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There are 8 left... looks like I have some time.
Sorry it is sold I will close listing.
I see how it is!
I have yet to buy any yet, but I really like the TYT ties this season. They really produce some quirky stuff, which, of course, I appreciate. Some of the prints are oddly similar to some of the old Arnys prints: They look contemporary, but at the same time, something your eccentric uncle would wear. Hard to explain, but I have a feeling I will be picking up a few by season's end. You can't beat drakes / bigi / calabrese for neats, stripes, and some fun textures. ...
Regarding sleeve length alterations... you have no clue. I have had these sleeves "altered" on two occasions. I had one drycleaner just refuse to do the alteration. I swear, it is absolutely insane. You should see the pants I just got back from a legitimate "tailor" here in town. I measured, gave him the length, etc. The pants are a solid 5" too long. It is hard to believe for big city peeps, but in smaller cities, alterations can be an absolute nightmare. The only...
The sleeves don't bother me enough to not wear. I have far bigger fish to fry. Went from wearing a suit / jacket once a month to 7 days a week, including church. I just can't justify being without a navy jacket for a couple weeks.
Negative, I really ought to though. I have had them shortened on some of my other jackets though. Just started a new job, new city, and really haven't had the time / ability to do much in the way of alterations.
Wish I hadn't posted on the same page as Nick!
I love this tie. Really comfortable as well.
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