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offbeat recommendation -- try the nick adams short stories. a lot of the time i think that minimalist style works best in a minimalist format.
really liked this book, too, and, yeah, deja vu all over again.
can't tell if serious. i'm not a huge fan of foie gras, but the anti-fg campaign was one of the worst i've seen. full of disinformation and scare tactics. to everyone who asked "how would you like to have a pipe shoved down your throat?" I'd like to ask: "how would you like to swallow fish whole? how would you like to fly a thousand miles without eating? "
i had that happen with a couple of pairs that i bought on eBay. fortunately, buyers responded immediately. i have read that there was a new formulation for the soles that did not wear as they had hoped. i've bought a couple pairs new since then and have not had that problem.
not sure whatnot sure what you were doing to them. i've got all-clad that's older than white/asian and it's still going strong. a bit expensive (not compared to shoes), but will last a lifetime.
don't mind the graying. the vanishing i'm not quite so comfortable with (actually, serious talk: never bothered me, but it's fun to joke about).
I'm with L'Inc. let's have a little empathy for the follicly challenged.
there's a funny syndrome when a design is so great it becomes ubiquitous, thereby making it not so great. noguchi coffee tables, barcelona chairs, eames loungers.
You want to know my hair care regimen? washcloth. F*ck you youngsters and your hairy heads. real men keep it all on their backs.
because he looks like a god.
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