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The other thing is that this will be my new staple charcoal suit and needs to be able to do CBD duty, so I'm not looking for some super-soft, curvy Italian number - just trying to avoid the boxiness I see in some of these default options.
That is good to know. I usually consider myself a very slim 40R but the jackets I'm bringing are unsized/untagged so I will insist that I wear a 38R.
Perhaps against my better judgment given some of the pictures and feedback in this thread, I'm making the trip to EA today for a fitting. I've typed up a pretty long list of specifications, with references to the Tom James website where possible (e.g. "Super J Press" shoulder, high gorge lapel, open quarters, high armscye, rolled instead of creased lapels, etc.) and plan on wearing my best-fitting trousers and bringing a couple of jackets to give examples as to what I want...
Is this jacket canvassed?
I style my hair in a side part and have tried all kinds of fancy modern pomades. The best product by far for nailing the look has been old school Brylcreem. It's a great product and the only thing that actually keeps my hair looking neat all day. American Crew et. al. dry out after a few hours and my hair poofs out. I have had no issues getting it out of my hair in the shower either.
Great jacket. Sadly the sleeves are too short for me otherwise I'd be all over it.
I would also appreciate some explanation/examples of the pick stitching options.
I would love to see this classic gingham in some more colors (red, purple, etc.): http://luxire.com/collections/dress-shirts/products/blue-white-gingham
Received my shirt this morning from FedEx.I have to say that I am blown away at the quality, speed, and service at this price point. I wanted a casual OCBD so I coped the measurements off an Epaulet chambray BD shirt. I even copied the collar measurements and linked them to a photo of what I wanted (since the Epaulet BD collars are amazing). They said they could replicate it and suggested that the regular (as opposed to summer) oxford fabric would be better, to which I...
If you find that an accurately cut Kent Wang polo in your proper size is not slim enough, you need to reconsider how you want your clothes to fit rather than post a whiny missive on a message board.
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