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If these are your size you really should snag these.
Very nice. Smart choices.
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus If you aren't doing squats and deadlifts then you aren't weight lifting. This is absolutely the truth.
I'm doing starting strength right now. It's working really well. I'm not drinking milk though...just eating a lot. I've actually been eating a little too much as my gut and ass have gotten a little fat. I just bought some bigger clothes though so I'm cool with it. My plan is to keep at it until February or so and then try Crossfit for a while. That should lean me out for the Spring & Summer. Then I'll go back to Starting Strength for the Fall/Winter. That's my...
Quote: Originally Posted by litho 1) Eat more 2) Get darts on the back 3) use an online tailor -, jantzen tailor, etc 4) Eat again! + Starting Strength
I'd go with the 606 myself.
Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade hey do nothing for me, and that price is ludicrous. This.
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos I anticipate Vass joining the backlash bandwagon, where C&J and RLBL already are. Good. Then maybe the orders will become accurate again.
I'm guessing that the combination of a weak forint and their internet celebrity status has overwhelmed them a bit. They'll probably raise their prices soon if this is the case.
Quote: Originally Posted by why This thread is pretty bad. For once I agree with you. Money. Confidence. Pick one or both if you want women. I lift weights for me. I don't give a fuck what anyone thinks about it.
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