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I just got a tan 258 from Crane's. I really can't recommend them enough. I placed the order on Wednesday night, got a tracking number on Thursday, and received the bag today. That's Amazon-levels of fast. Beautiful bag.
Yeah basically what I'm looking for is an idea of what that "sheen" looks like in daylight or something. I think navy sharkskin is probably what I want, just want to make sure.
Wow. I bought #20. Put me down on the waiting list for #15 and #17 when there is a restock. These ties look amazing.
Does anyone have a close-up picture of one of the sharkskin fabrics? Or the navy mohair? I want my next suit to be a navy work suit, but I'm not sure if I want sharkskin, mohair, or the lightweight flannel.
I bought a Hickey suit on Gilt for $500 a month or two ago and am very happy with it. Great fit, great fabric. My only complaint was that the 7" drop meant I had to get the trousers let out a little. Otherwise it didn't need any alterations. I would buy another one at that price without hesitating.
Looks like it needs to come in under the arms and in the waist, similar to mine.
My girlfriend helped me take the measurements using the YouTube videos as a guide. We checked them multiple times. I was most worried about the shoulders but that turned out to be right. I don't know maybe they just weren't snug enough.I took it to the tailor tonight and it looked great after he pinned it up. I think it will turn out very well and I will definitely order again and try to get the right torso measurements worked out with Jason.
Got mine today. Love the fabric and the styling, but it needs some pretty serious tailoring. It's pretty much a full size too big. The shoulders are pretty good, so I think it will look fine after I get the jacket and the trousers taken in. All of the lengths are dead-on though, which is nice.
Allegedly Thursday. Two days seems pretty fast to get from LA to DC, even with Priority Mail, but I'm not complaining.Hopefully I can get my tailor to turn around any necessary alterations in a week or so, since I need to take it on a trip the first week of August.
I placed my order on June 20 and got a shipping notification today, so it will be just a little over four weeks for me.
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