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If I was going to spring for shell, I'd want to pair it with one of the Reltex soles for something a bit nicer. They are incredibly comfortable and long-wearing. Today I sent my four-year old #8 CXL + Reltex crepe sole ranger mocs back for refurbishment. They've easily seen more wear than any other shoes I've ever owned and I probably could have squeezed another spring/summer out of them if I really wanted to. I'm trying the Reltex Shaker sole this time. Can't wait to see...
COTA/USGP has always been an insane business proposition; if you don't have an existing circuit that is already or nearly modernized, leave it to the petrostates the economics of hosting races are untenable these days
I think there is probably a big difference between "supple for a shoe or belt" and "supple for a jacket."Think about the difference between a 10-12oz fabric being made up as a pair of pants versus a shirt.
yeah the leather jacket looks great
If they're going to derive the faster lap times in 2017 from increasing downforce, they'd better come up with a solution for allowing Pirelli sufficient testing to develop tires that don't wear out immediately in dirty air.
blow dry with brush -> apply product -> style -> hair spray
Yes. Uniqlo used to be my go-to but Gustin's t-shirts are much better. The 5oz fabric Gustin uses is probably comparable in weight to Uniqlo, but it is softer and drapes better.
I picked up the ring-ring Wilshires last month and they're the best-fitting and most comfortable selvedge denim jeans I've ever owned. Totally understand the decision to discontinue them, but man does Epaulet deserve some credit for such a spectacular product.
I decided to go with the dark blue & navy check windowpane. My heart wanted the blue melange with crimson & white windowpane but the former is pretty damn close to the jacket I've been picturing in my head for a while now, and will be easier to wear to work. I assume we will be contacted about providing our size? I would also second the suggestion that these be quarter-lined.
Great fabrics. I see they are mostly listed as fall/winter. I'm interested in something I can wear year-round, which will depend more on texture than fabric weight. I'm debating between the "Dark blue & navy check with brown windowpane" and "Blue melange with crimson & white windowpane." What's the texture like on these? Are they too wool-y to wear in the spring/summer?
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