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I am selling these Gaziano and Girling wholecut balmoral oxfords. The color is "vintage rioja" (a wine/burgundy color) and they are sized 9.5F in UK sizing, which equates to 10E or 10 Wide in US sizing. These were purchased made to order via Leffot last year. I have worn them under 10 times and they haven't really been worn much as I am wearing other burgundy shoes more. Looking to sell these and used the funds to buy a truer brown shoe. As you can see, there is a...
Maybe one of the last times I wear boots until September...
Want: Natural CXL boot (Tanker, punch captoe, etc) 9901 Color 8 straight tip balmoral Snuff V-Tip (I already have the snuff plaza wing tips but these v tips look amazing). Over time my Alden tastes haves evolved... Simple dress shoes during week, casual styles (suede, CXL) for Friday/weekend. Fancier boots (cigar Indy, chock tanker) for fall winter.
In honor of Mac, in his absence: my most worn Alden shoe
I need to spend more time on this thread - I miss shots like these
I love Alden's tan suede, but for me, it's a spring/summer material. I wear tan suede at least weekly in the summer (typically barefoot or with no show socks). The suede still looks nice. One of my first pairs of Alden shoes was the tan unlined PTB from J Crew. I sold them a while back but would buy another pair in an E width.The suede unlined chukka in snuff is a classic. I have it and should wear it more often. IMO, this shoe looks better as you get it a bit dirtier....
This the season
The Alden Madison guys can be "gruff" for lack of a better word at first, but they know their stuff. In general, each Alden retailer (with maybe the exception of Epaulet and Alden DC) has its share of detractors. At the end of the day, if you access to the widest variety of models, you are going to have to get to know every retailer regardless of how that first interaction went.
First, long time no post for me - been traveling way too much the past few weeks Second, I think Alden's black shell captoe bals (both the punch toe version and the straight tip version) are underrated. I wear my black cordovan punch toe weekly (9016). That said, if you don't wear them often, the Park Avenues are a fine show for occasional wear. I do like the look of a freshly polished shell balmoral, though.
I was close to 30 and have now downsized to about 12 or so. I could add one or two more, but I will stay in this range. For me the key was observing what I actually wear, what goes well with my outfits and what people compliment me on. For example, I've owned a ton of cordovan longwings, but I rarely wore them - in the winter, I would wear boots and in the summer, I would wear suede. So currently I own none (the only two I would buy are black and color 8 at this point). I...
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