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Really? Hmmm, and you take a 50 Formosa eh?
Wooohooo! From waiting... to waiting!
You do look good. But you also got dat NMWA build. What size do you take?
I kind of want an Oliver Spencer jacket. Frank likes them, and Frank looks good in them, maybe they will look good on me.
So, we will give it until tomorrow... and then galvanize others.
I have a PM from him. I am reaching out to him, and hopefully he will respond.
Great, and then there was one. Thanks D.
We got two slackers in our midst! And did you get DLJr's email Greg? I know he is just getting fabric.
I didn't either, which means that not everyone has emailed Greg. I don't think juuce has come online in a day or so, he may not be as obsessively active as some of us .
Madness! Mid-brown straps on Speedy's / PAMs are da bomb!Go to the dark side. Well, I guess the lighter side.
New Posts  All Forums: