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it's also insane that the big teams have an enormous amount of influence over the rulesof course the teams with windtunnels and infinite engineering and computational resources think the sport needs to be more aero-dependent!
My research indicated that general admission is essentially worthless in Canada because there are almost no views at all, and certainly no hills to sit on. I did indeed buy tickets in the hairpin.
I am very excited to be heading up to Montreal this weekend to attend my first race. Anybody been to the Canadian GP before?
It is fascinating to me that one of the most powerful and high-profile business execs in the world chooses to spend so much time hovering around F1 and stirring the political pot.Anyway, great race today. I was on the edge of my seat for the entire final stint.
The Brisbane Moss canvas is excellent.
I haven't had enough time with my Benjamin jacket to speak to the quality of the construction but the fabric is several tiers above anything I've handled from Suitsupply.
I nearly forgot to mention that I'm very pleased with the quality of the Benjamin tie I received with my jacket. It knots and drapes nicely and represents an excellent value.
I have a pair of desert duck canvas chinos from Epaulet and my experience has been that it's a shade that ought to go with everything but in practice is tough to wear, at least in my wardrobe.
Sure - the ones I'm thinking of specifically are by Corneliani, Caruso, and Suitsupply (the Napoli - the Lazio and Hudson, off the top of me head, fit me OTR).To be clear, I think I'm going to be perfectly happy with the altered jacket; I'm just saying that the chest was fuller than I'd prefer for a 38R, especially with such soft and close-fitting shoulders.
I don't have any previous Benjamin jackets to compare, but I would say that I found my new Bella Spalla to be much fuller in the chest than I expected from a 38R, to the point where it felt closer to a 40R. The fit in the shoulders is spot-on, though, so I don't think I could size down to a 36R. In fact the side seam alteration that my tailor is currently doing is actually at the limit of what he says he can do without having to do work on the armholes. I typically have...
New Posts  All Forums: