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1) On the shell vs CXL indy question... Today in NYC was a rainy and messy day. My LS Ultimate Indy (CXL) was perfect for my activity all day (chores, football watching with friends, etc). Good looking boot, durable in wet weather, commando sole. I'm really glad I have it (I've owned a CXL few Indy boots in the past and this is the best). I will probably wear my cigar Indy tomorrow as it will be drier. IMO if you are an Alden fan, you really need a CXL boot on commando...
Denim looks great too, what brand?
Leather Soul's alpine grain v-tips look cool as well, but they didn't order E widths in larger sizes
Anyone grab those black alpine grain dovers from Leffot? I thought about buying, wait a day and I now see they are gone in my size.
There is one poster that uses cigar Indy boots for yard work (I forget who), so it's definitely possible. However, for beaters/pure casual wear, I would stick with your CXL boots. I own both CXL and Cigar Indy boots on commando and wear them differently.
For bad weather, I prefer CXL to cordovan. I specifically own CXL Indy boots for this purpose. CXL boots lend themselves to a more carefree approach to braving the elements. With shell we often try to maintain the shine, which means constant care after dealing with elements. With CXL, that's just less of an issue.Shell is less pourous and less "flexible" than CXL. I wouldn't say CXL has less "structural integrity" though - there are numerous examples of well worn CXL boots...
Agreed. Unlined cordovan dovers feel lighter and more flexible. However, you are exactly right in that the lack of the double leather sole (combined with the unlined upper) makes the shoe less comfortable than other Alden shoes for walking.
I always debate between the 975, Leffot's antique longwing and the cigar longwing. I don't know which is better. The 975 is obviously classic but the Leffot longwing (when I owned it) got more compliments...
When it comes to an all purpose "dress pant," the Walt is by far the best fit I have ever owned.
New Posts  All Forums: