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I'll be permanently subscribed to this thread. Chukka Boot, P2 Last, Cognac Scotchgrain, Double Sole, Goyser Stitching U Last pic I got off ebay Budapest Oxford, Anique Cognac, U. Old English II, Oxblood, F. Monk, Dark Brown, F.
FYI it's Leffot
The Starting Strength program is a result of 30+ years of Rippetoe's experience coaching and competing in strength sports. I'm not going to tamper with it. To each his own of course.
#4 is one of the nicest Vass I've ever seen. Damn.
Also...I don't how there could be a "cleans vs. rows" debate as they are completely different exercises..
I'm still learning how to do power cleans correctly. I'm almost there. It's a challenging lift and I enjoy spending time mastering it. Luckily I've got a friend who completed a barbell certification by Rip that trains me when he's in town. He's 20 years old, kinda short, not very big and at the moment is squatting 400+ and deadlifting 440 for sets across. Insane.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lothar Somebody gave me a pair of Incotex pants quite a while ago as a gift and I have yet to figure out why anyone would go through any great length at all for these things. They don't appear to be anything special at all. +1 Very inconsistent sizing as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by greekgeek Are these NOS?
Quote: Originally Posted by Pengranger So is this how G&G is paying for their new premises? That is quite a steep increase and I hope they haven't made themselves uncompetative. Being in the same ballpark price as EG gives them a competative edge, but 25% on top would need a USP worth paying for. Unless there is a design EG don't do, I think my mind would be made up. As much as I like the one pair of G&G shoes I purchased, I think it will be a while...
I stopped reading after the 15th comma.
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