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the trouser attachment for my steamer does a serviceable job of setting a crease although, so does an iron with a pressing cloth
I just can't get into linen...give me a lightweight wool every time.
I think the light grey fresco looks perfect for workhorse grey trousers, especially summer ones
I received my Black Friday order today and the trousers - my first from Luxire, in the same Dugdale flannel posted above - with measurements taken from the Howard Yount American cut were a great success. Perfect fit and the only thing I will change in future orders is shortening the inseam half an inch. The G&R shirt is great too. This is my first brush with a high-end shirting and I already regret not ordering an extra with double cuffs and setting it aside for my...
Luxire's prices for nice English cloths are so good that I can't really imagine wanting to bother with CMT for a suit. Perhaps for an odd jacket since their options there consist primarily of tweeds (consider adding some year-round or spring-summer jacketing books, Luxire).
Thomas Mason makes a lot of different shirtings. It's not all one tier of quality. My guess is that Gustin used a substantially nicer fabric than J. Crew. Although I do agree that their price point for that particular run was a bit of a head-scratcher given that we didn't know what type of Thomas Mason fabric they were using.
From the second link, I love the new Sun and Moon designs. Lovely dial.
I very much regret not taking advantage of that shirt special.
The canvas trial jacket is a brilliant idea. It would be great to be able to order in a standard size, kind of like Kent Wang offers with his trial suits. I think I would prefer that to sending a jacket in for replication.
I thought he was pretty damn impressive this year in what was obviously a dog of a car, run by a team in turmoil.
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