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Stunning Walktons.Both models illustrate how one could elevate their casual wear...
I've observed / handled John Lobb, St Crispin, Corthay and own one EG and one G&G. To me, the G&G has the most "fashion forward" look across the board, and the construction is at least on par with my Edward Green.Is the styling and craftmanship worth a premium over EG? For some models, maybe. I also was impressed with my fitting and the on-time delivery for my MTO.I think I am in-line for a two or three more EGs (classic black captoe, something in suede, maybe a dover)...
Medallion wholecuts Antique rioja 9.5F Commissioned through Leffot I have seen the light - I am going to be buying more G&G / Edward Green going forward and selling down some of my Alden (Alden will be more focused on smart casual and weekend looks).
I've had many cigar boots over the years. My most worn remain the cigar chukkas.Yes, do you need them
Great combo
A lot of people only know Alden from J Crew stores. I've mentioned this before, but I have been approached and asked "Are those J Crew Aldens" before while wearing Alden cordovan chukkas.
I like J Crew, but they copy a number of brands - Alden, RRL, Barbour, etc.
I got the chukkas a few years ago from Alden NYC (I was on a list for about half a year). The Driggs are cotton.
Another, more relaxed view
I like raw / selvege denim... I always try different brands but always go back to RRL low straights or APC new standards...
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