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100% silk. Lightly used. Smoke free home.
100% silk. Lightly used. Smoke free home.
+1 for most alterations.If you're just getting some basic alterations done it may by possible though. When I bought my suit there, just had basic hemming and waist take in on the pants, with no alterations to the jacket and they were able to do it in 1 hour.
I usually do with suits, but not sport coats. Never have a reason to use them on suits. I always open the breast pocket though.
Yes, my experience (14 1/2 x 32) is that it is MUCH slimmer than ludlow size S. I can't fit in the extra slim fit, but fits may be different with larger neck sizes.My ludlow fits similar to the BB slim fit in my size, both of which require slimming in the body and sleeves.
Agree with the others - not that slim so will require some tailoring. Don't think they're worth buying at full retail but on sale for $50 or less they're ok. I like the BB slim fit for around the same price. Kamakura has a good reputation on the board as well but I have no experience with them.
Fair enough, didn't see you meant Sienna.
+1. Just picked up a suit for $470 which, with tax and alterations, ended up being about $525 and a nicer suit than other's I've seen at that price point. It's not exactly fair to be calling these "$700 suits" if you're talking about a $470 suit with $230 of taxes and alterations (which are done in-house).
Listing updated with measurements.
Depends on the office of course, but I think it would be fine in all but the most conservative offices, unless you are considering something with an extreme pattern.
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