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Measurements please.
Plenty of quality restaurants in Montreal; check out Chowhound to learn the most up to date opinions. Montreal also has a public bike rental system just like Paris and London, but I'm not sure when the season kicks in. Be aware that snow may still be falling at Easter time. Enjoy, there is no other city in North America with Montreal's vibe.
Early wet snow here in NYC today; but wearing Ron Rider shell chukkas with rubber siestres soles got me through the morning errands and bagel run. Yes, they got wet and yes I will carefully dry them in their trees. Then add some Saphir Renovateur later or tomorrow.
I live in NYC and do the urban jungle commute and much sidewalking, a typical day puts about a mile on my feet. I wear high grade shoes of the type written and admired here. Here's what i do: 1) I have some MTO's specifically made with the weather in mind, so they are made with shell cordovan and dainite soles; or 2) have older shoes recrafted with dainite soles to have beaters 3) put sunken toe plates on to slow the toe wear 4) only buy shoe barnds that factory recraft...
I know you said no boots but I couldn't resist. Too bad, these Vass chocolate 3 eyelet boots were crafted about 1 size too big. Here are a couple more boots, a Rider # 8 balmoral boot and Carmina black on the Rain last
C&C Buttons 212 944-7331, 230 West 38th Street between 7th and 8th Aves. Not as extensive as Tender Buttons in esoterica, but all the basic horn colors and sizes at about half the price. C&C also has leather and wood buttons.
Yes, hard to find RTW, but sweet to get MTO. Here are my sleeker ones. My favorite is the EG Westwood in whiskey shell. Going on the first resole and still holding its form. Love it.
Thanks for the tip, ran up there mid-day and found a size 8 black leather w/ navy edge trim and thick navy cashmere lining waiting for me. As of 5PM only 3 pairs remained - all In tobacco suede in large sizes.
Don''t forget the coach position - "peacemaker" Jeff Van Gundy hanging on Zo 98 playoffs.
I'm 5'-8" and usually end up around 28.5" plus or minus a quarter inch. I take my time in the mirror and it usually requires two fittings for my tailor to get it right. For me I need to take into account the degree of waisting in the jacket and how my lower back and butt is silhouetted, and the trimness of the trousers at the thigh. It's all by eye for me, and I have taken the jacket back for tweaking after wearing it a while and noting the look from 20 feet away. It's...
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