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Sounds great Jfrat. Thanks for sharing your experience! It sounds like it was a great trip. Please keep everyone updated!
Personally, I think everything should be the length of the inis stuff.
Since I have already said my piece, I will simply second what @kulata said. Auckland, P Johnson, B&T, and Liverano, or any other tailor of his choosing. Online MTM, especially when you are not shaped like Adonis, just isn't going to fit well, in the absence of really knowing what you are doing. I have been thinking about this lately--just because something fits, does not mean it is going to look good. I think having the trained eye of a tailor is really going to help...
Look forward to hearing about it!
In re Stitchy and Monkeyface:MF kind of summarized what I was trying to say, but a tad more succinctly. Here, we have someone who has 20 pairs of $1k+ shoes incoming. If money is going to be spent, I just feel like it should be directed in the best manner possible.And I agree with MF regarding listening to the tailor. Even as a greenhorn, if you are quiet, and let the tailor do his job, I think that you are going to turn out pretty well. Especially a tailor with a...
Empty, sorry for the rather dilatory response, but I really, really like that jacket. Gives a very louche look, in the best way imaginable. Trying to dress up the work polo today (i.e., by hiding it):
Playing 's advocate--do you think that he is going to be happy with the bona fide plethora of Luxire shirts, and Kent Wang suits, and regional bespoke tailoring within a year?I think that L&L is likely a better option... but that is just my opinion.
Thanks bud--Embarrassingly, this issue has almost been keeping me up at night. I know I sound a bit angsty. But I just get excited that this board has a member (being jfrater) who could really live out what is a dream for many of us. This is such a cool opportunity, and I really think it is his best option to looking absolutely badass.
I agree that there is no snob factor, and it is incredibly humbling. I respect that he is willing to do that.I guess this is where I am coming from. I have been on this forum for a long time, and I think everyone has had that period of time, generally the first year or so of membership, where they focus on quantity and ZOMG discounts over quality and rational decisions.I think there have been many good natured suggestions, I just do not think all of the advice has been...
Just a brief aside about the most recent Noodler project, @jfrater: First, I think that the progress has clearly been favorable. Especially in regards to shoes and accessories, and, in general, coherent combinations. However, I cannot help but feel like it is necessary to alter his "game plan" a bit more, as suggested by SB a few days ago, IIRC. In a lot of regards, the suggestions that have been given to him have been the same as those given to Noodles. But I think...
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