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Is anyone able to confirm that the "bone" color of these bootsonline MTO is as muted as the photo suggests? http://www.bootsonline.com.au/LargeGraphics/B543EA1000.gif Anyone have real-life pic to share? Kind thanks.
PM sent
J. Press Presstige, made in Canada (Southwick?). Plaid (brown, blue, orange, greens). Two button. Side vents. Peak lapels. Price: $100 via Paypal, incl. shipping CONTUS. Model: Tiesto Size: 42S Pitt to pitt: 22.25" Shoulder: 19.5" Length: 29.5" Arm (from shoulder seam): 22.5" - the only area altered. Approx. 1" to let out. I purchased this in 2010, but it appears they are still on final sale here: http://jpressonline.com/sale_sportcoats_detail.php?id=J32064I
I wasn't familiar with David Reeves, thanks. I am going for a different "look" than my normal office suits which are mostly Paul Stuart/Southwick. My understanding is that FSC uses Greenfield and BR uses Ciccarelli and that both make a fine suit. Anyone have experience with the FSC or BR MTM programs willing to share their experience?
Looking to hear firsthand experiences with FSC and Billy Reid MTM programs. Specifically customer service and overall satisfaction with the process and garment. Feel free to PM as well.
Surprised no one has mentioned Peter Stokkebye. The Danish Export was my choice when I rolled.
Some independent jewelry stores still dabble in vintage watches. In NYC, Louis Martin comes to mind. I enjoy looking at all the pieces in their window. In San Francisco, Geneva Watch Repair is great. They provided excellent service on my Seamaster when I was in town for a project, had a several vintage pieces for sale and the owner was splendid to chat with.
I find them to be of decent quality for the sale price. I actually just replaced mine after about 18 months of hard wear. If you search for NATO watch bands, you'll get a lot of other online options. I don't think JCrew offers them in varying widths- I would use these for 38 or 40mm timepieces.
Reduced to $80.
Reduced to $100.
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