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Looks like next week (or shortly thereafter). Just in time, it is just starting to get nippy around these parts.
I ordered a quarter case. I am glad it was tasty - and the price ain't that bad. Also, I am only up to a case... and most of it was the under 20 stuff . I have exercised restraint.
I'll reserve my judgment for the next fitting. As they say, the first fitting is for the tailor, and is largely about balance. Is Henry himself a tailor (or is he more like Luca / Mariano Rubinacci, who measure and communicate with the tailor)? Do you know if he offers "true" bespoke, or is it more of a MTM service? In-shop, or "offshore" bespoke? Just curious.
Who is the tailor?
Come for the discussion about wine, stay for the bickering.
I think it looks great. Like something Steve McQueen might have worn. And the measurements, at least for the large, look a touch slimmer maybe than other IM models.
Is the Inis boatbuilder a bit slimmer? The more I see it in all the pictures, the more I want it.
Yeah, they felt fine sitting down. That is my typical test as well.
Also, on a completely different note, Valstar is - in my opinion - one of the most consistent brands on the site. Always a couple things per season that I almost have to pick up. If only I had around $1500 burning a hole in my pocket...
Haha, I know. These are my lucky socks. Can't bear to throw them away!
New Posts  All Forums: