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I think a few people have owned Leffot's navy suede LWBs... How are you liking them?
JJ,I know how it feels. I owned several pairs (including whiskey chukkas, whiskey indys, cigar indys, ravello LWB) before I finally figured out that I needed E or EE widths in most Alden models, not D widths.The good news is that E widths are pretty readily available nowadays, either through preorders or in many cases normal runs or stock orders.
Has any retailer made a plain toe color 8 boot on the barrie last with a double leather sole and a dark edge in recent memory?
Leffot preorders up on Monday - color 8 antique lwb, brown CXL plain toe boot on commando, navy suede lwb.
Modified last burnished tan alt wein
JSO, I really like your collection. Good mix of rare styles. I've owned most models across the years, but I've never had a whiskey LWB. Maybe that will change one day. I'm wearing Marlows today, so no Whiskey Wednesday for me
Over the years, I've owned a number of cordovan bluchers (cigar, ravello, color 8 / antique, etc). Very few few of them fit with my work wardrobe. I could only wear them on Fridays and on weekends, so I ended up selling most. I had and sold a color 8 LWB with antique as I couldn't really wear it with any of my work clothes. The cordovan bluchers I feel work well with suits are the 975/9751, 990/9901 and Ralph Lauren's Marlow wingtip. Also Aberdeen NST.My most worn...
In my experience, ravello is prone to these kind of black "stains" over time. I had a pair of ravello PTBs and a pair of ravello tassels that ended up looking exactly like this after heavy wear. The shoes seem to darken a bit in the creases. I would just wear them to see if they even out. The staining doesn't look bad to me in the photo you posted (the shoes still look very good IMO).
I have a cigar NST blucher coming in Aberdeen, so I don't think I need an Aberdeen NST boot. A dark edge Plaza or Barrie NST could work... Also a Barrie wingtip boot.
Imagine a 5 boot collection: 1. 4065 (black captoe boot) 2. Leffot's new natty CXL wingtip 3. 403 4. Dark brown suede chukka 5. TBD Say TBD needs to be a business casual/dressy cordovan boot. What do you choose?
New Posts  All Forums: