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Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD +1 Awesome album
I'm at the point where I'd like to wash mine, but I'm afraid of losing length because they're absolutely perfect right now.
I'm a hipster, but I'm not poorly dressed!
I emailed a few fabric stores the other day to find out where I can learn how to sew...I was actually going to go talk to one of them today. I'd really like to learn how to make shirts too.
I like the way flatcaps look but I feel like they've been thoroughly co-opted by poorly dressed hipsters.
Quote: Originally Posted by prozach1576 I like this. http://www.goorin.com/shop/331/Goori...K%20SLOPE.html Ended up ordering this last night...who knows if I'll actually feel comfortable wearing it out of the house or not.
Hey Toiletduck, want to drop by and ask Ricky to make my order?
Quote: Originally Posted by robin I like the first one more - it seems it would be more versatile in spring and summer. Does anyone have any first hand experiences with that brand though? I'm eyeing one or two of their hats right now as well. I have this one and I think it's really nice. Feels well made, the tweed is awesome, and the lining is pretty cool. Granted it's the only hat I own so I might not be the best judge of quality.
Should I buy the first one I posted or this? http://www.goorin.com/shop/329/Goori...re/MOJITO.html
My hi tops are pretty comfortable except for some rubbing just below my Achilles tendon after I walk in them for a while.
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