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Fortunately there may be a couple in the store
All good points D and Foo. I think that 9mm is an acceptable amount. Perfect? Nope. But for $15,000, I can certainly live with it. I would rather have a watch that is 37mm, with a smaller movement, than a watch that is 34mm with a perfectly sized movement, all else being equal. I thought the movement in the Traditionelle Small Seconds was on the smaller side of things, but it certainly did not bother me.
I don't know if we have any pictures of the 37mm with the movement. It may be better. I think all the movement pics are from the 40mm.
With respect to the new Lange, I seriously doubt that the watch is plated or that Lange is using inferior parts. I think we are witnessing a move back towards realistic pricing. This Lange, at sub-$15,000, is squarely within my reach.
I don't know about y'all, but this seems like a game changer to me! https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/the-a-lange-and-sohne-saxonia-thin-in-37mm-the-new-entry-level-lange-official-pricing What say you all? Love the size of it. And unbelievable that this represents a $10k discount from the 40mm offering...
My dad is a tough one. He is normally unkempt, wrinkled, and there is typically a bunch of stuff shoved in his pockets. He does not like anything that is froufrou. He does not like anything that is tight, or uncomfortable. So how about the Minotaur "Wrinkles" Army Jacket?
I broke out the Pappy 20 for my best friend's engagement. I poured him and I each a few fingers. He downed it, one gulp. I almost hit him.
Extremely candid shot. A wedding in Charleston. From NMWA, we got Formosa, Inglese, and Drakes.
Haven't been around the watch scene in a little while, but still stay up to date. Been reading about the state of the industry, and it appears - thankfully - that we may have hit "peak watch," and we are regressing in terms of pricing. I am finally starting to feel the itch again. Haven't bought a watch since the MUT Moon in... 2013? Hope all is well around here, may have to start posting in these parts again.
The new place! Not too bad, if I do say so myself! And across the street - golf course in the center of town.
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