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Enjoying the oud de Saphir Médaille d'Or Pommadier Cream waffing from my Tyrols this morning.
@Epaulet Midnight Seed Stitch OK with 3/8 lining or is the weave too open?
Payment sent for two. Thanks for all your efforts on this @NewYorkIslander and folding a good cause into the project.
I haven't been on the forum for a couple weeks and come back to find this. I'm game for 3 bottles. If there's numbers for multiple barrels, I'd do 2 bottles from each.
There is a navy museum rain lasted boot already on order. The specs were: 973 Boots / Rain last / Navy Museum / single dainite with stormwelt. Not sure if Steve ordered additional stock though.
@steveyoo1983 Were you able to see the Navy Museum in person? Any pics or comments? Safe travels.
I made the mistake of asking my wife to opine on those. Go with your gut @rydenfan
[[SPOILER]] Damn. Scored the Nutella, but missing this hurts SO much.
[[SPOILER]] My first Epaulet purchase were snuff LWB's, way back. Still love those.
I would join on the Navy Museum 973! Preferably with dark brown storm welt and dainite sole.
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