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This put a smile on my rather lack luster day. Quote: Originally Posted by Arrogant Bastard That would be my best guess, as well. I dropped by the RL store in Beverly Hills the other day, and the place was chock full of RTW Purple Label at prices that did not at all scream "Hands off, mere mortals!" My guess is that Ralph decided Purple Label was too well known and valuable a mainstream brand to relegate to the relatively small niche that is the...
but you are on the right track, with the loafers, jeans and polo
dont wear your ACU's thats for sure........
Quote: Originally Posted by cheyrou Hey I recently discovered Zara and I'm impressed. I live in Baton Rouge and the nearest Zara store is in Houston. I couldnt find anysort of buy online option. Does anyone know of any otherway I could purchase their clothes? I'm also curious as to what sizes they carry, 38 long maybe?
no sorry, dont have access to a tape measure, but I wear a 40R, and it fits my body perfectly, not tight, not baggy. All shirts 15.5, sleeves 32,33 except for the PL which is 33,34, asking 40 for the PLRL shirts and 80 for the PL, the Purple label is new, never worn without tags, so is the darker polo, the light blue has been worn once!
Yea i was going to give it to him too, he actually ordered most of his clothes from England.... Quote: Originally Posted by calvinloke He takes the cake
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