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Quote: Originally Posted by lwkeung Can I possibly ask about your body Shape? If I'm a Medium in Uniqlo Oxfords should I wear Small or Mediums in Land End Canvas? http://canvas.landsend.com/pp/Oxford...earch-_-oxford You'd probably want a small. My LEC shirts run a bit bigger than my Uniqlo mediums. Not dramatically so, but enough that if you're on the edge you might want to size down. The LEC shirts have longer sleeves and a bit more room...
Quote: Originally Posted by Doug C CANVAS20 and PIN# 7522 is what they are now showing on the front page of the canvas sale page.... says that it ends tonight - so hurry. I'm tempted to order more even though my original order has not arrived yet , must resist. Yeah, that's what I did today. I made a ~$80 order on Sunday and a ~$100 order today because stuff is just so damn cheap. Their mediums fit me perfectly so it's awesome to be able to...
Does anyone have a free shipping code?
Yeah, so this stuff is great. I got it in the mail today and decided to do some work on a pair of boots I unearthed from my closet. They're some Barney's house brand boots I got on eBay a few years ago. These things were all moldy, caked in mud, scuffed, and faded. They've been through two Kentucky Derby infields. Before: After scrubbing with saddle soap, letting them dry, a thick coat of Obenauf's LP, 15 minutes in a warm oven, and a coat of Meltonian shoe...
Mine came today and while I wouldn't call them comfortable at all, they aren't quite as bad as I feared they might be. The only problem spot is a part of my left food that's permanently deformed or something from a bad sprain this summer. Bulges into the side of the boot pretty good, but I think it'll stretch.
I was told to buy my Chucks size and that worked out perfectly. I'm a 9.5 but bought 9 and they fit fine. Definitely have room in the toe but the rest is snug and fits like a glove...my feet don't move around at all.
I just got some Dark Cherry Gentleman Travlers. I absolutely love how they look, but the laces are terrible. Have any of you replaced the laces? Not sure whether I should just get a better pair of black synthetic laces or go for something a little classier.
I've been rocking a #2 or #3 for about a year now. I have my girlfriend do it for me every few weeks. I spent the last three years dropping major cash on hair cuts from good stylists and never found one that I thought looked good and natural on me. I love the buzz.
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug This is where you need to summon your inner spielberg and director to perfection This just gets me in trouble.
Quote: Originally Posted by btuthill worked for me. Look at this big shot.
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