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Yeah, so this stuff is great. I got it in the mail today and decided to do some work on a pair of boots I unearthed from my closet. They're some Barney's house brand boots I got on eBay a few years ago. These things were all moldy, caked in mud, scuffed, and faded. They've been through two Kentucky Derby infields. Before: After scrubbing with saddle soap, letting them dry, a thick coat of Obenauf's LP, 15 minutes in a warm oven, and a coat of Meltonian shoe...
Mine came today and while I wouldn't call them comfortable at all, they aren't quite as bad as I feared they might be. The only problem spot is a part of my left food that's permanently deformed or something from a bad sprain this summer. Bulges into the side of the boot pretty good, but I think it'll stretch.
I was told to buy my Chucks size and that worked out perfectly. I'm a 9.5 but bought 9 and they fit fine. Definitely have room in the toe but the rest is snug and fits like a glove...my feet don't move around at all.
I just got some Dark Cherry Gentleman Travlers. I absolutely love how they look, but the laces are terrible. Have any of you replaced the laces? Not sure whether I should just get a better pair of black synthetic laces or go for something a little classier.
I've been rocking a #2 or #3 for about a year now. I have my girlfriend do it for me every few weeks. I spent the last three years dropping major cash on hair cuts from good stylists and never found one that I thought looked good and natural on me. I love the buzz.
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug This is where you need to summon your inner spielberg and director to perfection This just gets me in trouble.
Quote: Originally Posted by btuthill worked for me. Look at this big shot.
I've had a tailor lower the back rise on a pair of Earnest Sewns and it was quite successful.
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira Mine stretched out ~3in iirc Really? I've been told that they don't stretch much at all.
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff sizing is very different between brands. That was my first thought, but this seems dramatically worse that any other variance I've experienced between brands. Again, I'm talking 2+ inches less in the waist than new 31 5EPs and 29 New Standards. I just have a hard time chalking that up to brand variance. The reason I worry is that I requested 33s in exchange from Revolve and if these 31s are in fact "off"...
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