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I agree. Priority Mail is a great service, particularly for light, compact things like clothing. The tracking services are not as good, but it's not really that big of a deal when you know the package is coming in 2-3 days no matter what.
Got in off the waiting list today and am excited to try one of these shirts. Cool concept for a business.
I just got a bunch of Nancy Boy products that I really like. Their shaving cream and replenishing aftershave are by far the best I've ever used. I also have the face wash, balancing toner, and moisturizer. I don't have a firm idea of the results yet in terms of appearance, but the products feel very luxurious and my skin is much softer and less oily after only two days.
Yeah, I have a medium PoW with a blue windowpane. I didn't order it looking for a conservative fabric, but it turned out to be totally acceptable in a fairly conservative work environment. It's different from the typical charcoal or navy, but looks sharp without screaming "THIS GUY READS MENSWEAR BLOGS."
This is fantastic
Bobby looks awesome in the photo. Love it.
Lands' End non-iron fabric is absolutely horrid in my experience. I believe all of their dress-shirts except for OCBDs are non-iron too. I have low standards for shirts and I still can't wear the Lands' End non-iron shirt I bought. The (Tailored) fit is decent, but it feels like sandpaper and breathes like a sheet of rubber.
I placed my order a few minutes after midnight and it seems to have gone through. There hasn't been a charge to my card yet but when I log into the site the order shows up as open.
For some reason I bought one of these a while back. For $20 it is quite nice (surely better than $20 is going to get you at any other store), but it is not a nice tie in any absolute sense. The construction seems good but the silk is cheap and ugly.
Just ordered 3c: 3 x 32L 10 x 24L
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