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There are way too many of them, but:Tan suede longwingChromexcel wingtip boot, in natural or brown
Are these black or color 8?
After much success this year with wide sizes (10EEE on modified, 9.5EE on Van), I've decided to focus on wide sizes going forward. I can do 10E in Plaza, Hampton and Grant, and I will likely keep my 10E whiskey monks forever, but I plan on subbing everything else out for wider sizes (EE and EEE). Edward Green says I am a 10F in US sizing, so that's what I'm going with. I have a 10EE cigar NST on preorder that I'm eagerly awaiting, and I just ordered the 403 in 9.5EE from...
My only regret is that I didn't get those in 10EE
I've missed a good deal over the past few months, has any ravello been released recently?
Long time no post! Plaza natural chromexcel wingtips from Leffot
Quickly turning into one of my most worn models.
I think a few people have owned Leffot's navy suede LWBs... How are you liking them?
JJ,I know how it feels. I owned several pairs (including whiskey chukkas, whiskey indys, cigar indys, ravello LWB) before I finally figured out that I needed E or EE widths in most Alden models, not D widths.The good news is that E widths are pretty readily available nowadays, either through preorders or in many cases normal runs or stock orders.
New Posts  All Forums: