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Also, very nice of the seller to throw in some shoe trees. Shoe trees add to the shipping weight, so it is costly to include them. I appreciate he didn't mark the shoes up to account for that.
The "color" on Color 8 shoes is so critical. I bought a pair of 4060, but returned them because I felt they would overlap with my 4065 and because I had the opportunity to buy some Color 8 jumpers. The issue is that the Color 8 Jumpers are among the darkest Color 8 I have seen while the 4060 are a beautiful shade, similar to yours. It makes me consider swapping them out again (or going with another pair of Color 8 altogether).
Weeks like this show why a cordovan dress boot on commando (wingtip on barrie, for example) or a dress blucher on commando (ptb or longwing) are really essentially if you live in a northeastern city. I one but sold it, and now I am regretting it, I will invest in one soon.
Epaulet Snorkel Reigning Champ navy sweatpants Danner Boots
4065 on a cold sunny day
How is the stretch on the selvege chinos?
Leffot, early 2015. They call them the "JC Indy" boots, I think they have done two runs.
Great collection. I've never owned whiskey LWB. I may have to get on a list.
Cigar Indy Boots after their first coat of paste wax. Probably the best pair of Alden I have owned. I could see wearing this pair of boots for 20 years
Another sale poll - sell one of three Color 8 Jumper Boots Black cordovan straight tip boots (4065) Black shortwing bluchers
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