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it was my impression that that was simply the difference between an american and a japanese measuring system. neither is "wrong". just meters and yards.
i agree with manton. the low stones are to correct abuses. after they've been corrected, as long as you treat your knives respectfully, you shouldn't need them again. i'm not as down on microserrations as some. i find they're pretty handy as long as you use a slicing motion when you cut rather than a simple up-down.
uh oh. i really like two chairs that Foo likes!
i know i should. but just like in LA ... i'm at the point where i've eaten at enough new restaurants. i want to go someplace that i'm pretty sure will make me happy. #olddog
loved felidia. a classic restaurant. stopped in for a drink and ended up having a terrific dinner. perfect service.
i didn't take a lot of pictures. but here's what i've got.miniature gougeres (my jokey plating to send to TK)beet-marinated hamachi with a kishu mandarin rolled in japanese spiced peppersweetbreadsroasted turbot tablesideTRUFFLES and potato gnocchiguinea hen demi-dueil carved table sidebirthday boy!
pisces. was a week or so ago. great trip to nyc. nice little town you got there. great meals at felidia, otto and casa mono and, of course, per se.
epic 5 1/2 hour lunch. and i was touched that he showed up. he'd said he wouldn't be in town.
edina, you may be at your best when you are at your most cryptic; one can attach any meaning one chooses.
belated birthday pic. one of my best meals ever. with God, and the guy who cooked it.
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