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Dammit haha, I was going to buy those but you got them while I was making my breakfast.
Taking a shot in the dark on the shirt sizing the other day was made a lot easier knowing that if it doesn't work out then I just have an excuse to get another pair of Rivets on the exchange...
I'm in the anti-taper camp. One of the things I like about these shirts is that they are forgiving of my stomach...
Yes. Fancy packaging is a waste of money. One of the reasons why Kent and other people with similar business models can offer us such excellent products at these price points is by dispensing with the overhead associated with other brands.
would kill to have that lavender chambray in long-sleeve
Wow, can't wait to get in on one of those suits. My next purchase was already slated to be a workhorse charcoal too.
What is the width/length on the Sam Hobers?
Blew out a good inch of the crotch seam on my new rivets by spreading my legs apart too abruptly or something today. Easy repair but I'm bummed I did that on the second day.
Just ordered a pair of the caramel duck canvas. They look fantastic, can't wait.
Yeah those backpacks look fantastic. I wish I could come up with a reason to buy one.
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