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It's great to see newer posters like Mike, MrDv, etc join Uncle Mac in the Alden Collector Hall of Fame
I wear 9.5E in Barrie and 10E in Plaza. 10E is plenty long.
These are Barrie according to Frans Boone...I own the Context version of theses in black cordovan. They were my most worn boots last fall and winter. I may break them out this winter. They are awesome, versatile boots for the season.
Does anyone know the origin of these shoes (not my listing)? I don't believe I have ever seen this style http://www.ebay.com/itm/Alden-Shell-Cordovan-Blucher-Color-8-size-10D-/141399308859?&_trksid=p2056016.m2518.l4276#ht_283wt_1035
Just an update. I stopped by a few RL stores recently and discovered that their cashmere cable sweaters are now more lightweight and thinner than they have been in previous years. Of course, the price remains the same. This is a meaningful devaluation of one of my favorite Ralph Lauren products over the years. Very disappointing. An SA pointed the difference out to me and remarked that many long-term customers also have expressed concern.
Fwiw, I am still serious about this. I'm gonna make some further cuts this week (above the ones I asked about a few days ago). Some are gonna hurt, but it is what it is.
I have owned both of these. I think they are redundant. Both go with casual looks, neither really go with business suits. I would go cigar LWB and pair it with a standard color 8 blucher (you have 975, but in my case it is the 990)
The more you wear the 405, the better it looks, so I wouldn't get another in brown cxl/calf. If you wear boots all the time, maybe you get another style for versaility (natural CXL, for example).
The Shoe Mart and Citishoes have made them. Citishoes had a run in both whiskey and cigar.
Decisions from my earlier poll and reasons Cigar Captoe bal - I will replace this with something from Edward Green, G&G, etc. Whiskey PTB - beautiful but I only wear them two or three times a year as they only go well with denim and dark chinos (I'd rather wear tan suede LWB in the summer with lighter fabrics) Brown suede LWB - I have a brown suede tanker coming at some point (hopefully), which will replace this Cigar chukka, 990 and Leffot saddles were untouchable. I...
New Posts  All Forums: