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Alden only "stocks" these models:http://www.aldenshoe.com/DrawCategories.aspx?PageID=8&CategoryID=15The rest are all done on request for retailers, and there is limited supply.
Alden's CXL stretches easily - I think the issue is that you don't want it to stretch as it can create "toe bulge." In addition to looking at an 8, I would also investigate a 7.5E.
Tricky, Also try Alden NYC. They get a decent stock of 4060 (color 8 Captoe boots on the grant last with leather soles) throughout the year. That store will all occasionally have wingtip boots on the Barrie last. They may not have your size in stock but this type of boot should be achievabke within a year. Alden of Carnel also has a number of color 8 boots on commando soles.
I owned Viberg boots in "chromepak" leather and have handled the chromexcel and suede boots. Viberg's CXL is thicker than the CXL you find on Indy boots and other Alden CXL boots.Not necessarily a bad thing - I like how flexible my Ultimate Indy CXL boots are on the commando sole - but it is definitely less "substantial" than a standard Viberg CXL boot (I guess weighing the boots could confirm this). The "chromepak" leather was probably the toughest leather boot I have...
Alden calf/cxl/suede boots range between $540 to $610 nowadays. Vibergs are imported (made in Canada), which I guess adds some to the price. Having owned Viberg, I would say the build quality is measurably above Alden for casual boots. That implies a price in the high $600 / low $700s on a purely relative basis. I'm not sure if purely casual boots are worth $700 on an absolute basis, but others clearly disagree. The $1,100 cordovan boots are even more of an issue.
This is a pretty attractive black boot with a light or natural welt: http://leffot.com/shop/index.php/shoes/viberg/viberg-service-boot-black-cxl-pre-order.html
LeatherSoul seems to be consolidating a number of non-shell models - a lot of CXL boots, a lot of suede and a lot of calfskin. Not necessarily a bad collection of offerings - I continue to check their site for new stuff. Before they used to be a top offerer of unique shell offerings, which I have seen a lot less of the past two years. The Alden branded stores, TSM, Leffot, etc seem to be doing better on that front.
I can't agree that the top block in the Driggs and Walk are the same fit. I buy both in 34 and get them taken out an inch by the tailor across the street. I have a pair of cotton driggs and two pair of wool Walts. For me, the Walts are more comfortable in the top block and the thigh. The Driggs are tighter. The taper is also more pronounced in the Driggs. I am not sure if the difference is due to the material or the cut, but I will try a size 36 for my next Driggs. I...
I already have the Navy heirloom - should I go with glacier, marl or grape?
Mike, I'm wearing my heirloom today in NYC as well. I picked mine up Friday. I absolutely love it. I have a ton of sweaters in this style (mostly from RRL), and this is probably the best. I'll buy them annually going forward
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