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Saddles are becoming one of my favorite styles of Alden shoes...
Yes they are. Speaking of Alden shoes, is there any way you could order E widths for some of your popular Alden styles or let customers preorder them when you do restocks? I'd love to buy some of your models in 9.5E. Your E widths will sell, ask Steven at Leffot about his experience stocking E widths, it's been positive...
I sold the cigar longwings when I got in the Leffot color 8 longwings with antique soles because I thought the two overlapped too much. They did, but the cigar longwings were the better shoes. Alden NYC gave me an opportunity to correct my mistake.
The tan/navy saddles at Leffot look great in person Speaking of saddles, I posted a fit in the Epaulet thread that included the color 8 / alpine grain saddles
Luigi Jacket and Navy Hopsack Walts
Cordovan captoe balmorals (one black and one cigar brown, one straight tip and one perforated toe) from Alden Both get weekly wear
Two very different shades of cigar:
Spring = Suede Tan LWB (Barrie) from Leffot Snuff SWB (Plaza) from J Gilbert Brown LWB (Barrie) on commando from AoC
Sunny cigar captoes in DC a couple of days ago I need to work on the creases on the right shoe with a deer bone... My left foot is bigger than my right (and dictates sizing), so I tend to have more creasing on the right shoe
Less glamorous than cigar shell but wearable nonetheless
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