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Two random questions 1) Does the Gitman / Epaulet shirts fit more like Epaulet NY or like Gitman Vintage? I have a few Gitman vintage shirts, all in L, and they fit like the EPNY XL 2) Mike, any update on Driggs restocks in fabrics like the duck caramel? Would really like a 34 for the upcoming fall months Thanks
If I didn't already have the dark brown suede version of these from AoC, I would have preordered. I saw them in store on Saturday, they look great
DuckOB,Is that a photo of the Suede Indy in your avatar? What kind of sole is on it?
I wear 9.5E in Barrie and wear a 10D Marlow. It works well - its a pit of a pain to break the shoe in, but once it does, it is very comfortable.
Mr Chorizo style Maiden voyage of the Ultimate Indy Epaulet Driggs, J Crew denim button down
Better tanker for fall / winter: Leffot tobacco chamois Or Leather Soul chocolate suede I'm on the preorder at LS but I am wondering if I should get the tobacco chamois instead
Unpacking shoes in the new apt
Fall lineup Rugged boots Context Black Cordovan Tanker LS Ultimate Indy Leffot Chamios Tanker? Dress Casual Boots Black Cordovan Captoe Color 8 Wingtip Tan Calfskin Wingtip
Leffot's suede, CXL and calfskin preorders are now selling out within a day or so. LeatherSoul doesn't appear to have much extra stock of the many calf/CXL/suede models they are getting in either. The Alden frenzy continues unabated...
The color of the CXL is ageing nicely - the oils in CXL really come up to the surface with wear. The one thing I will caution you on regarding this model is stretching - my small toe pushes up against the edge of most shoes, and this has stretched my CXL chukkas out a bit. They still look fine, but this can annoy a lot of people. The Indy boot shape works better with my feet in CXL - I'm looking forward to my Ultimate Indys arriving soon...
New Posts  All Forums: