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coming in late (again), but that game 7 was a classic. it had everything -- two incredibly evenly matched teams, great plays, chess match strategically -- but in the end the thing that impressed me the most was how damned classy the spurs were even losing a close, emotional game. Pop and Duncan are everything that is good about the NBA.
people always say that about nba coaches, because what nba coaches do is so hard to quantify. as a clips fan, i'd say pop is a big part of what has kept the spurs in the game, even when they haven't played well. his roster rotations force the clips to make moves they wouldn't rather make. and his hack-a-jordan in game 4 was, i thought, the biggest single factor in the game. the clips had been running with the home crowd behind them and he killed both of those.
hey, how would you feel if you were watching a guy you pay $10 million a year shoot 40% from the free throw line?
i've got that bag with a bright orange lining. love it.
yeah, a good friend had one. nice piece of sculpture, but utterly impractical. takes up a lot of space for something that only seats one person. and getting in and out of it with any kind of grace is difficult. of course, he was an architect.
lean fish like bass, i'm a big fan of gentle, off-heat cooking. oil poaching, covering with hot stock and letting it sit. the texture comes out great.
clips-spurs has been an interesting series. really hard-fought if not particularly well-played. lot of it is good defense, but a lot of it is just seeing who is going to FU the least. look at it this way -- the clips are one of the leading three-point shooting teams in the league and they're shooting under 30% (and worse than that if you exclude a hot game 1). And they're still tied with the defending champs, going home. anything could happen (which is not the way i was...
big question for me: if the spurs take the series, as appears fairly certain, at least this morning, can they advance past houston? i'm thinking not.successful as they've been, this feels like the last gasp of a great group. but i would be happy to be proved wrong.
up two, with the ball and less than a minute left in game 2, blake fumbles. with the ball in the hole with 4.9 seconds left in game 5, dj brain-farts (i think he was overanxious to make up for all the missed free throws). except for those two plays, you could argue that the clips would have won the series 4-1. but as my old football coach used ti say: if ifs and buts were candy and nuts we'd all have a merry christmas. props to the spurs for hanging on in a tough series...
i don't worry too much about stains. in the food world, we call that "patina".
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