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In my opinion, the second best gunclub that has been available.
Will do after I get it tailored.Also, for those who are interest, #TeamInkyBlue is starting up:@PCK1@HRoi@Newcomer@unbelragazzoThe brotherhood of the MTO sport coats must continue!http://www.styleforum.net/t/433187/formosa-x-nmwa-gmto-operation-giacca-estiva-poll/60#post_7460073
Team Inky Blue, Team Inky Blue! Be part of the club. All the cool kids be doing it.
If you can look like this, I would say Bart: http://instagram.com/p/uLUrFfjU9p/?modal=true With that said, I think that the Bart is (a) more unique looking, (b) not as widely available. In other words, the Bart is just insanely cool.
I am in for the Inky blue or the Portofino brown with blue and cream checks, depending on configurations. Drapers brown, probably not.
I would do the Portofino with blue and cream checks actually. Didn't vote in favor, but I dig it.And move down to Louisiana for a summer--you WILL sweat. The only question is how much you will sweat.
That, among others. Lack of interior pockets. And I guess just general structure. And I don't like sweating straight through to the fabric.
Really? I don't know, I think I kind of prefer the "quarter" (or half-lined, I know the terminology got confused), just because I have an aversion to unlined jackets. Well, unlined jackets to the tune of $1,600. Plus, no pockets. I could be persuaded though. I am always concerned about how well an unlined jacket will hold up down the line.
Wow. Those are great. I'm going to kop those.
Sweet, team inky blue!2/8!I already have a Formosa gunclub. And I am not sure I want to be the gunclub guy.
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