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It's actually kind of bizarre. I have a lot of black Alden models (captoe boots, tanker boot, captoe bals, NST shoe, PTB). They are actually some of my most complimented shoes and are very versatile. Based on actual wear, I get more use out of my black cordovans than cigar, whiskey, ravello, etc. I am really looking to add a black brogue at some point as well. The 9751 may be it.
I remember posting in here a few weeks ago doubting the utility of these boots. After this photo, all I know is that I want both pairs. LOL at our collective shell addition...
Steve,Are you sure those aren't on the Grant last? They look like these from Alden NYC:http://www.aldenmadisonny.com/IMG_6407.jpgI owned a pair of grant lasted loafers, but they were ultimately too big for me in 10E
I have both the Urban Slim Fit and the 484 - I prefer the Urban Slim fit. For a super tapered chino, I like Epaulet's Driggs.
If any of you follow the Leffot Instagram account, those are my whiskey PTB pictured...
Poor lighting, but those are my cigar longwings. I just switched the laces between those and the tan longwings.
Switched the laces out on these two pairs: thoughts?
I have five preorders with LS right now. Two with Leffot. I'm assuming only half of the LS preorders get built, if that (choco tanker and Ultimate Indy). I wonder if the issue with LS is that they had too many styles? Back in the day, it seems like they had dozens of different variations of Alden shoes. Nowadays, Alden seems to have streamlined what they can sell to retailers a bit.
Details on laces?Also, it seems like we all wear J Crew socks here. Those are one of my favorite pairs.
Aberdeen fits "True to Size" for me, which is 10E. My 10E Aberdeens are just a tad long, but going something like 9.5EE would likely make the heels too wide.
New Posts  All Forums: