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I've been lurking on this thread and enjoying most of it -- even though the chances of me shelling out $3,500 for a suit are somewhere between slim and slimmer. But one thing occurs to me about this recent turn the thread has taken -- the distrust of vendors, the quest for what is correct -- seems to me to reflect a very deep (and i'm afraid, very typical for SF) lack of self-confidence. there seems to be a fear of being taken advantage of by bad advice, and also of doing...
no doubt, on paper they have a great bench. crawford, farmar, hawes, turkoglu, i've liked a lot of what i've seen of reggie bullock, and even big baby is a good role-player (but lord he is bigger). there's some really good pieces there. if only they can get back to making a whole (and, yes, i think they're really appreciating collison now).
bench is mainly inconsistent. last game, they were the ones that pulled it out. but they were sure nowhere to be seen against miami. farmar's always been talented but he's never been able to run an offense. here's hoping a little cp3 rubs off on him.
also, god i love sand dabs. and had some awesome petrale last night. weird that you rarely see those things at market anymore.
actually, i've eaten at the aquarium a couple times and it was surprisingly good. cindy pawlcyn is running it now. both times i ate were for events, which are not necessarily a good indicator, but she's a really good pro from way back.
that plunge outside of Fort Ross! good god. for a while ms foodguy insisted that i take the 101 rather than the 1. I can do big sur no sweat, but that one huge hill is truly frightening.farmstands, yes. but i'm talking about the restaurants -- those places selling deep-fried artichokes, mainly.monterey is by and large not a great eating town. there are fresh sardines a couple places on fisherman's wharf, but they're not particularly well prepared. other places are kind of...
i think it was my inspiring half-time speech.
Thanks Gomey!I love Castroville. a little slice of old california ag that is blessedly outside the central valley. they have an arch over highway one proclaiming it the artichoke center of the world and are very proud of the fact that marilyn monroe was once the artichoke queen. there is a giant artichoke sculpture. unfortunately, most of the restaurants serve frozen artichokes, which, i guess, tells you something very true about big ag in general. i once rented a beach...
those things are put together by bored sportswriters. they have about as much grounding in reality as me debating the pros and cons of which supermodel will become the next ms. foodguy.
no doubt things would have been a lot different if either of their gambles had paid off. but the thing jerry buss always did so well was protect the downside. it's a shame (maybe worse) when the gamble for cp3 didn't pay off; it's a shame when they handled the dwight howard situation so badly; it's a shame that they never got even a couple solid games out of nash. any of those by themselves would have been a gamble that didn't pay; when you lump all four of them (plus...
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