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I think the light grey fresco looks perfect for workhorse grey trousers, especially summer ones
I received my Black Friday order today and the trousers - my first from Luxire, in the same Dugdale flannel posted above - with measurements taken from the Howard Yount American cut were a great success. Perfect fit and the only thing I will change in future orders is shortening the inseam half an inch. The G&R shirt is great too. This is my first brush with a high-end shirting and I already regret not ordering an extra with double cuffs and setting it aside for my...
Luxire's prices for nice English cloths are so good that I can't really imagine wanting to bother with CMT for a suit. Perhaps for an odd jacket since their options there consist primarily of tweeds (consider adding some year-round or spring-summer jacketing books, Luxire).
Thomas Mason makes a lot of different shirtings. It's not all one tier of quality. My guess is that Gustin used a substantially nicer fabric than J. Crew. Although I do agree that their price point for that particular run was a bit of a head-scratcher given that we didn't know what type of Thomas Mason fabric they were using.
From the second link, I love the new Sun and Moon designs. Lovely dial.
I very much regret not taking advantage of that shirt special.
The canvas trial jacket is a brilliant idea. It would be great to be able to order in a standard size, kind of like Kent Wang offers with his trial suits. I think I would prefer that to sending a jacket in for replication.
I thought he was pretty damn impressive this year in what was obviously a dog of a car, run by a team in turmoil.
It's going to be amusing if the Honda power unit doesn't pan out and McLaren is paying ungodly amounts of money to Alonso and Button to run in the middle of the pack. I expected them to go with a cheaper Magnussen in the second car as a hedge. Signing Button is an indication of confidence, anyway.
I find that wrinkles naturally come out of wool simply by hanging on proper hangers (clamping trouser hangers in particular) for a couple of days. I think fear of steam is probably overstated unless you're going at seams aggressively with a fabric steamer. That said, I've never found the shower trick to actually accomplish anything.
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