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f*cking Alain Passard. That guy is a genius.
true story: once made pizza for george burns and jimmy stewart.
one of my favorite berkeley stories: back in the day (way back), i had just eaten at spago for the first time and had seen all these stars. I was a friend about it who had been a waiter at chez panisse. I asked him what it was like when someone really huge walked into the restaurant, a george burns or a jimmy stewart, say. he stopped for a moment and then said: I don't remember that ever happening, but I will tell you the entire restaurant almost closed the night klaus...
i love the way the dubs play, too. but i wonder if they have the big guy necessary to win it all. they've certainly been riding a hot streak, but memphis showed some holes. i'm afraid they might turn out to be a phoenix or a sacramento -- really great teams to watch, stacked with talent, but lacking that rim presence that can carry you through to the championship.
what do you mean? he got brian cook and luke walton! seriously, it was a superstar draft, but the lakers had a great record and there wasn't that much left by the time they picked. a few retrospective picks -- who knew josh howard would end up being a player, or steve blake, or barbosa -- but nothing that really leapt out at you. at least he didn't trade kobe for rights to dark milichhe's a really fascinating guy. one of the more complicated characters i've ever been...
yes, but setting up a decade of highly entertaining divac-o'neal face-offs!
yup. they drafted magic with a choice they'd gotten from new orleans in compensation for gail goodrich.to get kobe, they traded vlade divac
don't want to extend this argument any further, but in fact, lakers had a 53-29 record the year before the traded for kobe rights and they had a winning record before signing shaq as a free agent. the spurs had the third-worst record after injuries to robinson and sean elliot.
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