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that bollito misto looks great.
condoms? heh-heh. love braised squid.
i'm old and about to die any way. you kids can work it out.
i had nothing. sorry.there's more than one skinny guy in plaid in downtown la?
transformed, food wise. jeremy fox is the real deal. everything i've had has been terrific ... very different if you're expecting burgers, though.
Good. we've decided he's taking them to Factory Kitchen. Must-order: Mandilli, focaccia di recco (they call it something slightly different), porchetta. drink barbera. have fun.
this isn't 1995 man. get current.sheesh. kids.anyplace with an outdoor patio (not gjelina-like, because that's more of a courtyard).
real gazpacho. great stuff. bread-thickened. silky, really pure tomato flavor. minimal garnishes. then get some chorizo. a couple bread-smearyy things. baba ganouj, butterscotch pudding served in a jar. that'll even get edina laid.
you mean besides the 38 waist?haven't eaten there enough to like it. i think it's the kind of place that has to grow on you. but a lot of my friends who are really good cooks love it, so ... but that is a good suggestion for OP if they're looking mid-Wilshire.SVB, have you been to maccheroni republic? i actually thought i saw you standing in line at guisados the other day.
without knowing your parents or other parameters -- geography, cost, etc -- i'd probably rule out scarpetta (too bh), superba (too hipster), tasting kitchen (ditto) Gjelina (ditto), Bucato (ditto) and baco (not really italian and kind of crowded and noisy for a family dinner). if it was my choice, I'd probably (again, depending on geography) go for angelini (great food, but kind of small), Alimento (haven't been yet, but steve's a goodcook) and would probably end up at...
New Posts  All Forums: