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Will they ever make shorts with an inseam less than 9+ inches? Will there ever be slim fit linen shirts? I'm not not sure who Uniqlo think they are selling to in the US.
Personally I think the F-Type is absolutely gorgeous and I lust after it like no other car currently in production.
I suspect what he's referring to is that Luxire attaches sleeves slightly rotated, so that the seams on the sleeves and the sides do not align like they do on, well, every other shirt I've ever owned. Luxire has explained that this is a superior method of construction because it reduces the tension on the side seams when you move your arms, helping the shirt stay tucked in and neat.I think it's probably true, although my Luxire shirts fit so much better than the rest of my...
I have no philosophical objection to turbocharging. However, after a few months of owning one of the new turbocharged Mustangs, I am very suspicious of supposed benefits for fuel economy. I have never had a hard time approximating the EPA ratings in NA cars with real-world driving, but I can't even come close with the Mustang.* It's doing a bit better than the V8 is rated at, but once you factor in that I'm running 93 octane gas to get the full power output and the V8...
I have this fabric too and I like it a lot. Very nice feel to it. I actually find it very easy to iron. It wrinkles a lot in the elbows and where it gets tucked in because it's so crisp, but I find that it stays looking very nice in the chest, which for me is what counts.I actually did not realize that there were more fabrics from the collection. I would definitely order more.
This looks awesome. I may try it on my next order.
the trouser attachment for my steamer does a serviceable job of setting a crease although, so does an iron with a pressing cloth
I just can't get into linen...give me a lightweight wool every time.
I think the light grey fresco looks perfect for workhorse grey trousers, especially summer ones
I received my Black Friday order today and the trousers - my first from Luxire, in the same Dugdale flannel posted above - with measurements taken from the Howard Yount American cut were a great success. Perfect fit and the only thing I will change in future orders is shortening the inseam half an inch. The G&R shirt is great too. This is my first brush with a high-end shirting and I already regret not ordering an extra with double cuffs and setting it aside for my...
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