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and every bit as unassuming and charming.
next time you see her i would definitely tell her all of that and show her your avatar. good things sure to follow!
honestly, i pull for character. The old lakers had it (bless phil jackson). the new clippers do too. heavy man crush on doc rivers. and blake griffin is one of the most interesting athletes in a while.
clippers baby, clippers.
caught about 5 minutes of last night's game. looked about as organized as a ymca pick-up game. amazing how quickly they have fallen to pieces. after kobe, longest-tenured guy on the team is jordan hill. and, of course, nash is out again. injured his back CARRYING HIS BAG!
best thing i've read yet on donald sterling.
Seattle? it's probably because you pulled up a chair at the table and started sipping his latte.
i used to be a big keillor fan, and still enjoy him in small doses. but i never seem to find him as dryly amusing as he finds himself. VERY un-midwestern, if you ask me.
Just finished "The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher" the new collection of short stories by Hillary Mantel. Really sweet writing. Structure gets a little creaky in a couple spots and it's not nearly as great as her Cromwell books, but if you like short stories, y ou'll like this one.
OK fellow Ottolenghi groupies ... I'm going to be doing a public conversation with him later this month. It'll be available later on a podcast, but if you're in LA come by.
New Posts  All Forums: