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Can we air dissenting opinions allowed in this thread? Because I just cannot countenance camouflage pants and a suit jacket. Looks absurd man, sorry.
It feels a bit stiffer in terms of how it flexes when I walk but it's much more cushioning overall. It's springy but not squishy. Just awesome.
After a couple of days of wear, I have to say that the RLH sole makes for the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. It's otherworldly.
I'd go with the 10.5D.
FWIW, if these were made of a stiffer leather then I think I would be wishing I had gone with 9.5 instead of 9. You will be just fine if you didn't size down.
I was unsure on the stitching too and almost didn't do it, but I'm glad I did. The sole is awesome - perfect combination of structure and comfort and miles ahead of my other crepe soles.
Got mine today. #8 CXL, honey RLH sole, baseball stitching. Rounded down my size to 9D and they fit like a glove.
After wanting it forever but never pulling the trigger, I finally received the navy pindot tie as a gift today and it's instantly one of the highlights of my tie collection. Beautiful silk that knots up perfectly and drapes well.
Those snuff suede ranger mocs are so great, makes me wish I'd gone with those instead of the #8 CXL.
Sounds like a good combo. #8/HRLH ranger mocs are due to ship on the 16th, so I could end up having them only about 12 days after placing my order depending on how fast Fed Ex is. Great turnaround time.
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