lazy to use it all the time.
braidkid, are those leather Chucks? If so, I have them too and they're extremely awesome.
I don't have any pants like this, but I was thinking I'd wear them with some Purcells and polos, short-sleeve button-downs, etc.
I'd prefer MJK's jackets to both of those.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD I love the Hold Steady. I think Boys/Girls/America is a great album. They're the perfect bar band. Pretty much one of the best new bands yet this decade. Separation Sunday IS the best album of the decade as far as I'm concerned.
Onitsuka Tigers are the best mix of comfort and style, in my opinion.
I really want to learn how to sew. I think this thread had convinced me to make that one of my goals for this summer. I'd love to be able to slim up shirt.
That suit looks AWESOME. Definitely not work-wear, but very, very attractive.
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