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This was really great information, Mike, and reflects my personal experience with the Driggs fit. Driggs/34 in lightweight Hopsack is my most perfect fitting trouser. Both the Japan printed and LP cottons made up just slightly snugger, but still work really well for me. Irish linen is a beautiful fabric but just didn't make up well for me: too snug in seat and the drape of the legs just seems off for me.Can you opine on the thickness/elasticity of the Wool Cavalry Twill...
Was 60-ish the first time I wore it and was very comfortable. It definitely breathes well, especially if there's a breeze.
Japan Slate Driggs and Goldenrod Napoli may be my Friday uniform this season.
No intrusion at all. I actually posted an inquiry about just that in the RMW thread. My concern is that the curvature of the arch is steeper to accommodate the higher heel, so it would be a costly fix. I may visit a cobbler to discuss if they don't sell.Honestly, I think these would be great for a taller woman if anyone is looking to forum-ize their lady.
I'd love to see traction on a navy calf boot. The Jodhpur discussed recently or a navy calf version of this... [quote name="RogerP" url="/t/350127/gentlemensfootwear-com-carmina-drakes-cappelli-finamore-official-affiliate-thread/3720#post_7408340"   [/quote] ...Rain last (or maybe Soller) with dainite soles.
Can one wear herringbone trousers with a patterned (e.g. Tobacco Color Pop Check) jacket? I am starting to think about trousers to pair with the current round of FF jackets and am thinking I should stay with solids. Also curios to learn more about the Prunelle wools and see how they make up.
New, unworn RM Williams Yearling boots in Dark Tan. Size 7G (8 US). These are on the Macquarie last with a block heel. A mate purchased these for me in Australia, but I'm just not into the block heel. $275 shipped. Payment via Paypal.
Is it possible to convert a block-heeled boot into a flat heel? Long story short, a friend who gets a corporate discount in Australia ordered (and delivered to the US) a pair of boots for me. There was a hiccup along the way somewhere and I ended up with block heels. Maybe they should just go to the marketplace?
Came across these two this afternoon out in NJ. Didn't know either of them, but they both get solid reviews from some online. Anyone drink these? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
My first and only pair of Rancourts are Loden Repello suede which came lined. I find them pretty warm for the Summer. Anyone have recommendations for an unlined leather that would be more comfortable for the Summer?
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