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No new drops yet but maybe later
So excited for drops. Been swagged out in NMWA every day since I started my new job. Unfortunately much less time for the posting .
I need to suck it up and get mine altered. And I guess we will have to wait until next week for spring drops!
Calabrese in its natural environment. Also, why I haven't upgraded my tux in a while.
I enjoy the fit, MCT, and it is dangerous combining those colors at the risk of looking like the Joker. Also, great fits posted lately. I am glad Frank has started frequenting this thread, I feel like he could be the poster boy for MC Casual.
Murl, you have been on a tear lately. Those brown cords are very noice.
Hey Murl, a bit late to the party, but just wanted to say, that fit you posted yesterday is just awesome. I know you have talked about going bespoke at some point, but man, the Formosa rtw looks like it was made for you.
Looks great Frank, I am diggin' it. A lot.
New Posts  All Forums: