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wait, you had an apple II when you were a kid? I thought you were a grown man? I rolled old school: strat-o-matic baseball and vince lombardi football (dice games). i did have a basketball game, too, but i don't remember when one. didn't work terribly well. the beauty of basketball is not in percentages (paraphrasing jr smith).
see, you just don't understand statistics. because the stats determine whether the shot will go in or not, not whether they did...
you won't be able to begin to tell whether the triangle is working or not until January at the earliest. it's hellishly complicated to run right, where almost every player has 2 or 3 options to read and react and the other 4 players have to feel the offense enough to be able to read or react to what they're doing. when it's run well (which even the lakers did only sporadically), it's almost indefensible. it's kind of like when oklahoma introduced the wishbone option ......
i was impressed with oklahoma city last night. they really hung tight and played solid defense all through, despite having 8 guys on the roster. clippers, on the other hand, look like they're feeling the expectations. they played tight and hesitant. didn't seem to be having fun. they've got their first 7 games at home, so maybe that'll improve. riddick and barnes are stone-cold.
seriously? how would you feel if you were going to spend the last two years of your career surrounded by Wesley Johnson and Robert Sacre?
they've switched to "clippers, baby, clippers"
don't underestimate the knicks. any team with phil jackson involved is going to contend eventually.
the lakers were never contenders this year. but i think that took what could have been a 35-win season to a 25-win season. or worse. i don't remember a team being this snakebit. dating from the chris paul fiasco, it's been straight off a cliff. thanks jimmy buss.
that's a VERY safe bet. it's really, really difficult for anybody to repeat ... not only do you have to have a great team that stays healthy and continues to play together, but you also have to get a certain number of those bounces that turn games around. Two years in a row is wild. Three years in a row is ... well, laker territory
actually, i think the worthy comparison is pretty good. very solid defensive player who could bring it offensively when he was called on -- which wasn't very often (playing with magic and kareem). could worthy have carried a team if he needed to? it's possible, just as it's possible leonard will step up if necessary, either by going to a lesser team or by the aging out of duncan and parker.
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