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I'm glad to see more Indy boot love in this thread in general. For a while it seemed like all anyone wanted as Plaza lasted wingtip or captoe boots in rare colors.
Leffot JC Indy (Cigar) RRL rigid chino Epaulet Heirloom (Navy) Steven Alan shirt Barbour Bedale
All of my Alden shoes and boots are E width. Check out my tanker photos for reference. Proportions look fine.The only E width boot I have owned that I thought looked weird were some color 8 captoe boots on the plaza last (the boots almost had a rectangular look)
Steel28, these may be the most comfortable Alden boots I have owned out of the box. They look great, I like this shade of suede. I could see this being a year round wear. One of the better non-cordovan boots or shoes I have owned from Alden. Rydenfan, those Natty CXL boots are awesome.
I own the medium weight Reigning Champ sweatpants in navy and grey 1) I wear them outside to and from the gym 2) I have worn the grey pair out on a casual Sunday with a Fair Isle sweater and Indy boots. I think the look worked. 3) I view them the same way I do shorts on the formality scale. That said I am much more likely to wear shorts outside than sweats
I generally don't wear cordovan boots in the summer, largely because it doesn't fit the wardrobe and there are better alternatives for me. Friday through Sunday from May-September in NYC, I'd rather be wearing LHS (cordovan, CXL or suede), suede longwings and shortwings, suede chukkas and PTBs, etc. Yukueten and Quoddy have great mocs available as well. I basically box up all my cordovan boots starting in May. I will keep CXL indy boots out for wet weather.
If you want good beef brisket... come to NYC (Mighty Quinn's, Fette Sau, etc)
I have two pairs of Reigning Champ sweatpants and will likely buy two more. Awesome quality.
All the shoes I sell are E width, and people are less familiar with Alden's E Widths, so I am happy to provide measurements when asked
New Posts  All Forums: