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Springsteen bootlegs from any show on the Darkness Tour in '78, especially some of the radio recordings. And the Hammersmith Odeon 1975 show that got released with the Born to Run reissue is my favorite live recording ever.
Although to be fair, I watched the entirety of The Wire between a marathon of the first two seasons of BSG and the premiere of the third, so now all other TV shows basically suck and I'm hypercritical.
Quote: Originally Posted by Arethusa Lame. The first four episodes of season 3 were excellent. Then it was twelve episodes of unforgivable garbage. Yeah, I mean there have been plenty of good episodes in the last season and a half, I just think the show lost its way overall. Obviously part of this was pressure from NBC/Universal to make some standalone episodes that unfamiliar viewers could get into, but even the story arc episodes have...
Currently reading The Big Blowdown by George Pelecanos.
Currently on my third run through The Wire...I don't think it will ever get old. I bet I'll be rewatching it for years to come.
I'm honestly not that excited about the new season. I think the show has taken a dive since the season 2.0/2.5 break. The third season finale was godawful. But whatever, I'll be watching.
As an engineering student, I much prefer having materials in digital form, but I'm also an avid reader and enjoy accumulating books. I would like it if purchasing a book from Amazon included a complimentary ebook download. That way I could read the physical book, keep it on my shelf, and then reference the ebook on my computer for convenience. I'd also be willing to read on something like the Kindle when traveling, just not at the expense of owning the book...
Quote: Originally Posted by landho I have that, too. I can probably sneak it into my current queue as a sort of change-of-pace book. I started The Book of the Long Sun kind of arbitrarily--that was the only Wolfe book the used-book store had when I decided to begin reading his stuff. The first two books were great, but the third one seemed kind of...meh. I'll begin Cerberus soon enough to reacquaint myself with his stuff. Really, this will probably be...
Quote: Originally Posted by landho I really wanted to read Gene Wolfe. I read the first two and a half books of The Book of the Long Sun and got bogged down in the part when Auk and Chenille were wandering around, adventuring and bantering. I bought a few of Gene Wolfe's other books--I found them used and in good condition. The Book of the New Sun is on my list of works to read by the end of the year, and in fact I bought a second copy to give to...
HBO's got some balls for airing 8+ hours of this. The wordiness and pace make The Wire look like 24. I think it's a pretty dull viewing experience, but I'm glad I'm watching it for the historical value. Also, the camerawork in the second episode was thankfully not quite as obnoxious as in the first. Hopefully I'll get caught up on it tonight.
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