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Is RRL currently selling new rigid chinos in stores?
I have these on preorder. Looking forward to them.
When I first got into Aldens, I feel like they were pretty rare here in New York. I've seen more and more of them the past twelve months - Indy boots being the most popular, but also I've seen tassels, full straps, PTB, longwings, etc. I occasionally see a cordovan boot as well. Rare cordovan remains, well, rare. Retailers like Leffot, J Crew, etc have been selling Aldens for a number of years now, and I believe they do have more recognition among the "stylish" set than...
Because of this photo, I think I will pull the trigger on the 9751 relatively soon.
I should know this, but what shops do color 8 Indy boots (black edge, commando sole, don't care much about welt or heel) on a regular basis?
Happy New Year! To those that wear the modified last - do you wear the same size in modified as you do in Barrie/Trubalance?
Maiden voyage
Objectively Alden's best model, IMO, as it is does so many things well that are unique to Alden - cordovan leather, Indy moc toe boot pattern, hand stitching, commando sole, elevated casual, etc
What are the leathers on this model? Thank you
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