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The Abraham Moon one - the houndstooth - looks awesome as well.
I do not have anything similar. I worry a little bit about it looking fuddy-duddy ish. The main factor holding me back from the Moon shetland is that I have something similar-ish coming in from Chris at some point in the nearish future.
I have been looking at picking up a jacket as well. The cloth choices are fantastic. Perfect for a jacket just to bomb around in over the winter.I would appreciate more information with respect to fit. I kind of want several of them (see below). I particularly think that the charcoal glen check could be smart with jeans.I really like all of these (plus the gun club above):Brown: [[SPOILER]] Single-breasted camel: [[SPOILER]] Charcoal: [[SPOILER]]
I forgot to mention, Six, that looks fantastic. Killing it. Getting excited about fall drops. For some reason or another, I just can't get excited about spring/summer gear like I can with fall/winter gear.
I gave serious thought to picking these up:
The Chalkstripe is so boss. Can't wait to wear that suit again this winter!
I am going to wear my seersucker suit with No. 8 tasseks. I am not a big fan of "traditional" white bucks. I can find that they quickly become fuddy-duddy-ish or costumey (which is a risk inherent with seersucker). I don't think there is any issue with No. 8 tasseks, matching belt (really, braces would be preferable - I find that the biggest issue is the belt when it comes to seersucker), white shirt and a navy tie. On the other hand, I love these derbies from St....
Very nice Colco. I second that notion CM. I think that green ties are optimal with seersucker, especially green ties of the forest variety.
Never thought I would say it, but I am starting to want a pair of button boots.
Nice! With respect to the shoes, I wear tan most of the time. Hell, I would wear number 8 cordovan tassels with certain outfits. Help dress seersucker up a bit. I like some dirty bucks. Haven't found any I really like though.
New Posts  All Forums: