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She doesn't like the fact I wear mostly horsehide shoes but appreciates the fact that my shoes are better made than her $1,200 Louis Vuittons
It's been a long time - I've been busy with work, travel and a new girlfriend. But it's fall and time for the best Alden pair I've owned:
I know I'm a bit late on this, but this is one of the best Alden bluchers I have seen made.
For your purposes, either really works. The captoe boot potentially is more formal (depending on the welt, last, etc), but both captoe boots and wingtip boots go well with what you are describing
Gents, I've posted less these days as I've been selling more than buying. However it's not a shift away from Alden - just some rationalization. Here are my latest thoughts - I get more use out of traditional color 8 / black models than special make ups. I'm in a suit Mon-Thurs and business casual Friday. Honestly most cordovan bluchers / boots aren't ideal for me for the Mon-Thurs wear. I long underinvested in formal black / color 8 models. Mac and sevenfoldtie have long...
Gentlemen, Do we have a list of retailers that have sold color 8 wingtip boots with a commando sole and a brogue pattern on the back of the boot? My Alden of Carmel boots are great, but I would prefer a version with the back brogue-ing. I think Alden Madison has sold this makeup before, but they are inconsistent when it comes to getting it in commando sole
Historically, Alden has prioritized color 8 over dark brown when it comes to cordovan. Other makers (Crockett and Jones/RL, Allen Edmonds) didn't do this. As a result, Alden simply hasn't made the same amount of dark brown cordovan as it has in black and color 8; this will not change in the future. Given a limited amount of shell and the need to produce color 8 and black shoes, other colors will be produced less. I don't know if you can even call cigar "dark brown" - it...
Funny, I own this boot too and it is the only boot I didn't include in my candidates for sale. I wear it more or less every week during the fall and winter and it is my most versatile (I wear it with anything from charcoal dress trousers to denim).
We need this model in all of the shell colors
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