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Here's a thread I started about my coat a while ago, just in case people want more info. http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=26842 I'm really glad I kept it. I got used it it feeling a little tight and got an unbelievable number of compliments from people who said it was one of the best looking peacoats they'd ever seen.
I'll second the APC Rescue suggestion.
Honestly, I would just buy a sized down Sterlingwear. The price is right and it will last for the rest of your life, or at least until you get too old and fat to fit into it.
This thread has me so excited.
Quote: Originally Posted by amlai These are size 29. I usually wear a 29, but I've never had a "skinny" jean before, so I'm not sure how I feel about it. Also, since these are raw (this is my first foray into raw), I'm worried that they're going to be too tight. Wow. These look as good as any jeans I have ever seen. I can only hope mine look half as good.
Well...decided to go with 31s. I figure if they're smaller than I want it won't be hard to trade/sell them quickly and get 32s. God I am so excited.
Levi's Skinner. They were way tighter than I was expecting, but I liked them. Haven't touched them like a year and a half though.
So when you guys talk about ordering true to size and all of that do you mean how they're going to fit after some stretching? I'm basically between a 31 and 32 for most pants. I think a 31 would fit me like the 30s fit Sauce and I want a slightly looser fit so it'll be more versatile, so I was thinking 32s.
Aw man, I was going to buy these but I got beat to the punch.
Wow, those look beautiful. My problem is that I'm not sure I want to make my next big purchase so slim in the leg, since I already have a pair of New Standards that serve that function in my wardrobe (even though I'm sure these are way, WAY nicer).
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