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What is the size of that jacket?
+1. It does not look like it drapes very well from that picture. But then again, that picture is really not the best to evaluate the fit.
Honestly, I think you should just order both. One may fit you better, which, at the end of the day, is what is paramount. I would buy neither with the intent of handing it down to your children. The Eidos is undoubtedly more... contemporary, but neither are very fashiony. In a vacuum, it is easy to say that you like a lower buttoning point, a higher gorge, etc. But I think that all of it is relative to the individual person. Even if I liked jackets with a higher...
Edited for posterity.And got it--yeah, the Tipo definitely seems more geared towards fashunz.
Also, I would just like to mention... it is amazing how much better the NMWA Eidos offering looks than the offering that is currently at Bloomingdales, et al. And what a difference good photography makes!For example: [[SPOILER]] It almost looks like two different brands!And I definitely favor some of the cuts over others. Not to put words in his mouth, but from what I have gleaned from Antonio, it definitely seems like he is more partial to the Ciro / Lorenzo.Add to...
"Corto" is italian for short And, of course, cool!
Well, next week we will have some Eidos fun. The 50 and 52 Donegal SC are on their way. I have never been much of a gambler!
Kopped my first Eidos in a size 50... let us pray!
I think it is one of the new Inglese.
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