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Afraid I am in the same boat then. What a pity. Looking at the pictures, the movement would be better suited for a 38-39mm watch as well.
Also, I do really, really like this one: Does anyone happen to know the diameter? It is quite lovely... (I have been following your post on TPP Academe. Stupid TPP rules...).
Well, with all this AP dress watch love, maybe I will have to more thoroughly investigate!
I am really glad that I waited to pick up Inglese.The body length now is perfect, does not come untucked. I'll have to do a group pick of the Inglese club.
That one actually looks quite lovely, although I would have to see it in person. Next year's New York tire-kicking will be much more purposeful. And that is very funny! Journe, time-only PP, and Laurent Ferrier all do it for me. In fact, I think that LF may be my favorite--personally, I think they are spectacular (if a little large--I would have to see it on the wrist). Before I make any rash decisions, I will be sure to shop around. There is no point in rushing such...
I think it will look really nice. The handmade Inglese shirts are just so awesome.
I kopped the Inglese butcher stripe. I am just a sucker for butcher stripes. 5 Inglese shirts on the season Speaking of irrational kopping, where has stitchy been these days?
You know, I have to say, I do not really care for it. Aesthetically, AP dress watches do very little for me. I have no clue why, although I certainly wish it was not the case. Additionally, it kind of gives me the same feeling as my Master Control, which is no longer with me.I also kind of want a manual wind dress watch. Although I have no qualms with automatic watches at a certain price-point (i.e., my JLC), I generally have a preference for manual wind watches. I...
I am the same, and it wears shorter. The linen wrinkles and rumples. I have a very short torso as well.But I understand not being sure about the length.
Burgundy fabric is great. How tall are you Jet?
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