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are you an engineer? not being snarky. it's just that you're asking for an objective basis to explain a subjective analysis. good food is an emotional response, totally irrational. you can look at books to direct you to places that others agree are good (much better than yelp, imho). you can look at blogs and pictures to get a better aesthetic appreciation of presentation (hell, just pay attention to what mgm is doing here).beyond my simple recommendation earlier, i'd say...
as in all things, taste is something you acquire only by experience, not by book study. eat, pay attention. that's basically it.
gorgeous. you're really killing it. naturalistic but still well composed.
not meaningless, but only coincidentally related to quality, if ever. they're for people who are concerned about how their food is raised.
looks perfect piob
nah. no can play.
you lost me at "watching the Food Network".
ALWAYS pre-season. but the room temp isn't important (check out kenji's stuff on Serious Eats). In fact, i put it on a paper towel in the fridge and turn it a couple of times. that does a great job of drying the surface so you get a nice crust.
actually that's what we had for dinner monday night. simplest pasta ever: spaghetti, garden tomatoes, basil, olive oil and garlic. the secret is macerating the tomatoes, garlic and salt for 10 minutes while the pasta is cooking, to draw out the tomato juices.
actually, that is one of the first recipes i ever remember cooking from a cookbook. But it was from an old book callled "Romagnoli's Table" i believe that's even pre-marcella (it is, just double-checked and it was published in 1975 and Marcella I was published in 1976). and they called it aglio-oglio. my wife still loves the smell of olive oil warming with garlic in it.
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