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Kid, pm me what you are looking for culinarily speaking, and I'll make you some suggestions. New Orleans is a great place because you can eat like a king for 50 bucks a plate or 5. Great cheap eats and fine dining. Also I urge you to make reservations soon. New Orleans books up fast.... Especially in the places you want to go.
Public urination is the only thing they will lock you up about. Far worse gets a pass. Honestly, you can do just about anything except take a leak. That, and you cannot be totally immobile. Drunk as a skunk, with no clothing on, a okay. Immobile, you are in trouble. (Source: Mardi Gras for the last decade)
Eh it is almost the same price to buy new.
I need to wear my eo to to more. Going to the beach in a couple week, so perhaps then. Greg, any estimate on how much longer sales will be going on? I need to get some suits but I am just kind of waiting right now.
I'd be in for a few.
Thanks for the compliments on the fit guys. And Pliny, good call on the shirt. In hindsight, there were better choices. Unfortunately, some of those choices I do not own . I really like your grey fresco by the way!
Second pic is crappy but shows fit better.
I disagree with the above. I think you need more texture. Personally, I have found that even a hopsack is sometimes too formal... And a chunky hopsack is more informal than fresco, which is really a very formal looking fabric (especially when fresco is navy). I think some linen blend is nice. Because of this, I think I am going to start steering away from 100% linen odd trew. A bit of cotton mixed in provides a cleaner look and is more suitable for the summer jackets I...
To those hating on Memphis... Come on! Memphis was my home for ten years. Great professional basketball team, some awesome food, fun events (bbq fest, music fest etc.), tailgating at the grove, and fun night life if you know where to look. Oh, and you have southern women, which is always a plus.
New Posts  All Forums: