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I got a tub of D.R. Harris Arlington the other day that I quite like. It probably won't dethrone Nancy Boy though.
I got my second shirt today and am just as impressed as I was with the first one.
I dig this shirt.
I'm in for 25ml.
In for 10ml
I just got back from my trip to EA and I'd have to say that I had a positive experience and I'm quite confident I'm going to be happy with the finished product. True to what I expected based on this thread, he was opinionated about certain things, but I came prepared with a detailed list of what I wanted and stood my ground. It helped that I wore a well-tailored suit and was conversant in its measurements - especially so for things like fitting the trousers. He only...
It refers to the cutaway from the last buttonhole to the bottom of the jacket. Look at the way the Chan jacket had a nice curve from the buttonhole down whereas the EA has more of a rounded corner.For the record, I think HEPennypacker's jacket looks quite good other than the quarters.
Exactly the same here. The color in that real-life photo is beautiful, although the color temperature looks a little hot and that may explain it.
The other thing is that this will be my new staple charcoal suit and needs to be able to do CBD duty, so I'm not looking for some super-soft, curvy Italian number - just trying to avoid the boxiness I see in some of these default options.
That is good to know. I usually consider myself a very slim 40R but the jackets I'm bringing are unsized/untagged so I will insist that I wear a 38R.
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