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Never knew you were so familiar with the uptown music scene ryden. I grew up in that area, just off Audubon.
Funny everyone on here is talking about rebirth. They play at the college bars in Baton Rouge almost once a month. They are great, was not aware they were known outside the college band crowd.
Cox, thanks for sharing those pics. It looks like they certainly have their work cut out for them with your shoulders. Interested to see how they address some of those issues.
That is exceedingly cool, D.
I love suede shoes. Sometimes I see a "miss" with suede, but I would not give up my suede shoes for anything. Further, suede shoes have been worn for the last 100 some odd years in their current iteration.
This may very well be my favorite picture of any suit on this forum. Gorgeous.
I figured I ought to cross-post, here are my pictures so far from my fittings with Chris Despos: First Meeting: browsed around the shop, took pictures, picked out cloth, got measured. This is the Chicago workshop. Second Meeting: we did a couple of fittings. This is the Dallas workshop. And then after some adjustments... To be continued...
Noodlers, something that has been concerning me lately, thought I would stick it here. Do you think we have reached "textured tie" overload? In the past few pages, we have seen shantungs, boucles, linen, etc., and very rarely have I seen what I would call "normal" ties. I know that there is precedence for some of these textures. In particularly, shantungs, grenadines, and knits. But are we going a bit too far in the other direction? I am intrigued by the silk slubby...
CM, if you don't mind me asking, could you describe what exactly your tailor does? I am not sure if you had mentioned this before. Is he MTM, MTO, semi-bespoke, just curious about the process.
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