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The Sperry Gold Cup line looks clearly inferior in quality to the Gustin offering, IMO, and does not appear to be from the same source
boat shoes look good hope they do some other handsewns; I'd love a natural CXL penny loafer
If I was going to spring for shell, I'd want to pair it with one of the Reltex soles for something a bit nicer. They are incredibly comfortable and long-wearing. Today I sent my four-year old #8 CXL + Reltex crepe sole ranger mocs back for refurbishment. They've easily seen more wear than any other shoes I've ever owned and I probably could have squeezed another spring/summer out of them if I really wanted to. I'm trying the Reltex Shaker sole this time. Can't wait to see...
COTA/USGP has always been an insane business proposition; if you don't have an existing circuit that is already or nearly modernized, leave it to the petrostates the economics of hosting races are untenable these days
I think there is probably a big difference between "supple for a shoe or belt" and "supple for a jacket."Think about the difference between a 10-12oz fabric being made up as a pair of pants versus a shirt.
yeah the leather jacket looks great
If they're going to derive the faster lap times in 2017 from increasing downforce, they'd better come up with a solution for allowing Pirelli sufficient testing to develop tires that don't wear out immediately in dirty air.
blow dry with brush -> apply product -> style -> hair spray
Yes. Uniqlo used to be my go-to but Gustin's t-shirts are much better. The 5oz fabric Gustin uses is probably comparable in weight to Uniqlo, but it is softer and drapes better.
I picked up the ring-ring Wilshires last month and they're the best-fitting and most comfortable selvedge denim jeans I've ever owned. Totally understand the decision to discontinue them, but man does Epaulet deserve some credit for such a spectacular product.
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