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Tricked ya! And weakmonday got something from him. Would like to hear more about your experience - because it sounds like you ordered something on vacation.
Who is the tailor? Looks good so far!
You are really selling that jacket hard, aren't ya?
I think a sport coat is fine with jetted pockets. For example: However, it is concerning that you are using a worsted cloth, as there are several "signifiers" that you are wearing an orphaned suit jacket. With the images above, the fabric is obviously jacketing.
Interesting - I kind of like the interplay, I find it quirky (the jacket has red undertones). But I certainly understand. Maybe I will stick with other ties for this jacket, i.e., my bevy of blue ties.
Awe man! Ice cold. Probably my last outing of the season with it. I love this tie.I understand though - the rhubarb, it is not for everyone.
Thanks dude - much appreciated.
Something a bit different from yesterday. Woohoo at better photos!Wigglr, I paid special attention to the knot... however, it was a bit too long... (I adjusted at work).And action shot (tossing a golfball in the air, ha). [[SPOILER]] Deets: [[SPOILER]]
I figured that might be the case. I need to go ahead and get measured by Greg. I am really somewhere between a 48 and a 50.
I know, my tie knot is atrocious today - for what it is worth, lately, they have looked better (I have taken your critique to heart). But then I went ahead and botched it before actually taking pictures. Boo.Anywho, thanks for the kind words bud.Also, one quick question - are your Formosa MTM or MTO?
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