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I have a pair of grey duck canvas Walts (size 34) that just aren't making their way into my rotation. They have been altered (inseam shortened to 27.5in with 3in to let out) but never worn. Rather than selling, I am looking to trade. PM me if you have a 34 Walt that you're not wearing much and are after some duck canvas.
Not yet.
nice to see some small leather goods. throw up a card case, Mike. I'm in the market.
speaking of rye, has anyone tried the new port finished rye from High West?
and i'm out of the office for meetings all day.
Just received mine. Quick and dirty fit pic straight from the box in very poor lighting.Better representation of color...
My ideal would be: navy calf, with medium brown storm welt and dainite. maybe navy suede strap if we are getting wild.
Yes, with single dainite sole.
Just freed up from work obligations tonight, so I'll be by in the evening. Bringing a mate from Sydney who's in town too.
Just tried my first Ledbury shirt and already find myself ordering a couple more. Can anyone post a fit pic of a short body shirt untucked? Also wondering why this thread isn't more active.. I would think the nature of the weekly short run drops would lead to more activity here.
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