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clippers baby, clippers. (can anyone show me how to embed a gif without an embed code?)
so the lakers just "won" carlos boozer. which gives them 3 starters with a total age of 107 years.
and he tore his left ACL sitting on a stool.
you need more game. if you'd had each of those things pureed, set with gel, slow-dried and then cut into a paisley shape and plated with a skidmark of sauce, then that would be worth posting. (seriously, sounds absolutely delicious and frighteningly normal).
$2 billion will get you a lot of shopping companions. even if you have to split it with the missus (and, now, a small army of lawyers)
sacre. but you had to think about it, right? oh how hte mighty have fallen. Mikan, Jabbar, Shaq, Gasol, Howard even Bynum ...Sacre? this year's james edwards
i liked "rose" a lot more than "foucalt" ... but that's just me. I have a friend (american) who took eco's semiotics class in bologna ... in italian. amazing.
how the mighty have fallen. ran into the starting lakers center at lunch today at the Grand Central Market. Trivia question: Can you name him?
i think this weekend i officially became a clippers fan. not because the lakers are likely to be worse next year than last (hard as that may be to believe). I've stuck with them since Showtime, with some really bad seasons. But because they don't seem to have a clue what's happening. Letting Gasol go without even getting a draft pick for him is just the last straw. It's like we're in some reverse universe where the Clips have this really great, charismatic coach, terrific...
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