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Got two bottles of GTS and a bottle of Pappy 15 this year, without any price inflation. Under $300 for all three. Gotta love small town living! And I don't really care for the Stagg Jr. I think there are better options for the price.
Such an amazing suit, I hate everyone who got one of those.
Man, that was fast. Congrats Foo.
Sweet!Never really knew about this thread--what are the awards haha?
Ha, I would probably be in if it was pushed to end of year as well. I am not sure why, but the more we talk about it, the more I want it.
Definitely TTS. My favorite jacket, for those on the fence. I wear a M in Inis, size 50 in Formosa, 52 in Eidos, I took the 50 in this.
They are great pents. I kind of wish I had the fawn ones too haha.
Yeah, I saw that one as well, and have heard it is quite nice. So many options.
Thanks for the excellent explanation! That makes a lot of sense. It does look very dense, which is a good thing, because the fabric does not look overly thick. I am close to kopping, for sure.Dude, E, that looks really good all the way around. What is the suit? TF? And I am guessing Liverano shirt?
Thanks bro, appreciate it--those Rota are the beige flannel twill ones from last year! I love them.
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