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I'm thinking about ordering a short-sleeve popover shirt but I'm unsure if I should modify my torso measurements. My Luxire dress shirts are fairly fitted (I'm a 38R and use 20.5" and 19" as my chest and waist measurements, respectively) and I'm wondering if a popover with those measurements will be difficult to put on. Any thoughts? I'm at work right now and can't really experiment with trying to put a partially buttoned shirt on...
yeah, their tantrums this season have been unseemly hopefully Renault buys Lotus and Audi buys Red Bull and the sport can move on
I got the "out of fabric" email too, and now they're trying really hard to get me to take store credit so I can buy an RTW pair from the collection that is "2-3 weeks" out. Ugh, at least just send me a pair of jeans to fulfill the order I placed even if it's RTW and a different fabric, rather than trying to clear my order out with some store credit. What is store credit even worth with the fluctuating prices and status of their operations?
Wow, that jacket is stunning.
yeah these are pretty killer
I tend to think that the current approach to tires is basically good, but the particular combination of tires and cars this year is not working well. It is a serious problem when racing causes them to fall off immediately. This didn't seem to be as much of an issue last year, for example. Remember Hamilton and Rosberg racing at Bahrain?
Toto Wolff was saying something about how it's much harder for the teams to track the position of the cars at Monaco than at other races because they don't get GPS data on the cars.
Go for the Dugdale wools that a little bit heavier and probably harder wearing than the VBC.
Basics are one thing, and they are what Gustin has done best, but the Filson briefcase is in extremely poor taste, in my opinion. I know apparel designs can't be copyrighted and all of that, but just because you can copy something so shamelessly doesn't mean you should.
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