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it depends on the market, the type and the week. the only sure bet is taste and see what you like best.
[shuddering and shaking my head]you could learn to cook 3-4 decent dishes that would be just as easy and taste so much better than that crap. it's like you're wearing clothes from kmart.
you'll be very happy.
and relentlessly documenting said struggles.
it looks almost more like a car coat than a typical jacket. zegna had a cashmere one like that several years ago that i was quite in love with but too impoverished to woo.
i think you need to talk to foo.
la canada, you're not very close to anything good in the mainstream ... din tai fung for great soup dumplings. Pasadena is getting better. I like Union there. Downtown is relatively convenient depending on when you come down and the Grand Central Market/Factory Kitchen/Baco Mercat combination is attractive. Unlike New York, most restaurants in LA offer valet parking. Mozza is terrific, particularly the pizzeria. If you liked Babbo, you'll like the osteria. If you like...
that's a lot of territory. i can help with la, santa barbara and san francisco. can't really recommend either of your bucket list places, unless you're REALLY into it ... then, of course, urasawa is great. but it STARTS at $395. santa barbara, just eat light. there's a great wine bar, les marchands where you can get good snacks. and super rica for mexican (or los agaves). also like julienne. san francisco, i'd say chez panisse cafe is a must stop. zuni is still trying to...
good points, but i'd quibble with a couple -- i've had very good luck keeping beans in the freezer until i'm ready to use them. i buy in half-pound bags, 4 pounds, and that lasts me 3-4 weeks. i open a half-pound at a time, which lasts about a week, and keep the rest in the freezer. have not noticed deterioration. Also, as far as water ... granted, you can do as much as you want, but i haven't had to descale miss silvia in 10 years. depends on what the water quality is...
New Posts  All Forums: