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I like shantung / tussah with everything, but I don't wear wool ties with the summer stuffs. Well I will wear wool neats with most everything, but not chunky wool/cashmere ties.
TTS on the Jamieson?
A strong what?Hehe.
That suit is extremely flattering on you. Do you have anything else in the hopper? Again, thanks for sharing!
Wow, they killed it on that one.
Who is that made by??? My goodness. Edit stupid me eidos. When is eidos going up?
Glad you took the opportunity to hi-jack away! That looks outstanding. That navy suit is beautiful. If you don't mind me asking, what is your height/weight/build?
Thanks dudes. I will take better pictures once I get some alterations done. Your Jort is what swayed me. And some of the other great SuSu fits. I am very impressed. Great quality for the very low price, especially for some daily work suits.
So, for a while now I have realized that I need to increase my suit rotation. I do not quite have the budget for full bespoke e'erything, so I needed a good filler to supplement the bespoke process. Got to say, color me impressed with SuSu. I just got this in, Havana cut. The packaging and customer service were both excellent. This is with no alterations.
Can I see your Cad and the Dandy stuff FM? Just curious.
New Posts  All Forums: