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Congrats Justin! Great picture.
Bring in the waist a tad. This one is bigger in the waist than the others by a bit. Also going to take up the sleeves considerably, have been postponing doing that. I too NEVER would have guessed you had light hair FC.
The Formosa looks excellent Frank. Did you ever have it altered, i.e., waist taken in, etc.? I think I am going to do a bit of surgery on this jacket:
Enjoy Daniel! I loved it when I went last time. It was absolutely divine. Top 3-4 dining experiences I have ever had. Also, today.
Greg, in the navy Mocs, full size down?
You know, funny enough, I live in the Southern U.S., and I wear a suit every day of the work week. Admittedly, my firm is the only firm that does so. But I really like it. It has really given me a new found respect for wearing suits. It feels less like dress up, and more like something I live in.
I think I will. You are correct. I probably won't tuck, but still. The white definitely looks better. But when I'm outside running chores I will probably want something more comfortable.
Thanks for the responses guys. I think I may keep both. But it is good to see that @romafan had a similar experience. I will have to think about it. I could very easily get the waist nipped.
That is good to know. The white ones feel a bit tighter in the thigh, but fit better in the waist. I may just keep both.
Hahaha, I know right. Definitely my most embarrassing pictures to date. The navy are bigger than the white. White = 34, Navy = 36.
New Posts  All Forums: