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not sure how to say this nicely so I'm just gonna say it: the blazers that are being teased on Instagram are a mess
Man, I really need to send in a jacket to get my pattern worked out with a cheap fabric. The high-end fabric options just keep getting better and better. What would a jacket cost in this fabric? http://luxire.com/products/luxire-yorkshire-tweed-loden-green
Is "selvedge duck" or "selvedge twill" (or any other non-denim selvedge) special in the same way that selvedge denim is - cloth where the selvedge is used/visible because it's woven on old looms that weave narrower-than-usual lengths of cloth - or is it just a normal cloth with a selvedge added and made visible for aesthetic reasons? The "selvedge" part of selvedge denim, to me, is incidental to the quality of the cloth. I think it's goofy that people have come to focus...
Yeah, I'm a little puzzled by those recommendations. I'm in the middle of this process right now and the recommendations I got were, in my opinion, very solid. I have some concerns about whether the trousers will lie cleanly in back - the trial trousers fit me in the waist but were skin-tight in seat, crotch, and thigh and clingy in the knee and it's been noted many times in here that Kent Wang trousers tend to have issues in the back of the thigh - but I think the...
-4cm on the length combined with lowering the buttoning point 1.5cm seems off to me. I wouldn't shorten that jacket more than 2cm unless you really want the trendy short jacket look. Buttoning point looks pretty good as is. Maybe a hair lower. -2.5cm on the waist also seems like a lot. Maybe a little less out of the waist and then reduce the back of the chest to get rid of some of that extra fabric?
my jaw literally dropped when I opened the email and saw that Thedi jacket; one of the best items Epaulet has ever offered if only I could afford it...
Lawless is still basically vaporware at this point. I think I can count on one hand the pairs of their jeans I've seen photographed online, and I spent a fair amount of time yesterday trying to find them.It is far from clear that they are a viable business in the long-term.
I would argue that he is effectively ripping people off by taking their money while not honoring the return policies stated on his website. A purchase from Howard Yount at this point should be considered final sale, but it is not disclosed as such to the customer. As I said before, that is unethical. I know he has a history with StyleForum and the products are great so people are inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt, but this has been going on for some time now...
I love what I have from HY - the price/quality ratio is unparalleled in RTW trousers - but it is unethical for him to continue business in this manner so even though I am in need of a new pair of trousers, I will not order them here. It's a shame.
Frankly I'm not sure it all adds up. I guess they must be well-funded and can afford to lose money while they build the brand?But for $47.50 after shipping I'll roll the dice.
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