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Are they pretty much TTS? I am a pretty standard US 10D. 43F Last, 43.5U, etc.
When are the NMWA banana hammocks hitting the shelves?
Seconded. I was going to link that Jay & Silent Bob scene, but that could be an awkward Google search at work. Back to watches for a second. Saw this on the 'Dink. I am absolutely smitten:
Dino is the TWAT Commander. He deserves a title.I have wanted to respond to our conversation a few days ago, but unfortunately have been swamped. I will try to muster up the energy to formulate a much less eloquent response.
Got it, I figured that was the case. I made one last night. I enjoyed it thoroughly, my roommate and my girlfriend (two separate people) couldn't handle the smokiness / spiciness. I may cut theirs with a bit of tequila.
Hey Denning, silly, semantic question--do you macerate the jalapenos in the mezcal, or do you put already macerated jalapenos in the mezcal. In other words, fresh jalapenos, or jarred jalapenos.
Great ideas on the recipes guys!
Also, anyone have any good mezcal cocktail recipes?
I could not agree more. Thank you for the pictures. It is like night and day, honestly.
I like the drape. Very comfortable.Yes, it is definitely difficult to eschew a lot of what you "think" tailoring represents, and embrace a different fit. I think that the picture of Dirnelli in Formosa and Canali was a great representation of what drape adds to a body type. But when it is on your body (and you are not looking in the mirror, taking a picture, etc.) it is definitely a bit of a different feeling!Thanks Murl!
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