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I've seen negative reviews for almost all Alden retailers (the only one that seems to get near universal praise is Alden DC). These stores all operate with limited staff, deal with erratic policies from Alden and can have very demanding customers. I've been in Alden NYC and have observed customers trying on multiple pairs of shells, creasing them hard, etc. Of course, those shoes then before worthless to a lot of prospective buyers. I've been in Leffot when news regarding...
Cigar is more versatile to me - I've made this decision before and kept the cigar.
Great score
A lot of good stuff recently - I need to investigate the latte walts and new pullover sweater...
These green shoes from Alden would look good with Barbour olive jackets (Bedale, Beaufort, Liddesdale) this season
Great collection. Just curious, how do you plan on rotating the black jumper vs the black naval? If you find you don't wear one enough, I would humbly suggest looking into offloading one and getting the 4065 (black straight tip cordovan captoe boot on the Grant last)
Great seeing all the black cordovan posts AoC wingtip boots - pretty much living in these, black Context tankers and Indy boots every weekend from now through March (at least until Choco tankers, Cigar Indys and Ravello Day Trippers show up)
Did they give you an ETA on those bad boys?
Photo of Cigar LWB from the weekend 3sixteen jeans are due for a wash to tighten them up
BFisher, I own those boots as well and to me they are one of Alden's best offerings. Great first choice
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