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Diehard Grizz fan checking in. I know there are a lot of GSW fans on SF, I am looking forward to a good series. If not for the Grizz, I am pulling for the Warrior this year. I am just hoping we can get Conley back in time for the series. He is a trooper, which gives me hope. He will play through it if it is at all possible. Regardless, looking forward to watching some good basketball. Unstoppable force meets immovable object kind of dichotomy.
Congrats Justin! Great picture.
Bring in the waist a tad. This one is bigger in the waist than the others by a bit. Also going to take up the sleeves considerably, have been postponing doing that. I too NEVER would have guessed you had light hair FC.
The Formosa looks excellent Frank. Did you ever have it altered, i.e., waist taken in, etc.? I think I am going to do a bit of surgery on this jacket:
Enjoy Daniel! I loved it when I went last time. It was absolutely divine. Top 3-4 dining experiences I have ever had. Also, today.
Greg, in the navy Mocs, full size down?
You know, funny enough, I live in the Southern U.S., and I wear a suit every day of the work week. Admittedly, my firm is the only firm that does so. But I really like it. It has really given me a new found respect for wearing suits. It feels less like dress up, and more like something I live in.
I think I will. You are correct. I probably won't tuck, but still. The white definitely looks better. But when I'm outside running chores I will probably want something more comfortable.
Thanks for the responses guys. I think I may keep both. But it is good to see that @romafan had a similar experience. I will have to think about it. I could very easily get the waist nipped.
That is good to know. The white ones feel a bit tighter in the thigh, but fit better in the waist. I may just keep both.
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