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LOVE the short sleeve linen idea. I'd buy a few of those for sure.
That looks beautiful, congratulations.
Quote: Originally Posted by kshah Do you go to U of M? I was debating ordering from Jantzen, but I'll stick to the Barbera. Bizzochi, and RLPL avaliable for a few dollars more on the web. Yeah, I'm a junior. I'm likely going to be working at the university hospital this summer and professional dress is required for the job I'll have.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart to answer for Mr Bandwagon.....his jacket is a converted 2 button (from 3) with 1" added to length. Trouser is a size 38 default waist with the bottom block of a size 40 (to accomodate a fuller hip/leg). Fabric is charcoal grey. no prob dusty, I'll still be here! I've had a couple requests for a more conservative suit and I think Bandwagon's slight alterations actually fits that bill pretty well. There isnt...
Oh man, that looks beautiful. I'm pretty much the same size as you...I'll have to do that with the trousers too.
He's clearly in a good position to raise his prices.
Man, it kinda sucks being 20 and having to ramp up my wardrobe from a set of interview clothes to 1-3 days a week of professional dress to 5 days a week of professional dress in a period of about four months...
I think I'll place an order with MySuitShop in the meantime. Frankly, I'm more concerned with fit than quality and construction at this point. The fabric selection is pretty bad though.
Basically, I'm gonna need a lot more shirts starting in early May. Of course I didn't want to order more than one for the first time in case my measurements are off. It hurts knowing that I'm going to have to buy crappy RTW shirts for more than the price of a Jantzen. ~$50 is just about what I can afford.
I placed an order online for the first time yesterday. From what I gather they can be quite erratic with shipping times and responding. I don't need the shirt for a while, but I just wanted to get a ballpark estimate. Will I receive a confirmation email soon or not until the shirt is made and shipped?
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