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I'm becoming convinced.
Staying tuned!
Great minds think alike!Right now, however, I am currently wavering about sizing. Part of me wants to try to size down and see if I have a better fit. Main issue is with my low instep.My other pair of G&Gs is a 9F, which (a) are a bit wide, but (b) otherwise fit well enough. So this time around, I made a lateral move to a 9.5E. I think I am going to sit and see how the 9.5Es break in before I do anything crazy.
I was looking at the Oak Cambridge, which appears to be E, right?I think I am being swayed towards the Gables...Haha, that is about right .
Hmm, already got the itch for the next pair. I am thinking either the Gable or the Cambridge... I just need one more pair to account for attrition due to re-crafting. My 8-year-old AE Fifth Avenues are on their last legs (my only dark brown semi-brogues), so leaning towards the Cambridge methinks.
A little concerned about that. These socks are a bit thinner that what I normally wear. I am hoping it will be fine, but that is certainly a possibility. I have a very low instep, unfortunately, so this is a problem across the board. They are actually quite tight on the other parts of my foot.Also, re: me being paid to write something? I will gladly post my receipt, I can assure pretty much anyone that I have never received any freebies... although I would certainly...
IME, I feel like your foot should feel some pressure on the ball when you first purchase, and should be slightly uncomfortable the first wear. Not so uncomfortable that you need to take them off halfway through the day, mind you. If your feet are folding in on themselves, the shoe is too small.I think that as long as your entire foot is enveloped in the shoe, you are good to go. If the ball of you foot is not hitting the side of the shoe, that may be an indication that...
It is the 13oz Lesser.
Pretty miserable picture of what I think is a nice outfit.
Thoughts on Carlos Santos.Alright, so I received the Carlos Santos Swan Neck Oxfords yesterday, in black, which are on the 187 Last. My first instincts were - to be perfectly honest - yikes, these are too pointy for my tastes. I unboxed my G&Gs which also came yesterday, and compared them length-wise. They were surprisingly similar in length.So I tried them on, stood up, and was rather surprised how nice they looked on the foot. The last reminds me of the Carmina Inca...
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