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I like the cut of the Milano in the leg but the rise is way too low for my tastes. A rise that low is fine with denim, but not when I'm going to be tucking in a shirt.
I use Matt's Tailoring in downtown Falls Church. He does excellent work and is, I believe, fairly cheap. I just got some stuff back from him last week actually. For about $100 he hemmed a pair of trousers with cuffs and did sleeve/center seam/collar alterations on a jacket. It is the fourth such job I've brought to him, and it's all been good work. The only thing I would suggest is to be forceful about the inseam length you want, since he will tend towards a full break...
I definitely will. I don't think I have seen any pictures of Rancourts with baseball stitching yet, but I like how it looks on Quoddy oxfords that people have posted on here so I figured I'd give it a shot.
Yeah, I've looked at lots of pictures of Rancourts and other brands in #8 and I can't quite figure out what to expect. I think I just don't really care...Went ahead and ordered a pair of ranger mocs today: #8 CXL, honey RLH soles, chestnut rawhide laces, baseball stitching. Kyle seemed confident that the right size for me would be 9D, so that's what I ordered. I'm excited.
Yeah, let out the jacket sleeves. Personally I would have the jacket taken in a little bit to give it some more shape but that would be optional. Good fit.
Good call on Brooks Brothers. If they carry them in any stores, I would think they would carry them in the Georgetown store.
Maybe if the suits cost several thousands of dollars could I see having the expectation of being able to go multiple rounds of MTM remakes, but come on. Kent's policy is perfectly reasonable.
How have you guys been sizing these? I consider 9.5D to be my typical size, with my feet probably falling on the small size of that, but Rancourt's measurement printout (which is very nice, by the way) seems to be suggesting that I'm like 8-8.5, which seems wrong to me. I'm guessing I should maybe order a 9D? I'm gonna get some #8 Chromexcel ranger mocs with honey RLH soles.
If you just tore the seam open there is no reason it can't be sewn back together again, and more securely the second time.
Yeah I definitely noticed some variance in the five mediums I received yesterday. They all fit but the slate crew neck, in particular, is quite a bit slimmer throughout.
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