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Cold weather. But casentino, Bulls wool, big John and Schneider are keeping me warm.
Yeah I am usually between a 50 and 52... I think the 52 is probably right. Not going to kop now, just wanted to get an idea on size and fit. Good to know regarding the shoulders though. Thanks for all the feedback guys.
Tried on the MMM 5 zip, thoughts? They only had a 52 in stock.
They certainly are the fs029. Best footwear purchase ever.
Hey murl, if I could be completely honest--I really think it looks fine, and I would wear it without care. However, to pick nits, I think there is a little bit of incongruity with the jacket and sweater. The Bulls wool is just so heavy... Manly. I feel it requires a jacket that stands up to it. The shoes are great though. Like, especially awesome. I want them bad.
Yeah, I substantially took up my cuffs. Sometimes you need a picture for perspective (or a wall mirror. I need to stop buying clothes.)With SC and jeans, I prefer to keep them both dark. But that is a personal preference I feel.
Sweet, thanks. I am looking forward to it.
Thanks Chul, I appreciate it--I actually just adjusted my jeans, I think you are absolutely right. I unfortunately packed up the shirt I wanted to wear (that shows cuff), and instead am wearing a shirt with sleeves that are a bit too short--so I am with you on that one!
Can we get some immediate impressions. Rather curious.
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