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Hey G (or Kyle), any word on when the Calabrese S/S bags will be up? Looking at that hold-all or overnight bag.
Thanks bud! I'm digging your PO by the way, is that the 2500?
Beautiful sunny Saturday!
Congratulations JB! I hope the day goes great, I wish you both a happy life with one another! You and your wife, that is!
I am sad that I was too slow on the draw for that one. I have the pink lin/co and the blue check one incoming though.
Speaking of watches that are tempting...
Hahaha that is unbelievably awesome.
You know, I think you are right D. I am sure I could persuade the future Mrs., whomever she may be, to splurge for a Rolex, JLC, etc. But a big piece... not so much. Let's keep each other honest on this one!I guess I am in D's camp, except that I am moderately single. At the very least, I do not have anyone who is watching my bank account statements, and probably will not for quite some time. But all in all, my parents sure as hell do not understand the hobby, and I...
Hahaha y'all are such enablers. Honestly, if October rolls around, and my savings for my "big watch" are piddly--I will probably snag it.I like how Mimo liked the post I will elaborate upon it more later, but I am kind of in Dino's position right now. I am struggling to decide which direction I want my collection to go.
I have been! If it was a manual, I would have been all about it. I would like to see it in the flesh though. It is just such a great piece of horological history. The automatic is probably a deal breaker for me though--in addition, with my MUT Moon, it is a bit duplicative.
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