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Eh, I would probably stay away from Dooky Chase--I think they have a location in the airport!Off the top of my head, here are some suggestions:Inexpensive:Mahony's Po-Boys--maybe not the best, but heck, if you are in New Orleans, you have to get a po-boy, and this place is a stapleDat Dog--hotdog joint, inexpensive, a "new" New Orleans stapleCompany Burger--recently ranked like the 4th best burger in the US, really good, a bit hipsteryRum House--on Magazine street, makes...
*double post*
Honestly, if you are walking around all day--yes. I would wear shorts, and something that you are not worried about sweating through on the top. You WILL sweat. And you WILL be hot. I would dress accordingly. Where are you from (so I can gauge how accustomed you are to the heat)?The French Quarter especially is really, really, really hot.Also, if I may, two areas really, really worth exploring are ~3000 block of Magazine Street, and I would recommend taking the...
Are you in a relationship? Is it for a bachelor party? Where will you be? All relevant questions.* *I live in New Orleans.
Ugh, Frilly, I prefer that you wouldn't use the "F" word in this thread. Do you think the TWAT princess would like to hear such talk? [[SPOILER]] **edited to appease Cleav
Very nice Mimo! The 1815 up/down and ss are the gems of the bunch for me, imho. The Saxonia with small seconds is nice, if a touch cold (well, that may be an understatement), but many, that GMT is just not very attractive. It literally does nothing for me. The 1815s have a ton of character though, and they are, in my opinion, the ne plus ultra of the deck watch style. They are perfectly executed. I certainly prefer the aub/auf though, the cut-off six kind of-sort of...
Unfortunately, I am rained in today, but that allows me to enter into the TWAT discussion for the first time in a while. I guess I will weigh in on the GO PML and Lange 1 conversation. Before continuing, Mimo, Dino,
Although I already did my first kopping for the season, at least for me--personally--I kind of want to wait to see what all I need, and what all I want. It is a matter of limited funds for me. I do really want a chunky knit though, and it will either be the Poa, or the Gray. I am interested to see how the Poa fits on me.
Nice Mr. Six! I am rolling with my Valve Jacket, and some Inis. About to grab some brews. And then again picking up some groceries before game day...
I share your pain http://www.weather.com/weather/wxclimatology/monthly/graph/70596
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