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Jesus, I just got a pair of 31x34 KMW 1980s and I can't freaking believe how small they are. I wear the same size in 5EPxSF and they're fine. Really slim, but fine. I can't even get these within two inches of buttoning!
Damn, I just ordered a pair of 1980s from Revolve two days ago. I should have waited.
Honestly, my Sterlingwear is perfect. There's no way I would pay more for a peacoat because it fits exactly how I want it to and it's of extraordinary quality.
I second a request for PBJ. I still need to get a pair of XX-005s one of these days.
5EPxSF Haven't worn them much this summer but they were worn almost every day from when they came out until April or May.
I was worried about this for a while but then I just said "Fuck it" and bought a DSLR with a strap I can wear around my neck or stow in my bag as necessary.
How bad do these stretch? For reference I got 31 5EPxSF and though they fit, I should have gotten 32s. I'm unsure whether to get 31 or 32 in Mic Rigid.
Yeah, the Denim Bar code definitely traveled outside of the board. I think PMs are a better way to handle it.
I thought the first episode was just ok, but it's really picked up and is reaching the kinds of heights I've come to expect from Simon and Burns.
I just finished Rabbit at Rest by John Updike, thus completing, finally, the Rabbit Angstrom novels. Basically my favorite series of books ever. I haven't decided what novel to read next, but on the non-fiction front I'm reading Free Culture by Larry Lessig, one of my favorite thinkers out there.
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