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Grabbed a pair of the Garand trousers in the indigo sea canvas, the ring-ring denim, and one of those reversible Reigning Champ hoodies from the sale section. Pumped because I'd seriously considered all of them at full price. Are the Garand trousers being discontinued?
I seriously considered making the trip this year; glad I didn't.
Wow, those Indy boots are fantastic.
If they were racing on some purpose-built-but-still boring Tilkedrome on the outskirts of Moscow or St. Petersburg or whatever, I honestly wouldn't find it nearly as off-putting.
It's the politics combined with the dreadful track around a crumbling potemkin Olympic village, general lack of atmosphere, and the weird Putin presence apart from any larger geopolitical issues.
agree that the Russian GP is a very depressing event overall at least there was some action this year
Indeed. Wasn't the big problem with the Ferrari power unit in 2014 not that it was poorly designed but that they underestimated the performance target they needed to optimize it for? One gets the sense that if they were in Honda's shoes and had an extra year of information, they may have been on the pace right out of the gate.
Is anyone else confused by the Brisbane Moss canvas colors? The names and photos don't seem to match. It would be really nice to see a photo of the swatches next to the ostensible names, or a fabric code that would be more precise.
I really hope this Renault-Lotus deal goes through. I think Renault will figure things out with their engine and the sport needs as much car manufacturer involvement as it can get. It would be a shame to see them exit the sport entirely.
Is it worth it to spring for a natural bristle Kent brush over a nylon one like their Headhog model?
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