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My girlfriend helped me take the measurements using the YouTube videos as a guide. We checked them multiple times. I was most worried about the shoulders but that turned out to be right. I don't know maybe they just weren't snug enough.I took it to the tailor tonight and it looked great after he pinned it up. I think it will turn out very well and I will definitely order again and try to get the right torso measurements worked out with Jason.
Got mine today. Love the fabric and the styling, but it needs some pretty serious tailoring. It's pretty much a full size too big. The shoulders are pretty good, so I think it will look fine after I get the jacket and the trousers taken in. All of the lengths are dead-on though, which is nice.
Allegedly Thursday. Two days seems pretty fast to get from LA to DC, even with Priority Mail, but I'm not complaining.Hopefully I can get my tailor to turn around any necessary alterations in a week or so, since I need to take it on a trip the first week of August.
I placed my order on June 20 and got a shipping notification today, so it will be just a little over four weeks for me.
I do not like how Huddler does forums.
Got a 3" navy grenadine tie the other day and it's just gorgeous.
Quote: Originally Posted by gamblor Will you be restocking 3" Grenadines in: Navy Sky Blue Curious about this too.
People in DC generally dress poorly. I wouldn't worry too much about it. New York it is not.
I was at the Neiman Marcus Last Call, Nordstrom Rack, and Saks Off Fifth in Woodbridge, VA last weekend and saw no more than a few things at any of them that might ever have been in one of the proper stores. They all had the same crappy Cole Haan shoes and lots of cheap private-label stuff. A few Hickey Freeman suits were the only things that looked original.
Quote: Originally Posted by An Ex Parrot You could Metro to King Street, take the free bus to the river, then boat ferry to National Harbor. Which I guess just proves your point. And regarding the Pentagon City Rack: 97% crap and 3% mediocrity. Potomac Mills Rack has gone down the last few years, but is head and shoulders above Pentagon City. AEP Good to know that the Potomac Mills one is better. The Pentagon City one is such a huge...
New Posts  All Forums: