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Says Mr. Ferrari Panerai
You bought a peach inglese yesterday didn't you?? Haha.
I take a 52 in Eidos, 50 in Formosa. I am surprised that you can wear the same size in both David.
Well, (a) that is not douchey at all, (b) I am jelly of teh rexy build, (c) even with your build, it looks awesome.
That looks absolutely superb. That is really about as good as it gets.
Bahahaha I am sure you did worse than most.
New thread formed for next month, hop on in! http://www.styleforum.net/t/435446/the-official-reasonable-purchase-club
So, with the start of the month, I figured that we could maybe start a different club. This is the OFFICIAL Reasonable Purchase Club for NOVEMBER 2014™ Are you a clothing whore? Are you weak with money? Do you need some help to be strong? Well this is your chance! Due to the incredibly pathetic attempt last month in the NPC, the club has been revised. When you are weaning someone off of drugs, do you quit cold turkey? Absolutely not! So here is an attempt at weaning...
I have tons more I need my friend .
Now THAT sounds like a fun club.
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