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^^ I am breaking in a pair of beefrolls .5 < brannock. Definitely tight and a little painful, but stretching is already noticeable 2 days in.
^^^ Folks going with their Walt size in Driggs? Wanting to get on the MTO's but am unable to hit a shop for the foreseeable future.
I went down .5 based on my first pair of Alden shoes which were Leydon lasted. I have no problem wearing thicker socks (e.g. something moderate like the Thorlo light hiker socks) in both my Barrie lasted Alden's and RMW's. I wear a lot of Vans (sz. 8) on the weekends and am unable to wear the the Thorlo socks in those, if that is helpful in anyway.
7.5 D in Barrie, 7 G in Craftsman and Turnout.
Any comparison between the linens: Irish vs. Italian? Does either wear particularly better over the other or deal with wrinkling/packing any better?
These have been my primary travel shoe of late and have served well... http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/footwear/products/alden-for-epaulet-tyrol-plain-toe-blucher
I'm also looking forward to all the inter-team competition- Raikkonen vs Alonso most notably.
^ If you have Eagle Rare, then going with Buffalo Trace and Sazerac lets you explore the same distillery. Rittenhouse and Old Olverholt are both classic American rye at great prices. Around $40 for bourbon opens up solid choices like Michter's, Four Roses and Russel Reserve. Enjoy the hunt.
Yes to the calf chukka if the hatch grain chukka doesn't gain traction.
+1 for Montrail. A pair lasted me over two years in Guatemala and were my go-to choice during my Peace Corps service.
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