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Took spirulina for the first time yesterday. Awesome. the effects lessen over time?
Some great advice and posts here. Thanks for everyone's contributions.
Quote: Originally Posted by RedLantern ^ might never be the same. Actually it's a muscle on the right side of my back so I doubt it has anything to do with my spine.
Quote: Originally Posted by why Erm, progression isn't linear. Stop thinking that way. Starting Strength is not a complete program, it's just a way of learning exercises and basic programming until moving onto other things. Most basic strength programs just adjust volume and total weekly workload. In other words, something like five weeks progressing with the weights being incremented and then an off week or week with reduced volume (something like...
Quote: Originally Posted by LS7 Funny, suffered the same injury myself last Sunday, albeit at a lighter weight. I was back squatting by Wednesday and lifted again today at 10lbs below my highweight. Your strain sounds a little more serious so my advice would be to wait until you're fully healed. With you on the progression too. The plates are in kgs over here and the lightest are 1.25s, so I have little choice but to go in 5lb increments. It may be...
Thanks man. It's actually already starting to feel a little better. Right after it happened I could barely get the weights off the bar. I'm definitely gonna drop back down to 215 and inch my way up with my new fractional plates though. I completed my 225x5x3 albeit with a pulled muscle, which probably doesn't count as successful. I find that it's pretty hard to keep all the points of the squat straight in my mind when the weight gets heavy (225 is heavy for me).
I've never hurt myself lifting weights...until today. I was squatting 225 using the Starting Strength program, and was concentrating on keeping my knees out and achieving proper depth. Too bad I forgot to keep my chest up and lower back tight. The end result was a muscle pull in my back that makes it hard to even walk or sit up that well. I'm learning the hard way to respect the weight I'm lifting and to keep everything tight at all times. I hope I'm good to go...
Quote: Originally Posted by speedster.8 Congrats, stunning shoes! a beautiful pair of NST ... I could well forsee me wanting a pair, how many weeks ETA? Thanks again for sharing, and splendid pictures btw! I agree. These look every bit as nice as EG, but for $800 vs $1200.
Nice. It would be cool if you could post a bigger pic though..
Quote: Originally Posted by LeatherSOUL My first pair of G&G bespoke: (I'll post more pics in the Leather Soul thread) Wow.
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