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watched the last quarter of that Laker game. there are some games you're just going to win no matter what. this looked like one of those. They collapsed twice and hung on only with miracle baskets. their pgs were beyond useless (did you see how they reacted to the press? like high school kids), and there was little to no ball movement. dribble the clock out, throw up a prayer and hope. sometimes that works. at least they didn't lose 10 in a row. nice to hear Pau got a warm...
bind with egg white. or pureed shrimp or scallop.
either that or "that's the last time russy gets all the french fries on our room service order!"
yes, but did you see the way he looked at him that one time on the bench? i've got it right here on instant replay.
you're perfectly right. but when a waiter gets in the weeds, "reasonable" goes out the window.
late to this. restaurant attitudes toward dine la are not uniform, of course, but there is a prevalent one of "we're deep in the weeds because of the crowd and we're never going to see most of these cheapskates again". which may or may not be factual.
this. when the triangle is run right, there is alwaysthe opportunity for a slasher and a back-side cut. the problem with the triangle is that it requires players to move constantly and to think on their feet. this is harder than it sounds, apparently. the benefit of a pnr offense is that it's essentially a 2 or 3 man game that everyone has grown up playing since high school. it doesn't need to be taught and it doesn't need discipline. plus, lots of break time.
I like that Luxire jacket, but I'm not finding anything like it on their website. deets?
seniority is only part of it. the guy with the rock makes the decisions ultimately. and when he's a future HOF player, he can run the show. Actually, Nash and kobe worked together quite well. of course, they were two guys who'd already established their legacies, not someone who was still working on it.
New Posts  All Forums: