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Is it safe to assume that the fall fabric set includes flannels? How about solid worsteds in the neighborhood of like 340 grams (as opposed to the current offerings that max out at 280)?
I just submitted this question in the online forum, but due to this email issue, I'll just ask it here and all can see the answer. What varieties of rough-out leather do you have available? I'm interested in a pair of the five-eyelet boots for fall but I might want something a little more rugged/substantial than regular suede. I really like the look of these peanut rough-out ranger mocs that Epaulet has offered, but I don't really want that exact peanut color.
Ordered an OCBD in the sky blue summer oxford this afternoon. These look like a really solid value.
Excellent. That is the exact make-up I have been planning on getting...glad to know what they'll look like. The snuff suede looks lighter there than I have seen it in some pictures.
My CXL Ranger Mocs have stretched a little in length since I started putting spring-loaded shoe trees in them between wears. Until then, they had only stretched a bit in width from actual wear.
Skip the ticket pocket and get contrasting mother of pearl buttons and it won't look like an orphaned suit jacket.
I think my next order will be navy suede loafers; not sure on the sole yet. My ranger mocs are already my favorite casual shoes.
Can we air dissenting opinions allowed in this thread? Because I just cannot countenance camouflage pants and a suit jacket. Looks absurd man, sorry.
It feels a bit stiffer in terms of how it flexes when I walk but it's much more cushioning overall. It's springy but not squishy. Just awesome.
After a couple of days of wear, I have to say that the RLH sole makes for the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. It's otherworldly.
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