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we'll try to keep it quiet. but i'm glad.paula wolfert recommends someplace called .... wait for it ... tagines.com. you knew there had to be one, right?
don't know the particulars of lib-sanity, but on principle I would point out the difference between being grateful and feeling anointed. I think the first is appropriate, where the other is obnoxious, no matter what deity you choose.
but there's a difference. "lucky" signifies that you are an accident of nature; "blessed" signifies that God has deemed you special enough for rewards. spoken as a veteran of many athletic/christianity wars back in the 70s and 80s. can't tell you how many times a high school athlete told me he'd been chosen by god for his talent. always wanted to tell him to check back in 4 years when he was pumping gas at the Shallowater chevron.
it could save a bit of time in those quantities. but figure it's going to take 5-7 minutes to get a good sear on them, i'm not sure the time savings would be commensurate with the hassle. plus, sous-videing meat can give it a weird texture, if the cooking time is at all extended (enzymatic action within certain temperature parameters makes the meat rubbery). i'd try one and see, cooked against one normal.
i think that's overthinking it. flank steak will cook in 10 minutes without sous-vide. use a very high heat, flip 3X to get even hit distribution (if you rotate the steak each time, you'll also get those cool hashmarks). if you want it to be tender (and of course you do), slice it thinly across the grain and on a bias so you get nice wide slices. just did it last weekend and it's a great cut of meat.
hill always reminded me of a carl landry-type ... decent physical talent but an endless motor. one of the first over-achievers on the laker team i can remember in quite some time.
oysters with cucumber granita is very much a thing. personally, i like my oysters plain. but i'm a plebe.
and i loved hill. at least before i gave up watching them last year.
memo to self: send note to agent.
more in the nature of a professional recommendation.
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