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And honestly Ryden, although the XL is not perfect... I do not know if I would necessarily return it. It is going to be a fun sweater just to beat the hell out of.
If it helps people become more objective, if I return either the M, or the L, there are a line of people who get it first haha.
Hey Ryden, my large fits similar to that. And while I would / may wear it (may keep both), I think the size down looks better with the gansey look.
I don't know, I feel like the bulls wool will probably "wear in" pretty well.
I may take some more pictures when I get off work ha. And darn it Murl! That does not help at all! The Large should fit you well though...
Man, this thread fell fast . Maybe we can try again next month? I am still holding out with only one purchase.
This is getting rather entertaining. May just pull the age ole keep 'em both. The way I see it, there are two camps: Team Large: it is BULLS WOOL. Not some cash-seta-vicuna blend. This is meant for chopping trees, and a slim fit is stupid. Team Medium: as a sweater, the medium is more flattering, blah blah. I feel like I understand and appreciate both sides. And the shoulders flare up a bit on the large, not the medium. I anticipate that it will become less...
With a Gansey, I completely agree with your assessment. I don't see myself wearing anything other than a t-shirt / long sleeved t-shirt under this.I like honest opinions about size without any of my preferences getting in the way .
Enter the Bulls Wool: First, pictures of the Large, second, pictures of the Medium: LARGE: MEDIUM: Also the medium, a small lagniappe:
It depends. If meeting with clients, I keep it on. If at my desk, I usually take it off. And then I always put it on when I go out of the office. Generally keep it off when going to the bathroom though haha.
New Posts  All Forums: