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For all intents and purposes, I think it looks nice TK. The balance looks a bit off to my eye. The lapels do not sit on your chest the way they "should." However, for CBD interviews, I think the suit will do you well.
Hey guys, just a quick question for you bespoke aficionados. I know Gaz got a pair of Il Micio, HF shoes a while back. Has anyone commissioned anything from HF lately? I will traveling to Florence later this year, maybe early next year, and I was wondering if someone could run through the process with me.
Dude, VVV that looks great.
JCM, a quick aside--I really like the color of suede that you posted. However, I am just not that big of a fan of the toe treatment on the suede. It just looks a little clunky. I prefer the toe treatments on the pebble grain (I like this one the best), and then I also like the stitching on the tan suede one I posted.
I'm just getting sick of the passive aggressive rehashing of something had been repeatedly hashed out ad nauseum. There is a thread about this on SF and DW. Just deal with it there? This thread had finally returned to a discussion of, you know, menswear. And price has little correlation to good fit. Price is a better indicator of hand work and fabric. Fabric, in particular, is a huge factor in price.
Is this going to get hashed out again? If anyone thinks this saga would have been any different had noodles invested in susu, Samuelsohn, canali, Kent wang, or any other brand, I think you fundamentally misunderstand the person we are dealing with.
Posted here for easy access: Very nice. Great summer stripe.
Lovely fabric. What is it?
That is interesting Patrick. Mine have been excellent. But then again, I received mine in.... maybe 2010?
Those are very nice. To be honest though, I prefer the Dover. There are other shoes I think koji does better
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