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i've only seen the massimo bottura episode so far and loved it. i'm a huge fan of the guy, even though i'd probably hate his food. i've talked to him a couple of times and he is like this weird eccentric genius who just sees the world a different way.
it's summer. it's time for smoked chicken on the rotisserie.
paul pierce to the clippers? and i was really starting to like that team.
actually, it might be surprising, but they are very, very close. probably the one player in the last 10 years that kobe has really bonded with.
not to join the dumping on the party, but i really do prefer pendants in the dining room, so you can get decent illumination on the table without lighting up the whole room. just my very well-fed two bits.
BRING BACK MARVIN BARNES! from his wiki entry "His nickname, "Bad News," came from his frequent off-court problems, which began when he was a senior at Central High School.[2] He was part of a gang that attempted to rob a bus. He was quickly identified as he was wearing his state championship jacket with his name embroidered on it."
and now they're going after demarcus cousins. i hope they get rondo, too. should be very entertaining.
i feel like i hardly know you.
and then you're consorting with postal workers.
I have been distanced from the lakes since they kicked jackson to the curb and went butt-up to try to get dwight howard to stay. I have to say, though, that if they actually do sign rondo, our relationship will finally be officially splitsville. there is no coming back from that. dwade would be pretty bad, butler pretty good, would love to see aldridge. but rondo?
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