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Choco tankers Pantherella socks
I've owned both the antique edge color 8 LWB and color 8 tankers from Leffot. I decided I like dark edge color 8 better and sold both for cigar replacements (cigar LWB and cigar Indy boots). The right answer is to have all four of these models. I will tell you that I wear the cigar versions a lot more. That said the Leffot Color 8 tanker is one of my regrets. I am in the market for another color 8 boot on a dark sole (either double leather or commando).
Darker edges = a dressier shoe. I prefer darker edges on the ravello PTB and longwing. I like lighter edges on boots (like the day tripper) and the LHS. For various full straps / medallion bluchers / etc that exist in ravello, dark is the way to go.
Anyone have an update on the J Gilbert black NST cordovan boot order? I would love a dressy black cordovan boot on commando, but I would like to avoid wingtip and captoe (as I have a color 8 wingtip and a black captoe on double leather) if possible...
Were any of you wearing color 8 wingtip boots on commando soles this morning at 7:30 AM in Tribeca? I had mine on as well and I was considering running up to you and saying "nice shoes, bro." It's rare to see someone wearing basically the same model of cordovan Aldens as you have on.
The Leffot version is a "double waterlock sole," not a flex sole... In fact I think it is the exact same sole as the one in the Belfast linkI highly recommend tan bluchers. I have owned the unlined PTB (on a flex sole) from J Crew and the Leffot tan LWB. I wear the longwings at least once a week from spring through fall. My favorite way to wear them is with shorts and no-show socks on a hot summer day.
Namor,Outstanding photos.I am working on a pair of RRL officer chinos now. Sadly I wear them once a week at most, so I am at about 90-100 wears. Hopefully after another year so I will have some fades like this.It's interesting to me that almost no one else does selvedge chino like RRL. IMO these pants are much more versatile than jeans (easier to wear in hot weather, easier to wear with "dressy ensembles"). The market would be bigger than expected.On another note, after...
1) On the shell vs CXL indy question... Today in NYC was a rainy and messy day. My LS Ultimate Indy (CXL) was perfect for my activity all day (chores, football watching with friends, etc). Good looking boot, durable in wet weather, commando sole. I'm really glad I have it (I've owned a CXL few Indy boots in the past and this is the best). I will probably wear my cigar Indy tomorrow as it will be drier. IMO if you are an Alden fan, you really need a CXL boot on commando...
Denim looks great too, what brand?
Leather Soul's alpine grain v-tips look cool as well, but they didn't order E widths in larger sizes
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