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You are a 50 right noodles? Suit looks awful, sell it for pennies In all honesty though, I think your pear shape is exacerbated by your stance. Suit fits nicely.
Six, that looks great. The hop sack Formosas drape so well.
Yes, for receipt of the suit. I think my experience is par for the course. I certainly believe he is taking new customers, but there is just a wait for the final product. I would recommend calling Chris is you want to book an appointment, he is extremely accommodating and very helpful.
If you see Chris, you could definitely ask him, he would be the best person to give you more information. It is definitely not an overnight type of thing. But on the other hand, i do not mind waiting a little while, and the limited wait is most definitely worth it. 6 months for a suit, especially for an out of town customer, is pretty normal.
Chris visits Dallas about twice per month during the week for two day intervals. For example, this month, he is in Dallas on July 14 and 15. As Veni mentioned, there is some lead time right now, as he is very busy. However, from all I have seen, the wait is more than worth it. The hardest thing for me with regards to the time has been weight fluctuations. I have had to stay in much better shape lately .
I will be sure to relay the message! And absolutely, I will fill you in. By mid August I may even be ready to put in the next commission... But keeping that under wraps for now
Absolutely Patrick, I will certainly do so. And Big A, I am glad you have enjoyed my saga. I have some interesting stuff coming up (well, to me at least), and it sounds like we could have some interesting pics coming up.
For a person in Louisiana, Chicago falls under the purview of Northeast . But in reality, I do miss New York. Trying to plan a CLE in New York for later this year...
I had to google the Viagra Triangle--and thought it was going to be far worse. But I would be interested in doing that. I love having a great excuse to visit Chicago, especially when direct flights are sub $150. Always interested in tying one on, especially when I have a flight ahead of me.
August 15, if you care to join. Only in for the day.
New Posts  All Forums: