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Mike, I'm wearing my heirloom today in NYC as well. I picked mine up Friday. I absolutely love it. I have a ton of sweaters in this style (mostly from RRL), and this is probably the best. I'll buy them annually going forward
The bag contains the heirloom cardigan in navy. Great piece.The trousers are olive herringbone Walts that Epaulet did last year. I'll probably get two more Walts soon
What are the key differences between the Heirloom Cardigan and the Hardie Cardigan? That green Hardie is looking nice...
Uncle, Are those new? I don't recall seeing a Cigar Indy with dark edges before. They look awesome.
Context Black cordovan tankers
Alden Madison Avenue seems to be debuting new calf/suede models every other week. They have a calfskin brown monk strap in store now that looks pretty good.
I love it when new posters join the thread and post photos of beautiful shoe models. I wonder how many lurkers are out there with stunning collections. Welcome to the forum.
Not to pile on, because I love the shirts, but two of my Epaulet oxfords have issues where the front buttons are easily undone. Sometimes I walk around with my chest popping out of my shirt as a result. My two most recent Epaulet shirts (an oxford and one of the Gitman pieces) don't have the same issue.
New Posts  All Forums: