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Seems to me that Lewis struggles with the new start procedure but has otherwise been in good form. I'm reluctant to go much further than that in constructing a narrative. I'd of course like Nico to beat him this year, though.
For the record, over the years I've had a couple shirts out of ~20 that were slightly off in a measurement or two - in particular, one shirt was about half an inch big in the torso and another was slightly big in the collar - but there's been no discernible "order creep" pattern and in both cases the variances were within my tolerances. I supply complete measurements for each shirt, but I do reference previous order numbers in the notes in order to specify the collar and...
I have a pair of chinos in Brisbane Moss canvas and it's great. Soft but rugged. It feels much nicer than your typical cheapo duck canvas that #menswear brands use (not that I don't like that stuff too) while maintaining some of the same properties.
Thanks for the suggestion, I was able to join.I'm attending a wedding in Italy later this year that will come at the end of a 10 day trip from Zurich down to Rome. Lug-soled split-toes should be perfect to do double duty as shoes to kick around in as a tourist while still looking good with a light grey suit at an outdoor wedding.
Of my dozen+ shirts, the only one that I've experienced any shrinkage with is a particularly gauzy and rumply casual cotton.Which, by the way, is a fantastic fabric and I'd love to see more like it, @luxire. The blue version is sold out.
Can't believe I missed the split-toe derby GMTO! Exact color and sole combo I'd been wanting.
The Sperry Gold Cup line looks clearly inferior in quality to the Gustin offering, IMO, and does not appear to be from the same source
boat shoes look good hope they do some other handsewns; I'd love a natural CXL penny loafer
If I was going to spring for shell, I'd want to pair it with one of the Reltex soles for something a bit nicer. They are incredibly comfortable and long-wearing. Today I sent my four-year old #8 CXL + Reltex crepe sole ranger mocs back for refurbishment. They've easily seen more wear than any other shoes I've ever owned and I probably could have squeezed another spring/summer out of them if I really wanted to. I'm trying the Reltex Shaker sole this time. Can't wait to see...
COTA/USGP has always been an insane business proposition; if you don't have an existing circuit that is already or nearly modernized, leave it to the petrostates the economics of hosting races are untenable these days
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