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Very bummed to learn that my natural duck canvas jeans failed their quality inspection. I was really looking forward to them. But luckily they had a pair of Okayama Standards in the same size so I'm getting those instead. I wanted them anyway, I was just waiting to back a campaign until I had a chance to assess the fit of the ducks.
I wish the shorts had a shorter inseam.
Any word on when the natural duck canvas will be shipping?
At this point Gustin is basically delivering on the failed promise of Everlane. Josh's pointed email discussing his rejection of the VC mindset from a couple weeks ago plus the the move into duffels and apparently backpacks really drives it home.
The Sky Blue Summer Chambray is very much a dress shirt fabric IMO. It is a fairly open weave but the threads are fine and it has a crisp hand. Think of it as an airier alternative to an end-on-end. The Navy Chambray by Brembana is casual.edit: I might as well add that I have the "original" Sky Blue Summer Chambray that was much-discussed in the thread about a year back and replaced by Luxire with a "new" Sky Blue Summer Chambray by Monti. I received a swatch of the "new"...
I like the idea of quantifying garment quality but doing it in terms of price is a fool's errand. Better to make up an arbitrary scale that ranks garments from various makers on an absolute scale and then use the price to compute some kind of "value index." Obviously it's highly subjective but the idea of some relative experts agreeing on a set of criteria and a scoring/weighting system isn't crazy. It's how lots of things are ranked. Universities, some sports rankings, etc.
Great shade, great idea
Yeah, I love the Epaulet chinos but I have to get them hemmed and tapered so the cost adds up. I would also like to be able to get a felled crotch seam for durability.Duck canvas has a great denim-like drape that I've come to prefer over standard cotton chino fabrics.
duck canvas is super cheap too...have to believe those could easily hit the $70 price point of the cheapest chino fabric currently being offered
It would be great to see some duck canvas options for pants.
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