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buckleback jeans and denim waistcoats would be extreme niche items and I can't imagine Gustin being able to sell enough of them to justify the time/cost of development
When will we see some new chino fabrics? I am definitely looking forward to ordering another pair.
Yes, a slim-straight cut is what I want too.From the knee down, the Gustin slim is great for me. From the knee up, the Gustin straight is the best-fitting pair of jeans I've ever owned.
Pretty stupid meme. None of his suits are very flattering, but this one wasn't any worse than the rest. Doesn't Martin Greenfield make his suits?
Did the sizing advice work out for you? I'm a true US9D but I'm a little nervous about a UK7.5 as opposed to a UK8.I'm just going to clean them with AE conditioner/cleaner like I use on all of my calfskin shoes.
Oh man, have had my eye on those pebble grain chukkas for probably two months now so I finally pulled the trigger. Awesome.
When sending in a jacket to be measured/copied, is it possible to get it shipped back relatively quickly without having to wait for the full production process? I have long been interested in having a suit/jacket done but I wouldn't want to live without my best jacket for a month or multiple months. Perhaps an interim shirt order to pack it in with?
agree that that's the best Luxire jacket effort I've seen yet
Yeah a waxed canvas dopp kit simply isn't functional. It would get gross very easily,
I own a pair of straight fit jeans and a pair of slim fit jeans. I have proportionally big thighs, so the straights fit me better up top and the slims much better from the knee down. I ordered slim fit chinos, thinking the same thing as you - on paper they have more room in the thigh and yet a narrow leg opening... perfect! I'd say in practice they fit approximately the same as the slim fit jeans in the thigh and, on me, they are downright skinny from the knee down.I can...
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