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Skip the ticket pocket and get contrasting mother of pearl buttons and it won't look like an orphaned suit jacket.
I think my next order will be navy suede loafers; not sure on the sole yet. My ranger mocs are already my favorite casual shoes.
Can we air dissenting opinions allowed in this thread? Because I just cannot countenance camouflage pants and a suit jacket. Looks absurd man, sorry.
It feels a bit stiffer in terms of how it flexes when I walk but it's much more cushioning overall. It's springy but not squishy. Just awesome.
After a couple of days of wear, I have to say that the RLH sole makes for the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. It's otherworldly.
I'd go with the 10.5D.
FWIW, if these were made of a stiffer leather then I think I would be wishing I had gone with 9.5 instead of 9. You will be just fine if you didn't size down.
I was unsure on the stitching too and almost didn't do it, but I'm glad I did. The sole is awesome - perfect combination of structure and comfort and miles ahead of my other crepe soles.
Got mine today. #8 CXL, honey RLH sole, baseball stitching. Rounded down my size to 9D and they fit like a glove.
After wanting it forever but never pulling the trigger, I finally received the navy pindot tie as a gift today and it's instantly one of the highlights of my tie collection. Beautiful silk that knots up perfectly and drapes well.
New Posts  All Forums: