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Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira Mine stretched out ~3in iirc Really? I've been told that they don't stretch much at all.
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff sizing is very different between brands. That was my first thought, but this seems dramatically worse that any other variance I've experienced between brands. Again, I'm talking 2+ inches less in the waist than new 31 5EPs and 29 New Standards. I just have a hard time chalking that up to brand variance. The reason I worry is that I requested 33s in exchange from Revolve and if these 31s are in fact "off"...
Has anyone ever bought a pair of jeans that was incorrectly tagged from the factory? The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced that there's something up with the aforementioned 1980s. Unfortunately I already put them in the mail for exchange so I can't take measurements. But I wear 31s in 5EPxSF and had no problem buttoning them when I first got them. Same goes for 29 New Standards. Yet these 31 1980s, like I said, were barely within two inches of buttoning with my...
Jesus, I just got a pair of 31x34 KMW 1980s and I can't freaking believe how small they are. I wear the same size in 5EPxSF and they're fine. Really slim, but fine. I can't even get these within two inches of buttoning!
Damn, I just ordered a pair of 1980s from Revolve two days ago. I should have waited.
Honestly, my Sterlingwear is perfect. There's no way I would pay more for a peacoat because it fits exactly how I want it to and it's of extraordinary quality.
I second a request for PBJ. I still need to get a pair of XX-005s one of these days.
5EPxSF Haven't worn them much this summer but they were worn almost every day from when they came out until April or May.
I was worried about this for a while but then I just said "Fuck it" and bought a DSLR with a strap I can wear around my neck or stow in my bag as necessary.
How bad do these stretch? For reference I got 31 5EPxSF and though they fit, I should have gotten 32s. I'm unsure whether to get 31 or 32 in Mic Rigid.
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