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Hah, oxford grey already sold out in a bunch of sizes. Glad I impulse bought them last night.
Good lord those oxford chinos are ridiculously great
Just received a pair of merlot McAllisters from Amazon today - a nice deal at $245. They are absolutely gorgeous shoes (and fortunately defect-free... I was nervous given some of the Amazon reviews complaining about receiving beat up pairs). My third pair of AEs, alongside some black Cliftons and a pair of black Strands that I've worn into the ground and mostly retired.
Happy to see the navy. Ordered five more of these...really like the shirts.
Yeah, I don't get the hate for the lightweight fabric either. I just got the lavender polo the other day, which is quite a bit lighter than the navy, and I think it's totally fine. Killer shirt.
Same thing happened to me. I sewed the seam back together and did about three passes of really tight stitches to reinforce it. I have no idea how to properly sew...I just turned the pants inside out and went at it and it came out fine. If you look really closely on the outside you can see that the stitching is a little irregular but I don't think anyone would ever notice it.
Try Nancy Boy Styling Cream. It's lanolin-based, so it does a good job of replacing oils taken out of your hair by shampoo. I have very fine hair that grows quite thickly (if that makes sense) and is prone to getting super fluffy after it dries. Water-based products usually just delay the puffiness by a few hours. A little bit of this stuff worked through mostly dry hair will make my hair manageable all day. Keep in mind that it is a pretty light hold though. I have used...
Dammit haha, I was going to buy those but you got them while I was making my breakfast.
Taking a shot in the dark on the shirt sizing the other day was made a lot easier knowing that if it doesn't work out then I just have an excuse to get another pair of Rivets on the exchange...
I'm in the anti-taper camp. One of the things I like about these shirts is that they are forgiving of my stomach...
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