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I got 2 bottles as well, this is my first 'confirmed' Full Pull order.
For some reason or another, I personally do not care for the finished product. Could be the angle though.
I put in for 2, because, why not. Probably will not get an allocation (or may get a limited allocation, i.e., 1 bottle), but hey, might as well give it a shot.
Thanks for the advice. The $15-25 range is really my sweet spot. I just get so irritated buying bottles that are heavily marked up locally. Especially when the win available at the liquor store is not that different than the wine available at albertsons.
Yeah I have pretty good self control. Fortunately. I probably will pick up a couple bottles of La Rata just for the hell of it. I can easily see how you can be broke and homeless, FAST.
Your guess is as good as mine. I just do not understand why you would purposely aim to look like a ken doll. Also, the inspiration baffles me - sailor? I just have so many questions. And to think, those pentaloons cost approximately $1,200.00.
Well, the e-mail I just received about the K Vintners Cattle King was too much to handle, I had to take the plunge. I actually know very little about K Vintners, or the Cattle King, but I have done an exorbitant amount of work lately for a cattle rancher (who enjoys wine) that I had to pick up a couple bottles.
Jeez you are a rockstar. That POW looks fantastic.
God, those may go down in history as the worst pants ever. Truly, this is a prime example of having too many options at your fingertips.
So, in reading this thread, I learned about The Full Pull - what a fantastic idea. Very cool.
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