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I've been doing starting strength for the last three weeks and my strength and hypertrophy gains are skyrocketing. Squatting three days a week is basically magic.
Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm glad this sold! Thanks! Although it's totally bittersweet. I honestly don't want to let them go. Such is life..
Ok I'll go do that thanks. edit: Done.
Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm you might as well. how did you like leffot? I think you have me mixed up with someone else as I've never been to Leffot.
Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm shoe selling is hard nowadays No doubt. I'm probably just going to keep them at this point. I figured I'd just give it one more shot.
Yet another reduction. Now only $599.
Another price reduction. Vass boots for $649.
Quote: Originally Posted by Roikins Definitely agree with that; it's too bad they've just been discontinued. Wow I didn't know that. Not a big deal to me though as my plan is to place an order with Koronya for a bespoke pair styled VERY closely to the Vale. It will be at least a year before this happens, but anyway..
Vale. I'm in agreement that it's one of the nicest rtw shoes in existence.
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