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@steveyoo1983 Were you able to see the Navy Museum in person? Any pics or comments? Safe travels.
I made the mistake of asking my wife to opine on those. Go with your gut @rydenfan
[[SPOILER]] Damn. Scored the Nutella, but missing this hurts SO much.
[[SPOILER]] My first Epaulet purchase were snuff LWB's, way back. Still love those.
I would join on the Navy Museum 973! Preferably with dark brown storm welt and dainite sole.
hatch grain chukka, forest flannel walt, heirloom cardigan
I have a pair of grey duck canvas Walts (size 34) that just aren't making their way into my rotation. They have been altered (inseam shortened to 27.5in with 3in to let out) but never worn. Rather than selling, I am looking to trade. PM me if you have a 34 Walt that you're not wearing much and are after some duck canvas.
Not yet.
nice to see some small leather goods. throw up a card case, Mike. I'm in the market.
speaking of rye, has anyone tried the new port finished rye from High West?
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