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wish they'd offer the linens in the same slim fit as the printed chambray shirts
J. Crew has several offerings in natural selvedge denim at the moment. These caught my eye in the store the other day and looked quite nice. I regret not trying them on because I desperately want a pair of the Naturals but by the time they run another campaign the delivery date will likely be well into June.https://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/pants/Denim/PRDOVR~41229/41229.jsp
In my experience "shirt penis" is best corrected/avoided by wearing pants with a higher rise. It's happening because the shirt is working its way our of your pants. Heavier fabrics will help too, but for the most part I find my shirts look goofy tucked into pants with
x1000I know this is a pretty basic alteration but every tailor I've ever used looks at me like I'm from another planet when I bring in casual pants with picky tapering requests, especially when raw denim is involved. I'm sick of it.
Perhaps for US customers offer free shipping with a slower service and have the FedEx second-day service be an upgrade. Watching my clothing go halfway around the planet in two days is cool but honestly it's superfluous.
Very tempted by that khaki linen-cotton, but I worry that 5-6oz is too light for pants and they'll end up feeling and looking weird. I have some Epaulet chinos in oxford cloth and while the weight is nice for summer, they can sometimes look girly because the fabric sticks to my skin instead of draping and keeping some shape like the same size pants in a heavier canvas will do.
I use the same measurement for barrel and French cuffs.
Luxire should do a trunk show in NYC. I would do whatever it takes to make the trip...
don't go swimming in your jeans, guys
I'm not faulting them; it's absolutely to their credit.But there is also no escaping the fact that I had been looking forward to those pants for almost two months.
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