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Yes to the calf chukka if the hatch grain chukka doesn't gain traction.
+1 for Montrail. A pair lasted me over two years in Guatemala and were my go-to choice during my Peace Corps service.
I would pass on bright green python, but would be all over some sort of loden/hunter green loafer in calf
+1 for Cognac PTB.
Curious to know what folks are doing for toe protection on their Carmina's? Or is there no value added since they already have a few nails?
If it isn't too late. Buffalo Trace for warehouse/bottling aspects (and for being my favorite distillery). Wild Turkey had a better tasting policy though. Four Roses was decent but not a must IMO. Unfortunately, I didn't make it to Woodford on my trip... next time.
In for 10ml. PM sent.
PM sent re: interest in 60ml of SMW.
Was there any interest in Kerosene Copper Skies? I would partake if it happens.
Is anyone able to confirm that the "bone" color of these bootsonline MTO is as muted as the photo suggests? http://www.bootsonline.com.au/LargeGraphics/B543EA1000.gif Anyone have real-life pic to share? Kind thanks.
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