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For some reason I bought one of these a while back. For $20 it is quite nice (surely better than $20 is going to get you at any other store), but it is not a nice tie in any absolute sense. The construction seems good but the silk is cheap and ugly.
Just ordered 3c: 3 x 32L 10 x 24L
Wow, that is outstanding.
Can anyone recommend the best thrift stores in the Northern Virginia or DC? I haven't gone thrifting since I moved here.
Good looking suit, man. Hard to do much better than that for the money.
I just got a tan 258 from Crane's. I really can't recommend them enough. I placed the order on Wednesday night, got a tracking number on Thursday, and received the bag today. That's Amazon-levels of fast. Beautiful bag.
Yeah basically what I'm looking for is an idea of what that "sheen" looks like in daylight or something. I think navy sharkskin is probably what I want, just want to make sure.
Wow. I bought #20. Put me down on the waiting list for #15 and #17 when there is a restock. These ties look amazing.
Does anyone have a close-up picture of one of the sharkskin fabrics? Or the navy mohair? I want my next suit to be a navy work suit, but I'm not sure if I want sharkskin, mohair, or the lightweight flannel.
I bought a Hickey suit on Gilt for $500 a month or two ago and am very happy with it. Great fit, great fabric. My only complaint was that the 7" drop meant I had to get the trousers let out a little. Otherwise it didn't need any alterations. I would buy another one at that price without hesitating.
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