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i sometimes think that's the main reason i cook period ... plays into my anti-social nature.
have we given up on TWSS?
you mean like a "pizza oven" pizza oven? of course you do. wow. i don't think i'd fire up the weber for two pizzas. but 4? maybe. not that big a deal. and it preheats a lot faster than my friend's pizza oven. i can get it up to 600-700 in about 45 minutes from lighting the coals.
briquets around the edges, open at the front, wood at the sides is what works best for me. here's a really good blog post that taught me a lot on it.
yeah, well, you do this for 30+ years, you learn a lot about yourself. I go through phases ... i had a whole cabinet full of jams at one point and then i realized we hadn't eaten jam in a year. oh well. i'm approaching the column as an affordable alternative to a dedicated pizza oven and i'm satisfied that it does that. i cooked on a friend's backyard oven just to see ... it's definitely better, but i just can't justify the cost or the space. and it's not THAT much better....
i tend to get all enthusiastic about these things when i'm trying to figure them out and then sometimes i just kind of forget about them afterward. don't know h ow this one will go yet. it's fun to learn, and the pizza is really really good. not sure how practical doing dinner parties with pizzas are ... you'd have to do repeated bakes and you really do have to stay on top of it (turn every couple minutes ... 5 minute bake total). that's not how i generally entertain, but...
uh ed, i'm not sure i want to know what you're doing with that heat ... computer-automated humbler? you want a hot fire and quick bake for pizza. the trick to getting that with a weber is a pizza stone underneath for baking, and quarry tile/pizza steel/whatever you've got for on top. and then you make a big u-shaped fire with charcoal (briquettes, not chunk ... burns longer) and add a couple pieces of whole wood at the end. it'll take a while to eat up ... maybe 30 minutes...
there's a bit of a learning curve -- mainly getting the fire right. but i'm at the point where i can get it to hold 600-700 degrees for 45 minutes or so.
yes, the super-rica/los agaves rivalry is an old one. i like both. but los agaves tends to do a pretty standard socal taqueria menu (especially great if you don't get that every day), while super-rica has dishes you don't see very often, done very well. i usually go to super-rica, but am very happy los agaves is there when i'm in sb on wednesdays (super-rica's day off).
I've been playing with a kettle pizza attachment for the weber. finally getting it down. this is a 4 1/2-minute bake.
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