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Any recommendations on what kind of glue would work best to reattach the half-insoles to the bottom of my ranger mocs? One of them came out and superglue isn't keeping it in.
really dig the CXL belt
A double-felled outseam to "replace" a lack of cosmetic selvedge detailing? How does that make any sense? Do you need an arbitrary number of persnickety #menswear boxes checked for the product to pass muster? Also, the Taylor Stitch chinos and cords look like they have regular outseams to me. It looks like the chore pants do have a double-felled outseam, but that doesn't seem to be what Gustin is going for with these chinos.
Right, the term is getting diluted. That's why I find "selvedge" detailing for its own sake a somewhat distasteful vanity unless it's denim from Cone Mills, the respected Japanese mills, etc.And hence I don't care about it at all for chinos in staple fabrics.
"Selvedge denim" is meaningful because - ideally - it indicates that the denim is produced on narrow-width shuttle looms. I don't think there is any such meaning associated with all fabric sewn into clothing in a way that shows a selvedge. Do you really think Epaulet's rivet chinos, in all their various fabrics including commodity fabrics like duck canvas, are all made from cloth woven on old-school shuttle looms just because they are sewn up so that there is a...
Why does it matter if chinos are selvedge?
Duck canvas wears somewhat cooler than its weight would suggest because it breathes fairly well. Combine this with the way it drapes compared to lighter chino cloth and you have a recipe for excellent casual pants.
would really like to see some more grey denim like the #24 Slate again sometime soon
I think a month or longer is fairly typical for trousers.
Bummer about the store. I was looking forward to stopping in on my trip to LA next month.
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