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it's amazing to me that they're still trying, in their own incompetent way
As an update on this, I did actually receive a pair of jeans.After a very lengthy email exchange where I made very clear multiple times that I ordered a 32 straight and expected to receive a 32 straight - including confirming several times that I did not want a slim-straight - I received a pair of jeans with no size tag, garment tag, or any other identifying information beyond the Lawless-stamped leather patch. Lo and behold, I measure them and they are spot-on to the 32...
I wear a EPNY medium and Gustin classic small and while the Gustin is a touch smaller all around, for me they function as the same size. I prefer the EPNY (and use it as the basis of my custom shirts) but both work for me.
I allegedly have a pair on the way, although I have yet to receive a tracking number.
So after being told that they had a "RTW" collection launching soon, and used that to coerce me into giving up my custom order, there are a bunch of new things added to the website that appear to be a stab at crowdfunding and ship in "3-4 weeks." Unbelievable. At this point all I want is a 32 straight in literally any denim, but I'm never going to get a pair of jeans from these people.
I'm thinking about ordering a short-sleeve popover shirt but I'm unsure if I should modify my torso measurements. My Luxire dress shirts are fairly fitted (I'm a 38R and use 20.5" and 19" as my chest and waist measurements, respectively) and I'm wondering if a popover with those measurements will be difficult to put on. Any thoughts? I'm at work right now and can't really experiment with trying to put a partially buttoned shirt on...
yeah, their tantrums this season have been unseemly hopefully Renault buys Lotus and Audi buys Red Bull and the sport can move on
I got the "out of fabric" email too, and now they're trying really hard to get me to take store credit so I can buy an RTW pair from the collection that is "2-3 weeks" out. Ugh, at least just send me a pair of jeans to fulfill the order I placed even if it's RTW and a different fabric, rather than trying to clear my order out with some store credit. What is store credit even worth with the fluctuating prices and status of their operations?
Wow, that jacket is stunning.
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