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That turned out great, Brax. I have absolutely no clue what the color is though In any event, the pattern matching is unbelievable. Especially where the front is darted. All that said, not sure about the ole' pocket parrot. With triple patch, I would let that lovely jacket speak for itself. In related Despos news, and after much vacillating, I have ultimately decided to go for another sport coat (as opposed to overcoat or tuxedo). Pretty settled on the W. Bill...
Only good things, indeed.
I try to avoid asking this question as much as possible - but do you all have any time line for the Eidos drop? Specifically, the tailoring.
Nice! Look forward to seeing it.
I usually take a picture with my right foot jutted out. Just a habit. Which is what is throwing it off. Interesting observation .
Quick update - have been corresponding with Chris, and we have decided (in part) on a new commission. After much hemming and hawing, I have opted to go for another sport coat. Likely three roll two, but I am undecided on whether to go triple patch or welt breast, jetted side pockets. While fabric is not yet decided, I have decided on the "genus" - something in the darker blue-grey family, a la: [[SPOILER]] Also, to keep the thread alive with pics:
With Ms. Upton, I could do a whole lot in 14 seconds
That new POW is killer. Eidos fits me better, unfortunately (because I love the Formosa fabrics).
Tits - I think you would have been better off without the square. And personally, my brain struggles with striped suit / striped shirt, regardless of whether one has adhered to the technical propriety of scale. In any event, I like the suit and the fabric that it is made of. The stripes fall remarkably straight.I would like to remark, however, that I do find it interesting how different my pattern is from the pattern that Chris has for you and PatrickR. Certain...
They have it in Navy and Green as well. I like the burgundy for a blue seersucker or a solaro suit. Drakes went for an colonial look this year, i.e.:Reminds me of some of the old Arny's designs except a bit more kitschy and less whimsical. I feel like colonial and trad have some overlap, for better or for worse.
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