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you really need to follow Gustin on Instagram (and then check the site at 1pm EST sharp) if you want to have a crack at anything special they run
The RLH sole is truly amazing. I have it on my ranger mocs and am almost eager to wear through the leather soles on my penny loafers so I can get them resoled with RLH.
the dyed slate denim looks awesome, would be getting a pair for sure if I hadn't already mentally committed to backing the next natural campaign.
The supima tees are slightly slimmer, but I would recommend buying the same size.
The dry packaged tees are comically large. The supima tees are a full size smaller, easily.
The Supima cotton t-shirts are really great. I like the premium cotton t-shirts too, but the Supima ones are softer, drape better, and have a slightly trimmer fit (despite having the same measurements).
Damn, those safari jeans are exactly what I have been looking for but I missed out on the 32.
wish they'd offer the linens in the same slim fit as the printed chambray shirts
J. Crew has several offerings in natural selvedge denim at the moment. These caught my eye in the store the other day and looked quite nice. I regret not trying them on because I desperately want a pair of the Naturals but by the time they run another campaign the delivery date will likely be well into June.https://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/pants/Denim/PRDOVR~41229/41229.jsp
In my experience "shirt penis" is best corrected/avoided by wearing pants with a higher rise. It's happening because the shirt is working its way our of your pants. Heavier fabrics will help too, but for the most part I find my shirts look goofy tucked into pants with
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