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I will try to find lighting where the shoes look bluer. Duly noted on the cuffs suggestion
Since I purchased this Air Force blue suit from J Crew (they call it "harbor blue"), I'm wearing my midnight blue EGs a bit more. Thoughts on this combo?
I would have advised commando but I love your boots anyway (I owned both commando and leather soled boots and the commando is incredibly useful in NYC winters)
Thanks - I used to post 400/800 with my old phone... I switched to 800/1600, which fixed itYeah, my RL Marlows have served me well over the past few years, but I don't wear them that often anymore - they don't really go with my suits and I reach for other shoes (like the cigar long wings) when going casual. Trying to rationalize the "casual blucher" lineup as we head into spring.
The cordovan SW or suede SW? Cordovan is RL
Also, is anyone having issues posting photos using the iPhone 6+? My photos appear grainy now until you click on them...
If you had to sell one out of this bunch, which would it be
I own them - one of my favorite boots. I wear them more often for dressy occasions but they can be worn casually as well
I greatly prefer the brown flat waxed laces on the choco tanker. Makes for a classier looking boot IMO. There is enough contrast with the toe stitching and the sole edge.
1) Tan LWB or PTB2) Snuff LWB or chukkaOne of each option. IMO a tan blucher for spring / summer is a must, I would sell my cigar LWB before I sold my tan suede LWB as my tan gets twice the amount of wear
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