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Preordered the Leffot Cooney boots... Alden NYC is holding a pair of black Indy calfskin boots, in still undecided on those - owners, how much do you wear them? Next up are a dressy color 8 blucher, a black blucher (I don't see the Leather Soul shortwings getting made anytime soon) and maybe black tassels.
I'm playing around with the idea of adding a casual Alden or two over the next few months... Choose between Alden Black Indy (401) Leffot's tan country calf PTB on commando Leffot's Cooney Boot The Indy and Calf PTB have the advantage of being able to be worn from now until summer, during with both models would get tons of use I also think it may be time to add a black tassel and a color 8 NST... I decided against the AF53 for now
Aberdeen last is great. Nice pickups. Ravello NST is my favorable use of ravello.
I am thinking about the classic AF53 from Alden of Carmel... I really like Trubalance last for casual weekend wear with denim and chinos. Owners, where does this model rank in your collection?
The tan suede LWB is probably in my top 5 favorite pairs. I wear it with jeans, navy chinos, a cotton suit, and shorts of all kinds (when I wear it with shorts, I have no show socks). Perfect shoe for me from April through September. I wear it more than almost all of my cordovan models
I am examining the commando soles on my color 8 wingtips from AOC (which I basically use as my dress boots on snowy / icy days like this), and I don't notice the treads wearing down or separation on the sole. These have gotten me through one and a half harsh winter. The Alden commando sole isn't as durable / rugged as a true Vibram lug sole, but that is because of the low profile of the sole... I think they are meant to be "dress casual" commando soles as opposed to the...
For some reason I used to dislike the cordovan Indy - now after owning the Leffot Cigar Indy, seeing all the photos of black, cigar and color 8 indy boots on this thread, I really have come around on them. They are brawny but elegant boots and stand up well to chinos, denim and flannel...
Are these new? Really liking them. Works well with your denim (what is it, by the way?)
Really thinking about getting the vanilla bean linens to pair with last year's brown windowpane Vittorio sportscoat.
Choco tankers Pantherella socks
New Posts  All Forums: