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yes it was april in paris. Thank you to both of you.
I remember there being a former hermes artisan now doing her own business, making leather goods. Her brand name was something like 'Bee'. Can anyone direct me to her homepage, or thread in this forum? I tried searching but can't find it .
anyone know when tod's sale is? wasn't it somewhere around this time last year?
went there yesterday afternoon and didn't see it.prob sold.
love it.. just not my size
you can buy panthrella from sierra trading post. subscribe to their flyers for better deals/free shipping.
I am a biomedical informatician. I analyze stats and numbers for medical research. Basically, I'm a geek and I love computer and numbers. I also appreciate good suits and cloth, however my workground usually involves in wearing something very casual. I'm trying to find a place where I can do both. I am looking for a job that requires me to wear a suit, while I get to do work with computers. Programing, data mining, analyzing, anything. I looked around as best as I...
Wasn't MrPorter's sale sometime around May last year? Anyone know when it is this year?
same here.
I don't pay double the amount of what sbucks charges me to help out some poor argie or ethiopia kids working16 hours on the coffee field. I don't pay 20% extra for Apple products to stop Foxconn employee from committing sucides. I do pay tips when the waiter deserves it, but don't expect me to pay for a fucking broken system. My wallet shouldn't be the one suffering for a broken system.East Asia still sentence you a jail term for that. Some Muslim stone you for that. ...
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