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Today I went from the Juncus not being on my radar, to wanting it to be my piece of SS outerwear this season.
Which one?I think she is jealous, for sure. Maybe not something that women wear.. but something that most men wouldn't wear, is probably how I would phrase it
I find Schneider is a little bit under the radar. It doesn't draw too many looks. Some older lady really liked my Valve jacket, THAT was surprising.
Tons of great outwear, for sure. I just love the clean lines of a lot of the Schneider pieces, and the drapeyness. It really spans between casual and dressy very well.
That is a great picture Mimo. Also, harking back to the Patek talk a while back--saw this on TPP this morning. Patek needs something like this (on the left) in their collection. Handwound, of course.
No one does outerwear like Schneider, IMO. He kills it. There are so many pieces I want.
I don't know if Greg offers free returns for that either.
I really like this copy: "An essential part of the layering during the runway show, this is essentially a shawl collar belted robe made in glenplaid wool. Use this information as you will." The Geller stuff is interesting. The Richard jacket in deep purple looks awesome.
What is the size of that jacket?
+1. It does not look like it drapes very well from that picture. But then again, that picture is really not the best to evaluate the fit.
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