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jeez edina. you steam a fish. you cover it with pea sprouts. that so hard? anyway.
i like to add them to chinese steamed fish just before it's done.
And this is why they call him Swaggy. Is this six eyes?
i'm really divided on it. and no, i wasn't arguing that they woulda shoulda won except for the stinkin' refs. it was an honest question. as it is, i hate when the game comes to a complete stop so the refs can try to decide if the ball actually touched a player's fingertips. but i really think that if they're not going to provide some mechanism for remediation, they should probably just forget about announcing they made a mistake. it's bad enough when they downgrade...
the whole blaming the ref thing is pointless. until it isn't. how do you all feel about the NBA's new policy of announcing when they've blown a call? there were two of them this weekend -- CP3 getting rammed and losing the ball out of bounds (down 2, with the ball, instead of a chance to tie, giving GS a chance to ice), and the Dwight Howard call when he was tackled while going for a rebound, but got called, giving the Blazers a couple key free throws. in both cases, the...
don't disagree with any of this. i was talking about potential. and, if someone has the google-fu to do it, i think you'll find that i was saying the same thing before the season began when they started picking up those players.
i thought that was the key last night. they came out really aggressive on the doubles, rotated well on the switches and GS was just thrown completely out of their offense. curry, who is about as good a pure jumpshooter as i can remember, was 1-7 in the first half. how many TOs in that first half?and their bench, if its in shape and on, may be the deepest in the league -- crawford, collison, granger, dudley, turkoglu and, yes, big baby. that's a helluva lineup.
that was my reaction when i first read him years ago. i really liked "brown dog" though.
New Posts  All Forums: