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Yeah, I got a sized down Sterlingwear last winter and it's really great. It's unfortunate that the different button placement on a women's jacket is one thing that every damn girl in the world will know and immediately point out. I got burned on a thrift store purchase years ago before I knew.
I like Ben Sherman track jackets. I also have one that I got from Urban Outfitters on sale a couple of years ago (I can't remember the brand...I think it was a store brand) that is very slim fitting and good looking.
Season two is my favorite by a hair. It has this operatic sweep to it that kills me. "You're a Sobatka."
Stringer's arc in the third season was fantastic. His death underscored the point that reformers are bound to fail because of forces beyond their control, echoing the experiences of Major Colvin. I love when McNulty find The Wealth of Nations in his place and is like "Who the fuck was I chasing?"
I sincerely believe that The Wire is one of the greatest artistic achievements in the history of the English language. It's literature on the same level as any revered classic.
Quote: Originally Posted by jonglover Just finished watching La Jetee, my favorite Marker and far and away my favorite sci-fi film of all-time; I am exhausted. Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 That's a great movie. Surprisingly (considering how could La Jetée is), I actually liked Gilliam's Twelve Monkeys too La Jetée is incredible; probably the best "short" I've ever seen. 12 Monkeys is top ten of the 90s...
Get a load of this. http://www.nytimes.com/2007/08/09/us...timore.html?hp You probably need to have read The Corner to fully appreciate how remarkable this story is. This pretty much made my week. Let's give David Simon a Nobel Prize for something already.
Beautiful. I wish it was a 38R.
That's absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately I don't think I could fit into the trousers.
I just wanted to say that I'm very impressed with this shirt. I generally don't like wrinkle-free shirts, but this one is very soft and natural feeling. The collar forms a perfect V with no tie space, something I have a hard time finding in affordable RTW shirts. The only thing I'd change is a second button on the cuffs because they're just a little too loose on my wrists.
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