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Quote: Originally Posted by cioni2k Brand?? LV In Taiga, no visible VL crap all over it. Very well made.
If it does not fit in here, I don't need it! I got tired of carrying way too much. Driver's permit, health card, corp Amex, personal CC, 2 debit cards (1 personal, one biz), business cards. A little spare room to add on a specific need basis.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Kiton still looks 100x better than most of what I see on WAYWN (fuck my eyes, I looked today for awhile) including many of the things from some of the superstars, bespoke or otherwise. +2 Slam them all you want guys, they found a perfect niche spot, they are doing it way better than anyone else, and running to the bank with it. Stylish capitalists. I went top the Tom Ford opening here last...
Quote: Originally Posted by ruben I've never seen a woman that attractive riding a bike. Come to Montreal, you see it every 5 minutes! But do it quick, the snow is coming and you won't see it again til next spring.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kaplan In a couple of weeks I'll be going to Barcelona for a few days. I've read through some of the Barcelona threads here, but would like to hear if anyone have up to date suggestions for shopping, eating and museums. Does someone here have experience with any of these: 'Top 10 restaurants in Barcelona'? Barcelona is such a great city, but it has a real petty crime problem. Be wise, keep your wits about you,...
Quote: Originally Posted by frenchy cool your jets... compare a canadian made and a english made,there is a difference. (ps im canadian so theres no bias here,its just a better product) My jets are always cool. A little better product or a "difference" does not make the CDN made version junk. We had a thriving rag trade here (Montreal), it has been wiped out by junk off shore makers. Just saying, it was not Canadian made junk.
Quote: Originally Posted by frenchy .......... new condition (sample/demo) AQUASCUTUM trench coat,made in england (none of that canadian junk) ..... A little out of date? The Canadian factory has been shut for many, many, years. And it was not known to have made junk while it was running. When Hugo Boss was made in Montreal, at a different factory, it was junk. But the Aquascutum plant did not have the same bad rep.
Quote: Originally Posted by Neofinitia ..........Over the weekend: Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido & Singapore Airline hostesses Nice!
Quote: Originally Posted by Bull I would meet with clients wearing a loincloth before I wear Hugo Boss. Do you work in the garment trade? How many of your clients would even notice the difference? Don't get me wrong, I am not a fan, but.......
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria My wife has been on a four year campaign to get me to run for office. Several problems, though: 1. What does a state senator do? .......... - B Well, in the great white north, elected officials (senators are appointed for life in exchange for favors rendered, only MPs actually have to campaign) are very focused on the single most important task in modern politics. Staying in office for 7 yrs so they...
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