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again, having watched both of them -- and not taking anything away from what shaq accomplished -- it's the difference between a shot-putter and a high jumper. Wilt was a 7-foot gazelle. shaq was a rhinoceros.
sorry. i'm old enough to have seen both of them play. wilt was clearly the more dominant player. not flawless, certainly, but an amazing athlete. shaq was a great player who could have been the best ever, but never fully lived up to it.
i used propane for years and went back to a weber about 10 years ago and never looked back. the two things i'd recommend: get the one with the removable ash catcher underneath. and get the one with the workstation attached. huge convenience. my neighbor who is a boy with toys, just paid $1500 for a pellet grill that will also do smoking -- though not cold-smoking. it looks pretty sweet but we haven't broken it in yet.
hate the rockets. liked harden when he was with okc, but really irritates me now. and don't even get me started on howard. he puts on a smiley face, but he has a long history of dirty play when things don't go his way. how he didn't get a flagrant on that elbow, i'll never know. glad for the dubs. if it couldn't be the clips or the spurs, i'm happy with them. but boy, that was one ugly game.
at first i thought it must be an onion article -- someone else fined for flopping in a James Harden game.
i'm with butch. what loathsome people. or maybe they only seem that way in shelter mags.
loved his first tweet ... all garbled/mistyped, then they showed a video of him trying to type with all his championship rings on.
there's a spanish importer not far from my house that has a very small retail outlet. lots of good stuff they bring in or make themselves (terrific chorizos). But imagine my surprise a couple of weeks ago when i walk in and find stacked at least a half-dozen giant black boxes of cinco jotas iberico de bellota ... whole hams. didn't even ask how much because i knew i'd start rationalizing how i could afford it.
it certainly is a different world. as i've said before, i'm really old. i can remember when the introduction of the fax machine was the big advance in travel -- you could fax a reservation to a hotel or restaurant, and if they didn't speak english, they could find someone to translate it. I used to pack an extra suitcase just to bring back books. now i can order just about anything from amazon.co.uk.
two things: the only canned seafood the spanish refrigerate are the white anchovies -- boquerones. I would probably follow their practice, though certainly 12 hours probably isn't enough to kill you. But why bring them back? there are plenty of places to buy the same product here. boquerones are fairly popular and there are 3-4 good makers represented so they are very easy to find on the interwebz
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