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I've only watched the first part so far. I like the acting and writing a lot, but the camerawork is TERRIBLE. I'm so sick of the handheld quasi-cinema verite look becoming the default for everything on TV. It works in many cases, but not in a historical epic. It doesn't make it edgy, it's just distracting. Give me composed, cinematic camerawork a la The Wire.
I just started Pattern Recognition by William Gibson. I think a lot of people around these parts would really enjoy Gibson's stunning observations about modern style and culture.
Quote: Originally Posted by coachvu A Man in Full by Tom Wolfe. It's good but not great. I enjoyed Bonfire of the Vanities much more. He really needed an editor to make him remove a couple hundred pages. Also, he spends too much time describing certain details. Every architectural detail, every sartorial detail; he has sentences with nothing but lists of architectural terms. He spends lots of time describing things he likes (clothing, expensive...
I don't watch much TV to speak of, but I do watch a lot of movies and have been playing a fair amount of video games with my new equipment. I've got like 250 DVDs and use Netflix religiously, so a big TV is almost necessary to get the full value out of my collection.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim I like the HD-A3, but GODDAMN does it take forever and a day to boot up. Seriously, its like three minutes. Have you updated your firmware yet? Yeah, it's kind of annoying and no I haven't updated it yet.
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan Same here. Quite an improvement. We had a local ISF calibration expert in Atlanta but he died in a plane crash sadly. I would like to get ISF calibrated but sadly I'm just a college student who broke the bank with this purchase already...
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS Did you have a professional calibrate the TV or did you do it yourself? Jon. I looked up what some people on AVS Forums were using as presets for the model I have and then did a little final tweaking myself. Definitely a big improvement from the factory settings.
Recently picked up a 50" Samsung DLP, Toshiba HD-A3, and Xbox 360...for my bedroom. It's amazing. Fortunately I already have a 5.1 setup leftover from my old 20" Tube/DVD/Xbox setup from years ago. My next planned purchase is an Onkyo receiver that does HDMI switching and new speakers. HD DVD is just amazing. I was watching The Wild Bunch last night and was blown away by the clarity.
I've never been as excited for anything like I am for Season 5. Watching this show right now is like seeing Citizen Kane on opening night or listening to the Velvet Underground in 1967.
I thought Sky Blue Sky was a huge disappointment.
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